The County sites are back up. And here I was thinking no one ever uses them since Monica and Justin are the only contributors. But lo and behold, they are out there. Who knew.

The underlying problem hasn't been resolved. So if you find dead links or things that don't work, just use the back button.

The following is a "map" of the derivation of Taney county and it's adjacent counties from their parent counties. It's sort of a "pedigree chart" for the counties.

Here is a simple key to the map. Taney county is outlined in red and the text is the largest. Adjacent counties are outlined in orange, have a cross hatched background, and have the next largest text. Other counties that contributed territory to Taney and it's neighbors are outlined in black and have the smallest text. Any records that relate to people or places in Taney county would be in the various parent counties until the "created" date you see listed.