The County sites are back up. And here I was thinking no one ever uses them since Monica and Justin are the only contributors. But lo and behold, they are out there. Who knew.

The underlying problem hasn't been resolved. So if you find dead links or things that don't work, just use the back button.

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Ameera (historical) 364601N 0930541W Garrison
Bradleyville 364701N 0925429W Bradleyville
Branson 363837N 0931306W Branson
Brownbranch 364740N 0924950W Brownbranch
Bull Creek 364254N 0931212W Branson
Cedar Valley (historical) 363224N 0931731W Table Rock Dam
Cedarcreek 363444N 0925951W Protem SW
Day 364847N 0931437W Day
Dickens 364339N 0930250W Forsyth
Eastview (historical) 364350N 0924640W Protem NE
Edgewater Beach 363941N 0930830W Branson
Fairview 363816N 0925131W Protem NE
Flag (historical) 363606N 0931751W Table Rock Dam
Forsyth 364106N 0930711W Forsyth
Garber 364130N 0931756W Garber
Gretna 363937N 0931604W Garber
Hercules 364227N 0925222W Protem NE
Hilda 363949N 0925855W Hilda
Hollister 363716N 0931255W Hollister
Irma 364445N 0931652W Garber
Kirbyville 363723N 0930950W Hollister
Kissee Mills 364101N 0930259W Forsyth
Long Beach 364226N 0930747W Branson
McClurg 364704N 0924629W Brownbranch
McFarland (historical) 364238N 0930520W Forsyth
Melva 363437N 0931243W Hollister
Merriam Woods 364250N 0930942W Branson
Mildred 363813N 0930557W Forsyth
Mincy 363351N 0930636W Mincy
Nance 363639N 0924800W Protem
Oakmont 363157N 0931642W Table Rock Dam
Oasis (historical) 363219N 0931758W Table Rock Dam
Ozark Beach 363932N 0930819W Branson
Possum Trot (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Powersite 363920N 0930716W Forsyth
Protem 363144N 0925131W Protem
Ridgedale 363014N 0931325W Hollister
Rockaway Beach 364157N 0930935W Branson
Rueter 363630N 0925208W Protem
Skeeterville (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Swan 364743N 0930345W Garrison
Table Rock 363617N 0931755W Table Rock Dam
Taneyville 364429N 0930203W Forsyth
Walnut Shade 364357N 0931136W Branson