Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
AKA Old Nodaway Meeting House Cemetery
Lincoln Township, Section 11
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah City limits, west on US Business 71/US 69, 4 miles to State Route CC, then south 1.5 mile. Can be seen from the highway.

Notes: Between summer and autumn of 2005, someone had pulled up dozens of footstones, probably to make mowing easier. Unfortunately, footstones help mark actual burials, so a great deal of history was lost during this time. The footstones were piled.

Credits: These pictures were taken by Donald Bowland, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005. (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

HARDIN, Fannie (1857-1927)
MAAG, Casper (1831-1893)
SMITH, Margaret (1834-1913)
WALKER, Joseph Marion (1849-1923)


Old Section 1
Remember that many of the footstones have been removed from their original places and put into a pile in Section 3. Footstone numbers are not included in the rows below.
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 North to south 002-016
2 North to south 017-042
3 North to south 043-052
4 North to south 053-077
Section 2
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
5 North to south 005-023 025-028, 087-091, 029-039, 052D
5 South to north 040-049, 024, 050-051, 053-061
Small Section, Part of Section 2
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 North to south 062-064
2 North to south 066-069
3 North to south 070-075
4 North to south 076, 077
5 North to south 078-083
6 North to south 084D-086
Section 3
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 North to south 084-093, 096-107
2 South to north 108-124
3 North to south 126-137
4 South to north 139-168
5 North to south 228, 193-214
6 South to north 216-227
Section 4
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
7 North to south 054-076
8 South to north 078-097
9 North to south 098-123
10 South to north 124-137
11 North to south 138-168D
Name Inscription Photograph(s)
Old picture of Primitive Baptist Church at Hackberry Photo
Footstone pile June 2005 000
Footstone pile November 2005 000a 000b 000c 000d 000e 000f 000g

* Indicates African-Americans
+ Indicates obituary available

Also reportedly buried here, but no tombstones found in 2005:

Calvert, Hannibal
Calvert, James Harrison
Calvert, Nancy (Baker)
Chilcoat, Emma (Stucker)
Chilcoat, infant s/o John & Emma
Chilcoat, John H.
Clardy, Will
Clark, Norman
Coffman, Neil
Fairley, Asbury
Farmer, Marvin Hugh
Jenkins, Mahala
Maag, Mary B.
Martin, Joseph Woodford
Mendenhall, Isaac (or Issac) James+
Mendenhall, Ruth (Green)
Miner, Sarah
Minter, James+
Pendleton, H.
Seckel, Agnes
Walker, Joseph Marion, d. Jun 3 1923
Watson, Roy
Williams, Serilda+