My cousin got permission from the owner to take pictures of this cemetery. In spite of the directions listed below, we accessed this cemetery via Smelser Road. The owner of the property is Ralph Dow. I took 24 pictures, covering all the stones. One was a repeat and a couple of pictures were of two stones instead of one. One individual had a tombstone and a footstone and I took one of each. Two burials that were supposed to be at Allcorn have stones here: Nancy Enos and Shelton Reaves. Nancy Enos also has a footstone. There are a total of 24 stones. The following incorporates my transcription based on the pictures I took. It also includes the DAR transcription and a couple of burials listed on Find-A-Grave. There are two death certificates for Walker burials, one I think you have already found. The other is for Charles Clifton Walker.

This cemetery was copied by Mrs. Ira A. Leiter and Mrs. D. M. Middleton, 12 February 1957. Justin Watkins visited this cemetery and photographed all the stones on 15 January 2010.

Unreadable 56y, 10m, 10d 15 Jan 1855

Bessie _____ 9m, 10d 26 May 1853 d/o P

Reuben A. Ellis 35y, 10m, 19d 20 Aug 1866 s/o R Ellis

Nancy A. Enos 10 Dec 1850 25 Aug 1873 22y, 8m, 15d

 Wife of Abner Enos [1872 on stone]

Lizzie Gunnell 2y, 9m Jun 1852

Lizzie Gunnell 2y, 9m 4 Sep 1872 d/o T and M

Manliuse Gunnell 9m 18 Aug 1854

Manlius Magoffin 5 Nov 1873 23 Sep 1876 s/o Beriah and M A

J. S. Patterson 29y, 9m, 2d 4 Oct 1851

Alvin A. Reeves, Sr. 22 Dec 1805 1 Sep 1821

Reuben A. Reeves 35y, 10m, 19d 20 Aug 1866 s/o A & V

Sarah E. Reeves 12y, 1m, 11d 15 Feb 1822 d/o A

Shelton D. Reeves 1833 CO H USRC MO HG

William L. Reeves 25 Feb 1824 26 Jan 1872

Mary Edward Singleton 1830 1862 w/o Edwin L

Edward Spedden 21 Nov 1862 2 Sep 1873 s/o R R and M L

Milton Sherwood Spedden 5 Feb 1845 1845 s/o R R and M L

 Death date is broken off except for year

Betsy Thomson 74y 1857 w/o David

David Thomson 86y 26 Oct 1861

General L. David Thomson 21 Aug 1775 20 Oct 1861 86y, 2m, 5d

Elizabeth Suggett Thomson 1782 11 Apr 1852 74y, 9m, 22d

Mary A. Thomson 31 Mar 1801 20 Mar 1860 w/o M V

Mary A. Thomson 1801 1890 w/o M. M.

C. W. C. Walker 59y, 1m, 4d 28 Apr 1880

C. W. C. Walker 59y 1886

Charles Clifton Walker 12 Feb 1874 14 Mar 1937 Howard Co., MO

J. T. Walker 1865 1895

J. T. Walker 9 Nov 1865 28 Sep 1895

Walker, James T.
b. 1865 d. 1895
Martha V. Walker 1839 1904 w/o C. W. C.

Martha V. Walker 22 May 1839 8 Mar 1904 w/o C W C

Walker, Martha Vienna Thomson
b. 1839 d. 1904

Mildred Walker 14 Nov 1867 25 Nov 1940 Howard Co., MO

Mildred Walker 14 Nov 1867 25 Nov 1940 73y, 12d

Walker, Mildred B.
b. 1867 d. 1940