HARRISON, OBRIEN posted by Julia Dodson on Thursday, January 1, 1998
I am looking for any information on a James Andrew OBRIEN born in 1844 and died in Saline county in 1922. He was married to a Levisa or Vica HARRISON born in 1855 and died in 1896. Any help on these surnames would be greatly appreciated.

ROBBINS, THURMAN posted by Glenn McAnarney on Thursday, January 1, 1998
Congrave THURMAN (1832-1883) b. KY d. CA married Sophronia ROBBINS probably in Carroll County, MO or Saline County, MO 1861. Located in Gentry County, Wilson Township in 1880 Mo Census. Children of this marriage : Ira, Hiram, David, Ruphina, Clarinda and Viola Seeking information on the parents and siblings of Congrave Thurman and Sophronia Robbins.

BARTLETT, BELL posted by Mary Ann Bartlett on Friday, January 2, 1998
Looking for information on my great grandparents, Cpt. John Thomas and Mary Ann Bell BARTLETT who lived in Marshall, Saline Co., MO prior to and after the Civil War. John Thomas BARTLETT was the son of Foster and Eliza Claygett BARTLETT, Jr. of Marshall, Saline Co., MO. Mary Ann BELL was the daughter of Philip and Elizabeth S. Roberts BELL. The BELL family had been in Missouri since the late 1700's. The BARTLETT family moved to Missouri from Henry Co., Kentucky in the early to mid-1800's. I would appreciate any help in locating information on these ancestors of mine. John Thomas, his family and his brother, Richard Henry BARTLETT,moved first to Pettis Co., MO and then to what is now Bartlett, Bell/Williamson Cos., Texas. Thanks for any help available.

MURRAY posted by Howard Murray on Sunday, January 4, 1998
I am looking for information regarding the MURRAY family who resided in Marshall from the late 1800's to the early to mid 1900's. This is an African family. Any information will be appreciated.

SADEWHITE posted by Michael D. Sadewhite, Sr. on Tuesday, January 6, 1998
I am very interested in finding out anything I can about the SADEWHITE's around the Marshall, Mo. area. My Grandmother was Julia Sadewhite, who was the first female Rural Route mail person in the nation. She started in about 1918, when her husband John died. She lived in Marshall, Shackelford and Blue Lick. She was the daughter of Dennis Desmond. What we are trying to do is find out about John, her husband, where he came from, who were his relatives (Sadewhite)? We heard about a split in the family when he married Julia. And an earlier split in the family during the Civil War when one son fought for the North and another fought for the South. Several relatives (cousins and their sons and daughters) still live in the Marshall area, but, they know as littlle as I do about the Sadewhite line prior to about 1900. Many thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

HARRISON, OBRIEN posted by Julia Wyckoff on Sunday, January 18, 1998
I am looking for any information on a James Andrew OBRIEN born in 1844 and died in Saline county in 1922...He was married to a Levisa or Vica HARRISON born in 1855 and died in 1896....Any help on these surnames would be greatly appreciated.

EARP, PATE, WILLARD posted by Allie Lambrecht on Sunday, January 25, 1998
Looking for any information on Charles Mitchell WILLARD and wife Martha Emmaline PATE, known to have lived in or near Grand Pass, Saline County, Missouri in about 1898, Martha's mother was probably named EARP. Thanks so much.

GRADY posted by Clyde Miller on Tuesday, January 27, 1998
I'm seeking any information...Obviously on a very broad scale. Of a civil war veteran with the first or last name GRADY who is dressed in a dark uniform with no insignia and wearing a Dark Kepi with the Initials M.S.U. enclosed within a wreath. The picture is from Miami in Saline County. Any assistance on a direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

STACEY, STACY, THOMPSON posted by R. Stacey on Tuesday, January 27, 1998
Looking for any information on John Wesley STACY or STACEY. Born abt. 1856/57 in Missouri...very possible Saline County. I understand there were a few STACY/STACEY families here. I do not know John's parents' names; I do know they too were born in Missouri. It is believed by some members of my family that there was a large STACY/STACEY farm where they lived. John married in 1891/92 a 15 year old Texas girl, Emma (possible name: Frances Emmeline THOMPSON). In 1892/93, the couple had a daughter in Missouri; her name was Lee. By 9/23/1896, the family moved to Waco, Texas where my grandfather, William Wesley, was born. If anyone has any information pertaining to this family, please contact me. Thank y'all very much for any help you can provide.

ARTERBURN posted by Susan Frisbey on Tuesday, February 3, 1998
Mary Elizabeth ARTERBURN b. 19 April 1842 in Indiana. Died 12 Aug 1896 reported to be buried in Saline Co., MO. She married John T. Arterburn d. 1864 in Carroll Co., MO, married 2nd James E. Arterburn (John's brother). Does any one know, what cemetery she is buried in?

VANMETER posted by Bruce Gregory on Friday, February 6, 1998
I am interested in corresponding with anyone who might have information on Abraham and Elizabeth VANMETER and their descendents. Abraham and Elizabeth arrived in Saline County, Missouri in 1834 and settled in the area that is now Vanmeter State Park. Any information on this Saline County family will be most appreciated.

I am researching my father's family from the Saline County, Mo. area. My father was Ralph Eugene KING. He was born in Nelson, Mo. Jan 19, 1920. His father was James Houston King born Oct 24, 1897. He married Bessie Mildred BERLIN, who was born March 3, 1895. His parents were William Riley King (1857-1921) and Laura Bell SNAPP (1860-1944). My grandfather's siblings were as follows: Nora Agnes (1880-1969) m. Earnest PHILLIPS; Margaret May (1882-1948) m.Harry STRONG; George Watson (1883-1950) m. Pearl Alma DYE; John William (1885-1939) m. Iva LONG; Ollie Oleta (1887-1962) m. Ben Lakin; Carrie Ellen (1889-1908); Joe Arthur (1891-1958) m. Velma WILSON; Simon Roy (1893-1957) m. Geneva WICHER; Lillian Estelle (1894-1976) m. Fred C. Ward; Bessie Leone (1899-??) m. Leonard FIELDS then Otto BALDWIN; Lilburn Eugene (1902-1906) and Mary Elisabeth (1903- ) m. Frank Warren MATSON. I know George, and Lillian came to Emporia, Kansas and lived there until they died. I believe Simon and Geneva stayed in the Marshall area. Bessie and Otto Baldwin later lived in Wichita, Kansas. My grandmother had the following siblings: Minnie (1893-1987) m. Clyde ALFREY; William m. Mae ?; Nathaniel (1888-1972) m. Beatrice?; and half-sisters: Verona HUBBARD m. Chesley Raymond KINTZ; Gertrude HUBBARD m. Frank RANDOLPH and Katherine HUBBARD m. Jack JACOBY. When I was a kid we came to Marshall to visit Nat and Bea Berlin, Clyde and Minnie Alfrey, Chet and Verona Kintz, Willis and Metabel Alfrey, and Simon and Geneva King. I have a fair amount of information on the King descendants, but very little about the Berlins or the Hubbards. So would like to hear from anyone who knows of them.

CAHILL, CROSS, HAYNER, SEWARD posted by Pat Calton on Monday, February 9, 1998
Seeking any info on CAHILL, SEWARD, HAYNER, and CROSS families in or near Saline county, Mo. Any time.

WADE posted by Victoria Fair on Tuesday, February 10, 1998
Looking for information on Martin Luther WADE who settled in Saline County c1880. Supposedly his home (or where it was) is an historic site in Arrow Rock State Park. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

LILLESTON, MILLER posted by Barb Harrison on Thursday, February 19, 1998
I am looking for the family of 1. William B. LILLESTON. He had a son 2. William B. Lilleston who married a Mary Ella MILLER. My father who came from that marriage was 3. William B. Lilleston also. The 2. Lilleston was killed by cattle in 1886 when he was 26 years old, 7 months before my father was born. Any info on any Lillestons would help me out.

FOWLER, WINSTON posted by Glenn Winston on Sunday, February 22, 1998
My gggm Eliz. FOWLER WINSTON moved to MO in the 1870's and was a brother of Wm. Grant Fowler. They lived near Slater and were from Kenton Co., KY.She was the dau of John B. Fowler.Do you have any info on these Fowlers.

CLYDE posted by Jim S. on Monday, February 23, 1998
I am looking for the Hiram CLYDE who died Jan 12,1874 in Saline County, Mo. I think he lived in Salt Springs, Mo. His wife's name was Mary R. CLYDE.I would like to locate where they are buried. Thanks for any help.

ROBBINS, THURMAN posted by Glenn McAnarney on Thursday, February 26, 1998
Congrave THURMAN (1832-1883) b. KY d. CA married Sophronia ROBBINS probably in Carroll County, MO or Saline County, MO 1861. Located in Gentry County, Wilson Township in 1880 Mo Census. Children of this marriage : Ira, Hiram, David, Ruphina, Clarinda and Viola. Seeking information on the parents and siblings of Congrave Thurman and Sophronia Robbins.

DIAMOND, JOHNS posted by Gary J. Vincent on Friday, February 27, 1998
My maternal grandfather, Thomas Jefferson DIAMOND, was born April 13, 1880, in Wingham, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. In April 1898, at the age of 18, he immigrated to Sweet Springs, Saline County, MO. He worked for the Sweet Springs Milling Co. as a flour miller apprentice for two years. In June 1900, he moved to Charleston, MO, where he worked for the Charleston Milling Co. When he immigrated, he used as a reference Thomas Jefferson JOHNS, whom I believe to be his uncle (his mother's maiden name was Johns). Johns resided in Sweet Springs in 1898, but I do not know whether he was a US citizen at the time. It is possible that Johns was also in the milling business. I would be interested in learning whether Thomas Jefferson Johns may have settled in or near Sweet Springs, and whether he had any family there. This information may help me establish the ancestry of my grandfather's mother, which is currently a complete mystery.

MALONE, MCNULTY posted by Pat Malone on Sunday, March 1, 1998
I'm looking for birth certificates or other documentation relating to Micheal Francis MALONE b. 10-8-1888, Thomas b. 4-19-1885 or Katherine 11-8-1886, children of Richard MALONE and Mary (MCNULTY) Malone in Shakleford, MO. Any census data concerning MALONE or MCNULTY from 1870 -1900 would be most appreciated. Thanks.

CORYELL, PHILLIPS posted by Suzette Thompson on Wednesday, March 4, 1998
My great uncle Hartzell PHILLIPS was born in Saline Co., Mo. on 1 June 1904. His parents were Andrew Wilburn PHILLIPS born: 1873 in Olivet, Mahaska, Iowa and Ella Fernandez CORYELL born: 7 Oct. 1879 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska, Iowa. I am looking for any information on this family. Suzette Thompson 2025 S. Little Valley Rd. Wallsburg, Utah 84082

HEDGES, JOHNSON posted by Rita Neal Crane on Thursday, March 5, 1998
Searching for decendants of JOHNSON, James b ca 1835. James died in Saline Co,MO in 1907. His sister, HEDGES, Jeanette JOHNSON (wife of Albino HEDGES) moved to Saline Co early 1900s. Jeanette, my direct line, died in Saline Co,Marshall? 10 April 1906. Would like to trade info with decendants of James JOHNSON. Thank you,

HERRING posted by Arnold Lev on Saturday, March 7, 1998
I am researching the lines of John H. HERRING and his wife Matilda. They are listed in the 1880 and 1900 Saline Co. Census together with their children, William S., Georgia D, Lloyd H., Edward D, Christabal, Harold J., and Everly J. John is listed as being born in MO in Jan. 1845 and Matilda as being born in MO in Jan 1853. All the children were born in MO between 1875 and 1890. John And Matilda were born around 1870. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

FLANARY, GAULT, KEISLING, KERR, KISER, WALL posted by Ruth Patrignani on Sunday, March 8, 1998
Researching John GAULT b 11 Nov 1799 Pa married Saran (Salome) KISER in 1825 in Md. John died 11 Dec 1853 in Saline Co, Mo. Need information on his children: Katherine Francis GAULT married Mitchell KERR; Mary Brown GAULT married John WALL; James Alexander GAULT married Rebecca Jane FLANARY. Was Saran (Salome) a daughter of Jacob KISER and Elizabeth KEISLING of Rockingham Co., Va?

BIGELOW, LISTON posted by Jack Bigelow on Wednesday, March 11, 1998
Looking for information on a Richard BIGELOW and a Sarah LISTON. Lived in Saline Co. Mo in the mid 1840-50, had a son Francis and a daughter Emma (Emma born March 1872 in Saline Co, Mo.) they then moved to Iowa. Looking for any and all information.

BEATY, MARTIN posted by Kay Martin on Wednesday, March 11, 1998
Would like to find descendants of Julia Ann/Julian MARTIN who married Andrew BEATY on 23 Dec 1825 in Lafayette Co., MO and moved to Saline Co., MO where they raised their family at least through 1850 (census). Their known children: 1. Henry BEATY 2. ____ BEATY 3. Minerva BEATY 4. Louisa BEATY 5. Madame (?) BEATY 6. Missouri A. BEATY 7. Perry BEATY 8. George W. BEATY 9. Mary E. BEATY. Kay Martin

NELSON, SCOTT posted by Linda Bock on Wednesday, March 11, 1998
Sally Maranda SCOTT b. March 25, 1859 Saline Co., Mo. (Sweetsprings) married William Thomas NELSON b. Oct. 16, 1859 Greene Co., Mo. Sally's parents maybe James Scott and Charlotte lived in Saline Co., Sally has a sister named Harriet.

KEETON, MASSEY posted by Lorene Fort on Wednesday, March 11, 1998
1800-1850 Researching James and Nancy KEETON? MASSEY married in Saline Co, MO in 1827. Need parents and/or siblings. Have info on descendents.

posted by Melissa Jones on Wednesday, March 11, 1998
I am looking for an article in the Slater Rustler around the 21st or 22nd of April, 1900. I have an obit that states that three of my ancestors were buried in one grave, and was wondering what caused their deaths. Would there be a record of an accident, fire or disease in the area at that time? Thank you in advance.

FOWLER, HARDIN, SMITH, WORTMAN posted by resa.htm - 163 on Thursday, March 12, 1998
Robert M. FOWLER b 1840 m Nancy J. ?, children Robert E. Elizabeth, William M.. Annie J., Thomas believed to have been born between 1870-1889. Robert Fowler b ca 1801 m Emaline F.?. children Robert M., Mary A., Lewdear, Lovinda, Emaline believed to have been born between 1840-1850. James Elmo SMITH b 1856 m Anna HARDIN b 1860, children Wyllie Ree, Edna, Serelds, Lottie, Johnnie, Ella M believed to have been born between 1885-1899. John R. HARDIN b 1819 m Annie A. WORTMAN b 1829, children Margaret, Robert H., John Isaacs, Annie, George Martin, William Pressley, Edward Raymond, Mary Frances, Emma June believed born between 1853-1874. Appreciate any information on any individual of these lines or their descendants. Will be glad to share what little information we have. By email "SelphJr@aol.com" or snail J. A. Selph, Jr., 1456 Idlewild Lane, Homewood, Illinois 60430.

HORNER, REK posted by Susan D. Collins on Saturday, March 14, 1998
I am researching my grandfather George William HORNER, who was born in Warrensburg around 1897and was living in Slater about 1917. I am assuming he was married to Mary Edith REK around 1916 in Slater. They had five daughters, Dorothy 1917, Helen 1918, Frances 1920, Georgia 1922, and Josephine 1930. All of the girls were reportedly born in Slater. My grandmother is reportedly buried in the cemetery in Slater having died around 1936. Any information would be appreciated.

ELLISON, MARTIN posted by Johnny Bell Woods on Sunday, March 15, 1998
Seeking any relatives of Mrs. Lola ELLISON lived in Grand Saline County and buried there 1941 or 1942? Mrs. Ellison had three brothers; Johnny MARTIN, Oliver Martin, Jimmie Dove Martin (my Dad)and one sister (name not known). Appreciate any information available.

ROY posted by Ken Piper on Wednesday, March 18, 1998
I am interested in learning more about the death of Charles Henry ROY who was killed in a duel over the issue of slavery in 1860 or 1861 in Arrowrock, Saline County, MO.

RHODES posted by Iona White on Thursday, March 19, 1998
Would like information on the George RHODES listed on the 1840 Saline Co. Census index. Possible children would be: Elizabeth, 1816; John 1818; Peter; 1820; James M.1823 (was married to Sally Wright); William C. 1825; Samuel 1828; Nancy 1830. If anyone has information regarding this family, I would be happy to share.

BARNS, CARROLL, MCLAUGHLIN, NICKLES, RANDOLPH, RUTLEDGE posted by Lisa Parker on Friday, March 20, 1998
I am researching the MCLAUGHLIN surname. William MCLAUGHLIN was born in PA. He came to Saline County around 1875. He had eight children by his second wife Mary J NICKLES BARNS. The childrens' names were Aliz, Martha Susan, Charlie, Sidie Sadie, Henry, James D. and Oceola. James D is my great grandfather. Any Information on this family would be greatly appreciated. I am also researching the RANDOLPH surname. They were in Saline, Pettis, and Cooper counties in the late 1800's to early 1900's.

HILL posted by Leslie H. Hill on Monday, March 23, 1998
Looking for information on any HILL. in Saline Co. may have settled in Charting Co. from KY. my father was born in Richmond Mo.(Ray Co.) in 1911. Thank you

CRAMER, HUGHES, RANKIN, SEAT, SHACKLEFORD posted by William W. Harrington on Monday, March 23, 1998
Seeking descendants of Stokely S. SEAT b. Tennessee 1809 married (Elizabeth HUGHES) (2)Ann RANKIN (3)Elizabeth SHACKLEFORD CRAMER. Died near Arrow Rock June 1896. Parents were Green and Mary SEAT. Any help will be appreciated. Will share information.

CAMPBELL, WRIGHT posted by B. Bennett on Wednesday, March 25, 1998
Researching for Slater, MO, birthplace of grandmother, Martha Jane WRIGHT, daughter of Ruth and unknown Wright, father. Martha was born October 28,1854-56 and later married Thomas CAMPBELL from Greeneville, TN., born Aug 15, 1854. Need given name of Martha's father, to trace further. 1860 Federal Census lists Ruth as head of household, age 33, owner of land. What happened to her husband?

ANCELL, ASHCROFT, HORN, OSULLIVAN posted by Julie Collins on Sunday, March 29, 1998
Henry Franklin HORN born 1830, Howard County?, Mo. Robert ANCELL (Henry worked and lived with his family before going to San Joaquin County, CA) J. ASHCROFT, was a roomer with Henry and his wife Hanora OSULLIVAN later in Calif. Ashcroft was from Mo. also. I hope someone can provide some additional information.

DULANEY posted by Glenn Dulaney on Sunday, April 5, 1998
Researching surname DULANEY - migrated to Saline Co. from East Tennessee

FERGUS, LAWLER posted by RW Lawler on Friday, April 10, 1998
I am looking for information on the family of Eli Green LAWLER, b. 24Jan1832 Henderson Co., TN d. 07Jul1911 Saline Co., MO. married to Elizabeth FERGUS. More specifically, looking for records of children.

BIGELOW, LISTON posted by Jack Bigelow on Sunday, April 12, 1998
Looking for any and all information on any BIGELOW's or LISTON's in Saline co. Missouri.. Trying to get information on great grand parents Thanks in advance.

DOUGLAS, ROBERTS, SULLIVAN, WEBB posted by Dick Smith on Wednesday, April 15, 1998
Looking for info about gr grandparents John DOUGLAS and Laura ROBERTS, married in Saline Co. 19 June 1845. Children William M. b.4 April 1846, Joseph b. abt 1848, Sally, and my grandmother Elizabeth Jane, b. 27 April 1852. She first married a WEBB and then my grandfather Nathan W. SULLIVAN.

COOPER, HAYS, NEWNAM, TURLEY posted by Deborah O'Dell on Thursday, April 16, 1998
I am trying to find a group of wagoneers who left Arrow Rock, MO for Santa Fe, New Mexico in August of 1858. In particular a Tom G. NEWNAM. Also, in the lead of this particular wagon train, was a man named Jesse TURLEY, an employee named HAYS, and an employee named COOPER. I am certain that Tom G. Newnam was not from Saline County, however, I believe that Jesse Turley was and, therefore, I may be able to find Newnam through Turley, or Hays or Cooper. Thank you.

FRANCISCO, MILLER, WEEDEN, YAGER posted by April Robbins on Thursday, April 16, 1998
Researching Margaret E. MILLER b 7-1841/Saline Co. whose probable parents were Samuel MILLER and Julia E. FRANCISCO (m 5-1-1838/Saline Co.) who m 1-13-1863/MO Jacob H. MILLER b 12-29-1835/Madison Co. VA and whose probable parents were Jacob MILLER b 1799/VA and Mary Ann YAGER (m 7-10-1822/Madison Co. VA). Margaret MILLER d after 1920/Beaver Co. OK, Jacob MILLER d before 1920/Beaver Co. OK. One of their sons was Harvey D. MILLER b 1-1870/MO who m Lucy L. WEEDEN circa 1890/MO or OK. Harvey d Tulare Co. CA 2-15-1937 and Lucy d after 1920/Seward Co. KS.

ROCKWELL posted by Gary Jones on Sunday, April 26, 1998
Researching Jacob Harris ROCKWELL who joined the Saline Company Mounted rifles 1861.

DYER, KISER, TURLEY posted by Don L Sasser on Sunday, April 26, 1998
Lucille Battle TURLEY b. February 26, 1877, in Saline Co., MO. m. my Grandfather William Jesse DYER b. April 14, 1870 in Higginsville Lafayette, MO., on February 09, 1901. I am searching for Lucille Battle TURLEY's ancestors. I believe her father was Perry TURLEY and mother was Frances E. KISER. Any information of her siblings or parents will be appreciated.

BIGELOW, BIGLOW posted by Jack Bigelow on Monday, April 27, 1998
Looking for a Richard BIGELOW, or (BIGLOW) and a Sarah Liston Bigelow, name could also be Sally BIGLOW (BIGELOW) Thanks in advance

GEORGE, SNODDY posted by Randi Richardson on Monday, April 27, 1998
John M. SNODDY married Sarah K. GEORGE in Saline Co., MO, Dec 27, 1858. In 1860 they were enumerated in Coffey Co., KS. I am searching for any information pertaining to either individual; I have nothing whatsoever on Sarah.

MCDONALD, MCDONNEL, USRY, USSERY posted by Jeff McDonald on Wednesday, April 29, 1998
I am seeking information on my g. grandparents Thomas Benton MCDONALD and Josephine USSERY, who lived in Blackburn, Saline County around 1887. Their Marriage License has them as T.B. MCDONNEL and Fina USRY, married in Marshall, Saline County, Mo. on Oct. 2, 1887 by Justice of the Peace, W.H. Iraland.

GRADY posted by resa.htm - 1511 on Monday, May 4, 1998
I am trying to locate information on a Robert GRADY, b. 1860-1870. The only information that I have is that he moved to Saline County and that he had a brother named Walter.

CHAPPELL, STILLS posted by Kim Ralston Dresser on Thursday, May 7, 1998
I'm looking for info on the CHAPPELL family cemetery in Saline Co MO. I'm searching for the parents of William Robert CHAPPELL or Robert William CHAPPELL b. July 14, 1847 in Tenn. married Oct 5 1865 or 69 in Potosi MO to Eleanor STILLS b. Nov 22 1854 in Ohio, I think she may have died in 1915 maybe buried in Stone Co. or maybe in Saline Co?? he d. 1924 in Okla, he had a store in Norwalk Mo and had served in the Civil War, his tombstone says William R. Chappell in Co E 1 Ark. Cav Confed. states Army 1847-1923, Eleanor and William had 13 children ..Their daughter Minnie Adolaid Chappell was b. in 1873 in Stone Co. Mo.Minnie married Arthur Owen in Stone Co and moved to Okla. Territory abt 1902, Thanks for any help you can send my way.

HOLMES, MEDEK, SKAGGS posted by Robert L. Holmes on Monday, May 11, 1998
I just starting to look for my roots in Saline County MO. My father and mother were married there in 1929. HOLMES (father's surname) SKAGGS (mother's maiden name) MEDEK (mother's stepfather's surname)

WILSON posted by Ralph Ganis on Monday, May 11, 1998
Seek information on ancestors of Eldred A. WILSON (b.c.1900-d.after 1972 Saline Co, MO). He was the son of Truman Arnold WILSON. This is all the info I have on them so far.

MCDONALD, PARMER posted by Jeff McDonald on Wednesday, May 13, 1998
I am researching info. on Thomas Benton MCDONALD's parents. Jefferson MCDONALD ( supposedly killed by Bushwackers around 1867 (?) ) and Mary ( PARMER ) MCDONALD, b. in Galena, Stone Co., Mo. Any help would be appreciated.

BAKER, DECKARD, HILLEBRAND, MCCLINTIC, MESCHEDE, PEMBERTON posted by Kelly Mears on Wednesday, May 13, 1998
John and Sarah (MCCLINTIC) DECKARD, moved to Saline Co. ca. 1830. Their son Archibald V. DECKARD married Izora BAKER (daughter of John & Myra (PEMBERTON) BAKER, who moved to Saline Co. before 1848). Also looking for information on Henry HILLEBRAND, who married Theresa MESCHEDE in 1871 in Shackelford, Saline Co. Thanks!

CREASON posted by Donna Russell on Thursday, May 14, 1998
Looking for CREASON family members from earliest settlement to present. Have some information to share.

MCDANIEL, SWINN posted by Johnnie L McDaniel Sr. on Thursday, May 14, 1998
I'm looking for information and descendants of my great great grand father, Able G. MCDANIEL and his wife Susannah SWINN they were married in Saline County, Missouri about 1847. Then they moved to Atchison County, Missouri, Near Fairfax.

DUNKUM posted by Ruby Talley Smith on Sunday, May 24, 1998
John A. DUNKUM received 8 land grants in Saline Co, MO from 10 Jan 1840 through 1 Apr 1843. I believe this to be John Anderson DUNKUM b ca 1806 in Albemarle Co, VA. Looking for any information.

BRYANT, WILLIAMS posted by Leaha Young on Thursday, May 28, 1998
John William BRYANT b:1824 Ky. James M. WILLIAMS b:1838 Ky. Both listed on 1870 Missouri census, Saltpond twp.,Saline co.; desire any and all information on these men and their families . They are both my GGG Greatgrandfathers.I think they moved from Saline co. about 1881or 1882.

BRENTS, HOWERTON posted by M.J. Barnes on Saturday, May 30, 1998
Seeking information on Joshua M. BRENTS, who held patents dated 6-1-1859 to land in Saline County, Missouri. Am trying to find out if he was related to Daniel J. BRENTS, listed in the 1900 Payne County, Oklahoma, census as being born in Illinois July 1841. Listed in that same census is Daniel's daughter Lula Katherine BRENTS (m. HOWERTON), born January 1879 in Missouri. Am trying to find where in Missouri Lula was born. She also had two older sisters, Eva BRENTS Morrow and Georgia BRENTS Payne, who may have been born in Missouri. (A brother, Daniel, was born 1895 or 1898 in Oklahoma.) Please respond to

CRAIN, CRANE, CUNDIFF, PARKER posted by Greg Dunn on Tuesday, June 2, 1998
This is an excerpt from a long manuscript (written 1876) which I will provide to interested parties. Along with Connie Davidson, I am interested in this CRAIN (possibly CRANE) line in Saline County. "James R. Crain's daughter Moriah married her cousin Christopher Columbus CUNDIFF, and they live in Saline County, Missouri, where they have raised a family, several of whom are dead. Her husband has been sick with an incurable disorder of the bowels for several years past. Lucy Crain married Chrisman H. PARKER, and they too settled in Saline where they had a numerous family. Parker had always been very steady, and moral, and was highly respected. But he is represented to have fallen into evil ways, neglected his wife and family, and run after strange women, until Cousin Lucy left him, and his children would not have anything to say to him. Cousin Lucy and the children went to West Oklahoma, I think, and Parker went alone to California where he lately died alone and friendless. A valuable life ruined by wrong-doing. I omitted to mention that both John S. and William L. Crain served in the Union Army during the Slave-Holders Rebellion, John S. as a Lieutenant and William L. a Sergeant in the 7th M.S.M. James R. Crain, their father, died in St. Francisville, Clark County, Missouri, September 9th, 1838."

ODELL posted by Kay Martin on Thursday, June 4, 1998
Jeremiah ODELL gave the land for the town of Marshall in Saline County, MO. I remember that there is information about him and the town in the Courthouse at Marshall, but I was foolish and didn't write that down when I was there. Does anyone have that info? Or is there anyone who lives at Marshall who would get that for me? Thank you!

DURHAM, WRIGHT posted by Shelly Galloway on Wednesday, June 10, 1998
Am looking for ancesters of Adam S. WRIGHT, born 1840. He was married to Rhoda J. DURHAM. At the time of his death in 1890, he was a minister serving in Saline Co. He also founded the First Christian Church of West Plains, Howell Co. Would appreciate any info that is out there. This has been a tough one for me. Thank You.

DURRETT, PEMBERTON posted by Celia Springer on Thursday, June 11, 1998
I am looking for information on Elizabeth Frances PEMBERTON. Her parents are possibly Thomas PEMBERTON & Sarah DURRETT. This family is from around Slater in Saline Co. Elizabeth Pemberton b 13 Jan 1841, married Hannibal Tabler Barnes 12 Sept 1867 & d 15 Aug 1828. Any information on these Pembertons would be appreciated.

JONES posted by Nathaniel B. Harris on Sunday, June 14, 1998
T. J. JONES or Trafton JONES or James Trafton JONES. Born 1843, Died 1913. Believed to be buried in Nelson Cemetary, Saline County, Missouri. His sister, Anna Meriwether Jones was married to my Great Grand Father, Dr. Nathaniel Wilson Harris of Cooper County, Missouri. I am seeking info on T.J.Jones or his children.

ELLIOTT, ROZELLE, SMITH posted by Bob Hill on Sunday, June 14, 1998
I am searching for information on my mother's family, Oren Miller ELLIOTT, father, born 1874 in Missouri; Mellatiah SMITH, mother. Children: Thomas Willie ELLIOTT, born 9 Apr 1904, Malta Bend; Miller ELLIOTT, born 1906, died very young; Olive ELLIOTT, born 1908, died very young; Mayme Esther ELLIOTT, born 20 May, 1910, Malta Bend; Nellie Elsie ELLIOTT, born 12 June 1912. Oren's father was Thomas ELLIOTT who came to Missouri after the Civil War and settled in Malta Bend. He died in 1905 and was buried in Maitland, Missouri. His wife was Caroline ROZELLE, also died in Missouri and buried in Maitland in 1911.

SMITH posted by Ross Gedeborg on Saturday, June 20, 1998
I am trying to find a family of Saline County SMITH ancestors and have found an entry in the Probate Records that I need help with. These records were hand-typed many years ago and appear to be an extract of the actual record, Saline County Missouri Probate Records, v. F-G, 1854-1866, with an index. In Book F, pg. 225, is this entry: "Fee T. 108 Whereas at the October Term 1855 of this Court Indentures of apprentership was improperly granted to J.H. Black binding to him an orphan boy named Joseph Smith and also to G.W. Anderson binding to him an orphan boy named Anthony Smith, it is hereby declared by this Court, that said Indentures thus improperly granted are null and void and Fredrick Smith is hereby appointed Guardian of both the person and estate of said children and he is hereby required to execute his bond for $100. [Joseph N. Laurie as Judge]. Anthony SMITH is our great-grandfather. He and Joseph, according to the family story, were orphaned crossing the seas from Switzerland in 1855. (The 1855 census of Kansas City, MO reconfirms immigration in 1855). I searched the typed record for the October 1855 session of court to no avail. I then checked one month to each side of the October session, then checked the October 1854 session again to no avail. I am hoping that there is more in the actual record in Saline County than was in the typed extract. We hope to find the name of the deceased parent and information that might lead to their ship or origin in Switzerland. What would it cost to have a search made to find the missing entry? I may be contacted by E-mail, or by letter at 308 N. Apple, Shoshone, Idaho 83352. Please contact me if interested in helping.

ANDREWS, COLLINS, CROFF posted by Richard Collins on Wednesday, June 24, 1998
John B. COLLINS W. Amanda CROFF, m. Aug.10,1873 Lewis P. Collins m. Emily Jane ANDREWS - died between 1893 & 1900

BERGER, BURKS posted by Barney Burks on Wednesday, June 24, 1998
I am making an query for ancestors that lived in Saline Co. or immigrated to Saline Co. The BERGER family moved from Gasconade Co. to Saline Co. about 1882. The BURKS moved to Saline Co. (Glasgow Bottoms)? area from Ind. before 1876 ?

EHRNMAN, NORDYKE posted by George R. Ehrnman on Wednesday, June 24, 1998
George Grover EHRNMAN born 4-7-1884, Marshall, Saline Co., MO Son of George A. EHRNMAN. I am trying to determine name of mother of George Grover EHRNMAN and the wife or wives of George A. EHRNMAN and date(s) of marriage(s). Possible spouse names: Sarah NORDYKE, Martha NORDYKE, or Maria (last name unknown).

DONALD, SENCER, SPENCER posted by Jeff McDonald on Monday, June 29, 1998
I am looking for information on George W. SPENCER, b. Pa. 1850. Found on 1880 Saline Co. Census, Salt Fork Twp. with wife Nancy E. ( MC DONALD ) SENCER, B. 1850 MO. children : James T., b. 1872 Mo., Mary E., b. 1874 Mo., and George E., b. 1877. Any information would be appreciated.

HARMON posted by Loren Lyon on Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Researching William and Elizabeth HARMON of Marshall/Sweet Springs Saline Co. Elizabeth born about 1868 died about 1937 both buried in Marshall cemetery. Married about 1895.

CREESON, DAVIS, GREEN, HOLAND, NELSON, SANDERS posted by Chuck Gibson on Thursday, July 2, 1998
New information on Tyree DAVIS shows he was either a Judge or Justice of the Peace in Saline County. Constant S. GREEN to Miss Minerva J. DAVIS 16 Aug 1868 Married by Tyree Davis, J.S.C.C. Minerva was his daughter. Milton SANDERS & Mary Jane NELSON 16 July 1868 by Tyree Davis J.P. John W. CREESON & Emmy HOLAND 19 July 1868 by Tyree Davis J.P. Where in Saline Co were they married? Cindicia DAVIS, the first wife of Tyree's, died in childbirth in 1857. He remarried to Mary Ann____? she died in 1885. When and where did Tyree die.

BITZER, CARMEAN posted by Christopher N. Cooper on Friday, July 3, 1998
I need help with Wife's Genealogy - Roots in Saline County, MO. Is there anyone that can help me with a surname of CARMEAN (John CARMEAN). They lived in the Elmwood Township and we are trying to find the cemetery they are buried in. If anyone can help, please contact me. Also researching the Surname BITZER.

HARMON, LYON, SUMNER, SUTCLIFFE posted by Loren Lyon on Monday, July 6, 1998
Wilfred HARMON and Sarah Elizabeth (SUTCLIFFE, LYON, SUMNER) HARMON of Sweet Springs and Marshall MO in Saline cty. Wilfred born about 1850 died in 1943 both buried in Marshall cemetery. Sarah E. born about 1864 died in 1938. Children: Gilbert Lyon, Luthor Lyon, Dave Sumner and unknown male Harmon. Thankyou. from Sweet Springs and Marshall MO Saline Cty. buried in Marshall cemetery, she died in 1938 he in 1942. Any information.

KILLION posted by Loren Lyon on Wednesday, July 8, 1998
Joseph I. KILLION, Saline Co. Sedalia, Beamon. Father of John W, Joyce, Flora Faith, Laura and at least 3-4 others. born about 1835 died after 1926 when lived in Beamon. Loren Lyon

MODLIN, WAGGENER posted by Harry Waggener on Friday, July 10, 1998
I am trying to find information on my great grandfather Edmund WAGGENER. He was born in VA in 1826, but he and his wife Rebecka (MODLIN) were living in Saline County MO when my grandfather James was born 4 June 1866. They died in Knox County MO, Edmund in 1893. I am trying to track him back to VA in order to find his parents and would like to find when he arrived and left Saline County. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

MCDOWELL, PHILLIPS, THURMAN posted by Glenn McAnarney on Sunday, July 12, 1998
Thomas THURMAN (1810-1867) died in Wakenda, Carroll Co., Mo. He was married at least three times. His first wife's name is unknown and was probably married in Kentucky. His second was to Nancy PHILLIPS on March 16, 1860 in Saline Co, MO; his third wife was Edna MCDOWELL on Apr 16, 1864 in Saline Co, MO. Children of the marriage (s) were Congrave (1832, KY) William, Marie, Lewis and Thomas. Seeking first wife's name. There is another marriage between Thomas Thurman and Mary Fannin (Frannin) in Saline Co on May 14, 1845. I don't know if this is the same Thomas Thurman or not.

BLACK, CREASEY posted by Barbara Speck on Sunday, July 12, 1998
I have been searching for these people for years. Everything stops at Marshall. Edwin Wesley BLACK married Esther Belle CREASEY in Charles Mix County. Am looking for grandparent, Edwin Wesley BLACK, born 1873 at Marshall to William Edw. and Martha BLACK. Also any siblings -- maybe a brother named Douglas or George? I believe they followed the railroad to South Dakota.

SHELBY posted by Cinda Shelby on Thursday, July 16, 1998
I am searching for Lafayette SHELBY who owned land in Saline Co., Mo in 1843. Any info on him or other Shelby's of this area?

CHANEY, GROOMS posted by Peggy Lovelace Contreras on Monday, July 20, 1998
Mrs. GROOMS m. Henry CHANEY 1812-1820. They moved from Lexington, KY to Saline County, MO in 1820 where Mrs. Grooms Chaney died. Would like any clues on this couple.

BROWN, SNODDY posted by Randi Richardson on Monday, July 20, 1998
Daniel F. SNODDY died in Saline County, Missouri, in 1849. He left a widow, Elizabeth Jane (BROWN) Snoddy. From whom did Daniel descend?

GRESHAM, TRELOW posted by Sheri R. Hensley on Friday, July 24, 1998
Looking for information on John William GRESHAM born 4/2/1893. His father was Thomas S. Gresham born somewhere in Missouri. Thomas was married to Laura TRELOW born 6/10/1870 in Saline County Missouri.

WALTERS posted by William R. Walters on Tuesday, July 28, 1998
I seek help in locating in Saline County, Missouri my grandfather William M. WALTERS and his brother Robert WALTERS who moved from Kentucky with their parental family sometime around 1850, grew up and married in Saline Co, and one of the these two fathered two daughters, Cora B. and Eva M. about 1871 and 1873. The brothers moved on to South Dakota about 1879.

FULTON, HARRIS posted by Donna Fulton Price on Thursday, July 30, 1998
Saline County holds one of my "brick walls" - Neal FULTON. My great, great grandfather, Neal FULTON married Lucy HARRIS on Jan 25, 1821 in Saline County. I have information on Lucy Harris, but hit the wall with Neal. The Family History Center lists Neal as being born about 1800 in Virginia. I have some educated guesses as to his ancestory in Virginia but nothing more than wishful thinking. Neal and Lucy had 11 Children - the first 10 born in Saline County and the last, my great grandfather, born in Macon County, MO. The children were: 1. John, b1821, m12/2/1841 Catharine Clinton; 2. Clara Ann, b1823, m2/19/1850 John T Bell; 3. Elizabeth, b1827; 4. Susan, b1828; 5. Mathinza, b1833; 6. James A, b1834; 7. Brunetta, b1836; 8. Lucinda, b1837; 9. H Walker, b1838; 10. William Presley, b1841; and 11. Albert Wesley, b8/13/1845. Any help concerning my "brick wall" would be greatly appreciated.

CANTERBURY, MILLER posted by Diane Carter on Thursday, July 30, 1998
I am searching for information on Laura Alice MILLER (b.?) of Malta Bend, Saline Co. She married my ggrandfather, James W. CANTERBURY, on March 22, 1882.They had 2 children, Edna (b.8/20/1883) and William Huttig (b.12/23/1895). Would appreciate any information.

MCGREGOR, MOFFAT, WALTERS posted by William R. Walters on Friday, July 31, 1998
I'm searching for the MOFFAT family related to the William M. WALTERS family both having lived in Saline Co. until 1876. Ida Mae MOFFAT is listed in the 1900 South Dakota census as now present in the home of William and Cora Belle MCGREGOR (nee WALTERS) now age 12, as a niece, Lincoln County, la Valley Twp. Any possible leads would be very much appreciated.

HIERONYMUS, SHACKELFORD, SIMMS posted by J. Garner on Tuesday, August 4, 1998
Need ancestors of Thomas Clements SIMMS b. 1844 in WV or Pa. md Huldah Ann SHACKELFORD in Saline Co., Mo. 1868. Thomas SIMMS had bro. John & sis Emma and Moth (Prudy) living in his household in 1870 census. Son Franklin Plummer SIMMS md Grace Eulala HIERONYMUS both from Saline Co.

BENTON, BRAUCHT posted by Doug & Marti Nelson on Saturday, August 8, 1998
Seeking info on Sara BENTON from Brownsville, Saline, MO. married John A. BRAUCHT 12/25/1883 in Johnson County had one child. Her father's name was William BENTON. Any info will be appreciated.

LEA, LEE, OTT posted by Diana Pearson White on Saturday, August 8, 1998
Lydia OTT and John Wesley LEE or LEA married in Saline County. Their daughter Telitha Jane Lee was born in April 1860. Their children include Sarelda, Tom, and others. Lydia died when the family was on a trip from SE MO or NE AR about 1870. John W. Lee died in the 1920s in Howell County, MO. Is anyone working on this family?

DEMOSS posted by Kim Williams on Tuesday, August 11, 1998
Looking for descendants of Wilkins and Cassie Ann DEMOSS. Wilkins died during the Civil War, need to know when.They moved to Saline Co. Mo. between 1850 and 1860. Cassie Ann died there in 1899 and her son Mills Franklin died there 1941.

ALLEN, NYE, PARSONS, VANMETER posted by Shirley Lillie on Sunday, August 16, 1998
I would like to make contact with living descendants of David PARSONS VANMETER, born 1819 Hampshire Co WV. and died in Saline Co MO.in 1884. He married Florence NYE and had children named: George Andrew Van Meter, David Parsons Van Meter and Lucinda Van Meter. Thank You.

JOHNSON, MCREYNOLDS posted by Marilyn Ainsworth on Wednesday, August 19, 1998
Looking for info on the families of William David MCREYNOLDS, son of Joseph and Elizabeth. He was married to sisters - Catherine and Rebecca JOHNSON and lived in the Grand Pass area in Saline Co.

COOK, DUNPHY, ELMORE posted by Traci Record on Friday, August 21, 1998
Looking for information on Peter ELMORE born 1815 Ireland. died Marshall Saline Mo. wife Bridget DUNPHY, died Marshall Saline Mo. Micheal ELMORE Sr. born 1853, buried 1910 Marshall Saline Mo. wife Lydia Hall COOK, died 1942 Marshall Saline Mo.

CRAIGMILES, CRITES, DENTON, DIAL, HASEMEIER, RITCHEY, SMITH posted by Wayne Hasemeier on Saturday, August 22, 1998
Seeking information on William Warren RITCHEY, born 12 January 1842 in MO. Lived in Saline County most of his life. Married Catherine Susan CRAIGMILES, born 20 May 1848 in Pike County IL. Children: Sarah Jane, born 16 November 1870, married William F. SMITH, 21 October 1889; James A., born 11 Oct 1872, died 13 November 1874; Amanda F., born 28 Sugust 1875, married Montrose CRITES; Margaret E., born 23 December 1878, died 1 July 1880; William Thomas, born 9 February 1880, died April 1944, Saline County MO; Henry Stephen, born 18 May 1888; Jose L., born 25 February 1890; and John M., born 7 January 1895. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

THORNTON posted by Mary Stinson on Wednesday, August 26, 1998
Searching for information on Bloom Field and Mary Catherine THORNTON. They were living in Saline County in the 1900s. They appear on the 1900 Census in Miami Township. Believe they had a child or two that might have been born in Saline. but truly looking for a child that died between 1900-1910. Either an Ollie, or Edward THORNTON. They had a daughter and son. Would appreciate any information you may have on this family. Cannot locate his parents. Also would like to have a marriage date for these two. Thanks a million.

WESEMANN posted by V. Spellman on Thursday, August 27, 1998
Wilhelm WESEMANN died about 1860 (his wife in late 1850's) - possibly buried in a Lutheran cemetery in New Frankfort. Any information about the Wesemann name or a Lutheran cemetery in New Frankfort appreciated.

HEINS posted by Chris Johnston on Sunday, August 30, 1998
I am looking for any information on Angelus HEINS we was born in Germany and emigrated to America in 1889. (bn: December 18, 1871 to December 16, 1932) He emigrated to Sweet Spring, Mo, then on to Alma, Lafayette, Mo. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

CROSS, EARP, FORD, MORGAN, SENSIBLE, WINFREY posted by Jackie Woodward on Monday, August 31, 1998
I am looking for any information for any of these families. The families all had a connection in Saline county. William (Bill) Jasper FORD was married to Will Ann EARP on May 24, 1885 . Will Ann EARP was (born in Carroll County, Missouri, on November 23, 1863) Will was married to Bill at Grand Pass Baptist Church. Bill, we think, had four brothers and one sister. The brothers names were John, Luther, Jim and Jess Ford. His sister's name was Frances and she married George SENSIBLE. Will Ann's father's name was Will EARP and her mother was Mary R. WINFREY. Will died six months before she was born. We believe that Will Ann had a child by a previous marriage and we believe his last name was MORGAN? . She had a child from this marriage, his name was Joseph Franklin. We believe he took the FORD name when he started school. He had several other siblings, six sisters and four brothers. The sons were named Joe, Lee, Cleveland, and John. One daughter was married to Charlie CROSS. I do not have names for the other sisters. These families lived most of their lives in Grand Pass, Saline County, Missouri. Any information on these families would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

WEBB posted by Mac Webb on Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Looking for information on Amos WEBB, shown in 1910 census as living in Saline MO. Amos 59. Wife Emma _____ 45, Flory d 18, Garland s 15, Francis d 13, Clifton s 10, and twins Richard and Roscoe 4. Amos would have been my GGrandfather, and may have been an orphan from Va, though census shows all as being born in MO.

BILLINGS, BROWN, DAVIS, KELSO, ROSS, SAMPLE, TENNILLE posted by Joseph K. Treat on Friday, September 4, 1998
I have George TENNILLE (dates not known) as my 4th Great Grandfather. He lived in Saline County, MO. Wife was Sarah DAVIS (later became Sarah ROSS). There was possibly another wife named Sally DAVIS. George's son, George Culver TENNILLE born in Saline County, December 29, 1825, died in Texas July 08, 1874. George C. was married to Anastatia BROWN, Sarah Jane KELSO, Ann G. SAMPLE, and lastly my GGM Amanda Jane BILLINGS, July 13, 1855. I would like more information on George Sr., and his wife and their origins. Thanks.

DENNIS, HARDIN, MAYFIELD, PHILLIPS posted by Glenn W. Phillips on Friday, September 4, 1998
Seeking parents, ancestors of Mary Alice DENNIS, born Dec. 16, 1860, Arrow Rock, Saline Co. married John Thomas MAYFIELD, born July 26, 1850, Cooper Co. Researching the families DENNIS, HARDIN, MAYFIELD, PHILLIPS of Saline Co. 1820-1998. Will share information & answer all responses.

HAMPTON, JOHNSON, MAPLE, MCMAHAN posted by Paul Zebe on Saturday, September 5, 1998
I'm looking to make contact with anyone with information about my step-2g-grandfather, Granderson Montgomery JOHNSON. He married my 2g-grandmother, Mary Catherine MCMAHAN (nee HAMPTON) on 7 Oct. 1870 in Saline County, MO. The couple had the following children: Willie Rosa, Joseph Luke, William, Lewis E., and Bessie M. (MAPLE). His step-children were Robert Freeland MCMAHAN (my g-grandfather) and George MCMAHAN.

HAYS posted by Judy McMichael on Sunday, September 6, 1998
Looking for researchers of HAYS family of Saline Co, MO.

CHAPPELL posted by Paul Chappell on Tuesday, September 8, 1998
I am looking for any information on Elisha CHAPPELL or Benjamin Franklin CHAPPELL from approx. 1870's.

ACORD posted by Mary Acord Reimschissel. on Sunday, September 13, 1998
I'm researching the ACORD family in Saline Co. Mo. in 1870.

EDWARDS, LINN posted by Rebekah Lynn on Tuesday, September 15, 1998
I am looking for any information on the family of Susan Elizabeth EDWARDS, born 1861, m. William Franklin LINN abt. 1884, raised a family in Grand Pass, Saline County. Thanks for your help!

GREGORY, WEST posted by Jim Dysle on Thursday, September 24, 1998
John Bransford WEST was born in 1823 in Tennessee. While a child, his family came with him to Marshall, Saline County, Missouri. John later wed Sarah GREGORY in Saline County MO in 1847. John and Sarah's children were William Henry West (1848), Charles Edward West (1850), Susan Jane West (1852), Francis Elizabeth West (1855), James Archibald West (1859) and Mary Matildy West (1862). The two eldest children (Henry and Charles) moved to Colusa County, CA in 1873. Any info on the WEST or GREGORY families in Saline County would be appreciated.

HUNTSINGER, RAY posted by Kevin Heckathorn on Tuesday, September 29, 1998
John Grant RAY born in Ohio 1864 moved to Saline county at age four. Married Ida Bell HUNTSINGER in 1888. He died Kansas City MO 1944.

DYE posted by Robert Dye on Wednesday, September 30, 1998
I am looking for information about my gg grandparents, Orange and Nancy DYE. They were born and married in Indiana before moving to Saline County, MO In the late 1860s. Orange DYE is listed in the 1900 US census as being 82 years old. He is listed in Elmwood Township, Saline County, MO. Nancy is not listed. I would like to know the date of their deaths and the location of their cemetery, if possible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

CLEMENS, TURNER posted by Milton Clemens Armstrong on Friday, October 2, 1998
Researching ancestors of ggf, Lewis Fielding Linn CLEMENS, born in Miami, MO on April 18, 1844; died in Marshall, MO on April 22, 1920. Married Mary Jane (Molly) TURNER Feb. 8, 1865. He was a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister. On the Saline County MOGenWeb history page a Thomas Clemmons and a William Clemmons are listed in Miami Bottom. It is possible that his father was a Thomas Clemens(Clemmons). Thank you.

FREDREGILL, MCILNEY posted by Jodi L. Nielson on Friday, October 2, 1998
I am searching for information on the FREDREGILL family that lived in Saline County around 1880. John FREDREGILL and his wife, Sarah MCILNEY are supposed to be buried somewhere in the county. They had at least one son, John, also married to a Sarah, who lived and died in Des Moines, Iowa. These men are my 3rd and 4th great-grandfathers. Any information regarding this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

COLLINS posted by Debbi on Friday, October 2, 1998
I am seeking a marriage license for Green W. COLLINS to Martha Jane, sometime between late 1830's to very early 1840's. Green resided in Cooper Co, MO but no record of marriage has been found for him. I am now checking bordering counties. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

CLARK, JENNINGS, MADDEN, PORTERFIELD, STEPHENSON posted by Taleah Wilkinson on Saturday, October 3, 1998
I'm looking for information on the family of William and Mary CLARK MADDEN; the records here in Dade County show that their son my Great Grandfather Charles Albert MADDEN was born June 1, 1865 in Saline, Mo., I believe that it should read Saline Co, Mo. as I know from the 1870 Chariton County Census records show that his older sister Sarah Sally Madden Jennings, b. 1845 Ill., and their brother Tom Madden, b. 1855, where living there. Another sister lived in this area also her name was Tessa Lee Madden STEPHENSON, b. abt. 1863, she stayed in the area and raised her children there. Another sister Jane Waddle Madden PORTERFIELD b. Sept. 3, 1847 in Cangamon Co, Ill., m. Jan. 19, 1865 to John Porterfield, may have also lived in the area, before coming to Dade Co., some of the family say she came directly to Dade Co., Mo. from Ill. My mother said she was told that my Great Grandfather came to Dade county from somewhere up North because his two older sister was already here. I don't have any birthdates on William and Mary Clark MADDEN, I know that the first two sibs., was just two years apart in age Sarah Sally and Jane Waddle, and that Tom was abt. 10 years younger than the first two, and that there was three other girls, Maggie (who married a Jennings), Tessa Lee b. abt. 1863, Anna b. abt. 1862 (died at age 14), then Charles Albert b. abt. June 1, 1865. My Grandmother was always puzzled by the fact that her father had these other siblings that was so much older. I would appreciate anything that you have on these Maddens and anything on the surname of MADDEN, CLARK, PORTERFIELD and JENNINGS; I know that the first name of Sarah Sally Madden Jennings was William we think he might have been from this area, and that he was some how related to Maggie Madden Jennings husband. We know that Maggie Madden Jennings went to Oklahoma, after her marriage and was there in 1936. We don't know what happened to William Jennings we just know that Sarah Sally was remarried to someone by the name of Gallentin, as we have found her in the census records as Sarah B. Gallentin. Thank you

LEWIS, WALL, WHIPPS posted by Martha H. Eisenlohr on Saturday, October 3, 1998
Looking for information on James LEWIS and wife Gertrude (WHIPPS) whose son Rudy South LEWIS I believe to have been born 15 Jul 1870 in Saline Co., perhaps in Marshall.Need to find a birth record for Rudy South LEWIS and a marriage record in Saline Co. for the same Rudy South LEWIS and Minnie WALL. Say between 1892-1895? Thank you so much for helping me locate this information.

MCREYNOLDS, TAYLOR, WEBB posted by Mac Webb on Tuesday, October 6, 1998
Daniel WEBB b c 1795 va, noted in 1870 census in Saline MO. No wife, but 11 children including Amos age 18, my ggrandfather. Looking for information on either. Amos married Emma TAYLOR and had 6 children Flory, Garland, Francis, Clifton and Twins Richard and Roscoe as noted in 1910 census Saline. Family history indicates Amos was the son of a Samuel Webb, who married Elizabeth MCREYNOLDS, but all data points to Daniel. Any help?

HOWARD, HUGHES posted by Ronda Conner on Sunday, October 11, 1998
Merrill HUGHES m. Angeline HOWARD - Children: William R., Owen, Elizabeth, Nancy, Cyrus, John Wesley, Minnie (born in Missouri), Allan, Edward. They had 10 children I am missing one child. They moved to Saline Co. from Illinois, they were originally from Kentucky.

BROKEMARKLE, FOLCK, KIRBY, SMOUSE posted by Barbara Jensen on Sunday, October 11, 1998
Looking for information on George Sylvenous FOLCK, and Isabella A. KIRBY, who married in Saline Co., MO, 3-28-1889. Their extended family last names include SMOUSE and BROKEMARKLE. They came from MD around 1860.

NAVE posted by Arian Collins on Sunday, October 11, 1998
Looking for others researching NAVE family in Saline County, circa 1816-1840. Would like to share information.

ERVIN, RAY, STEPHENS, SULLIVAN posted by Jane Struckhoff on Saturday, October 17, 1998
Looking for information on Richard W. ERVIN and Martha RAY. They lived in the Slater-Miami area of Saline County in the late 1800s. They had three daughters: Bertie Ray m. Thomas (Lee) SULLIVAN; Mary m. Irbin C. STEPHENS; and Minta Jane m. Amos Harrison (Harry) SULLIVAN. Martha had a brother George W. RAY. Everyone called him Uncle Buck. Please contact me if you have any information on either family.

MCCLAIN, SULLIVAN, WILLIAMS posted by Jane Struckhoff on Saturday, October 17, 1998
I am looking for the family of my great grandmother, Mary Bland MCCLAIN. She was born September 30, 1862 in Saline County. Her father's name was Laughlin MCCLAIN, Sr. He died in 1902. Mother's name unknown. She had at least one brother, Laughlin, Jr. She married Samuel J. SULLIVAN February 15, 1879. They had nine children: Thomas, Perry, James Oscar, Ollie David, Amos Harrison (Harry), Elizabeth (Betty), Abraham, Bertha May, and Peter Fritz (Frank). S. J. died in 1899 and she married Joshua WILLIAMS in 1905. She died June 3, 1952. I have tons of information on the Sullivan side but none on the McClains.

JONES, MEGEE, WILSON posted by Debi Schoen on Saturday, October 17, 1998
Looking for genealogical info about great great great grandparents J. and M. MEGEE who lived in Saline County and show up on census records in 1870's. Their son, David MEGEE, married Sarah JONES in early 1890s in Pettis County but lived in Saline county. Their son Elmer MEGEE (actually Arthur Elmer) married Mary "Ethel" WILSON. After Elmer's death in 1920, Ethel MEGEE taught school in one room school house at Bucksnort. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you.

HEISNER posted by Larry Heisner on Wednesday, October 21, 1998
Would appreciate any information, especially a detailed obituary, of Philip HEISNER, B: 12-11-1886; D: 9-15-1972, Sweet Springs, Saline Co., MO.

BREEDLOVE, LEACH posted by Clara Ross on Wednesday, October 21, 1998
Francis Marion LEACH b.26 Dec 1847 in Alton,Madison County Illinois. Wife Mary Ann BREEDLOVE b.26 Jan 1826 in Kentucky. My Grandmother is 101 and I'm trying to get some information before she passes on. Thanks.

HESS posted by resa.htm - 2228 on Sunday, October 25, 1998
I am seeking the middle name of George S. HESS, son of Charles Ossamus HESS, born near Longwood, Saline County, MO in mid 1880's. Middle name is important to establish link to mother's family in VA.

COPELAND posted by Joel on Sunday, October 25, 1998
I am looking for information on Joel COPELAND b. 18 Jun 1766 in NC d. 3 Jul 1836 Saline County MO. Who was his wife and children?

BLAIR, DESPAIN, TURNER posted by Barbara Dspain Conrad on Monday, October 26, 1998
Am seeking information about James Henry DESPAIN b. KY about 1843, lived in Saline Co in the 1870's. Married Belle TURNER, b. Ill. He is enumerated with the BLAIR family as 'widowed' in the 1880 Saline co Census.. Children Louis William Despain b. ca. 1870 and my grandfather Sylvester Despain, b. Sept 1873, Saline Co. Cannot locate children with anyone in 1880 Census in Saline Co. Eventually they both went to Pueblo CO,late 1800's. Thanks in advance.

HURSHMAN posted by Carrolyn Loughborough on Wednesday, October 28, 1998
Rosella HURSHMAN b.1-7-1877 Blackburn, Saline County, Mo. d.2-13-1947 Joplin, Mo., father's name John, possibly. Siblings - Amanda b 1870, Jessie and John birth unknown. Rosella my g-grandmother would like to find some of her people. Thanks.

LAWSON posted by Dorothy M. McGowan on Saturday, October 31, 1998
I am seeking information about Maxwell LAWSON. He is mentioned on page 426 of History of Saline County. He was in the Miami area at that time and until 1872 at least. I will greatly appreciate any additional information. Thank you.

GRAY, GRAYBEAL, GRAYBIEL, MEEHAN, MEGHAN posted by Margaret Devine on Saturday, October 31, 1998
I am searching for information on the family of my grandfather George Thomas MEEHAN born 15 Sep 1883 in Slater, Saline Co. He had one known brother called "Doc". According to IGI records his parents were Andrew MEEHAN and Harriet Josephine GRAY. His death certificate from Yavapai Co, Arizona 24 Nov 1937 notes his mother's name as Harriet GRAYBEAL, information provided by his widow. Another IGI record references a marriage on 11 Dec 1871 in Saline between Andrew M. MEGHAN and H. I. GRAYBIEL.

FELTROP, OLENDORFF, SCHWARTZE, SPREITZER posted by Tony Meyer on Sunday, November 1, 1998
I have some info on each, birth, marriage, death, where buried. Looking for any other info or will give what info i have. these surnames are from the eastern part of Saline, West Glasgow. Thanks.

BRADFORD, FORBES posted by Antoinette Pedersen on Wednesday, November 4, 1998
Lucy FORBES was my gr aunt. She was born Lucy BRADFORD to William BRADFORD who lived in Webster Co and Lawrence Co. I do not know Lucy's spouse's name, but she had at least one child, a Thaddus Forbes. I believe that Lucy died in Sweet Springs about Oct 1971. Any information about this family is appreciated.

ATWOOD, TINDLE posted by Stephanie Spruill on Friday, November 6, 1998
Seeking information on Amos Benton TINDLE b. in 1832. He was married to Nancy Ann ATWOOD. Both are buried in Saline Co. Any information that you have would be appreciated.

KEELING posted by Charlotte Lucas on Monday, November 9, 1998
Lewis P. KEELING was in Saline County on the 1900 census. Thank you for your help.

DEVER, ELLIOTT posted by Rillene Elliott Nielsen on Saturday, November 14, 1998
Searching for Robert M. ELLIOTT, born 24 Oct. 1835, Washington, KY. Married Rachel DEVER 18 Dec 1873, Hodgenville, La Rue, KY. Died 11 Oct 1908, New Frankfort, Saline, MO. Children not in order of birth: Mattie J., Charley F., Bessie Lew, Josiah W., Mary, Laura B., Myrtle C., Leilia. I have information that might be of interest to those related to this family, and would like to make contact.

SMITH posted by J. A. Selph, Jr. on Sunday, November 15, 1998
Appreciate information location of any church records of Fish Creek Baptist Church, south of Gilliam, Missouri, for period mid 1800's to early 1900's. Interested in finding records of church membership, deaths, burials, etc. in connection J. G. SMITH family or descendants. Also if any publication that might contain any such references.

SMITH posted by Lloyd A. Smith on Sunday, November 15, 1998
My great great grandfather, Abraham SMITH, was the Sheriff of Saline County Missouri in the 1830's. I have a book of the first laws of Missouri that was passed down to me by my grandfather and which has notes in it by my great great grandfather. I am looking for any source of information about his life and family to assist in locating his antecedents as well as the link between him and my grandfather who came to Texas via Love County Oklahoma where my father was born. Thanks very much for any pointers you can provide.

KELLY posted by Verla D Geller on Monday, November 16, 1998
I am looking for any information on Samual KELLY and wife Mary Ann. They lived in Saline county in 1880, Arrow Rock area. I don't know where to look for any more info. They are my GGG grandparents. I would sure like some help. Thanks.

MOORE posted by Dale O'Neal on Tuesday, November 17, 1998
I am looking for info on my Great Grandfather, Seth Hyland MOORE. He was born, May, 1826, in Jefferson County, East Tenn., and resided in Saline County, Mo. My Grandmother, Mollie Lee Moore, was born November, 1878, in Grand Pass, Saline County, Mo. I would appreciate any help you might offer. Thanks.

CRAWFORD, ESS, FALL, FURSE, HOCKER posted by Jeff Carr on Thursday, November 26, 1998
Margaret "Peggy" CRAWFORD FALL 1776-1833 d. Saline Co, MO Interested in this FALL family. 4 ch - Alexander Crawford FALL; Nancy FALL HOCKER; Martha FALL FURSE; Kitty FALL ESS. Have info on the FURSE family who moved on into KS. George Howe FURSE 1811 London, Eng - 1876 m. Arrow Rock, Saline Co. d 31 Dec 1876 Mound City, Linn, KS. m. Martha FALL 1816, Augusta, VA - 1899 Virgil, Greenwood, KS.

BERKELEY, BERRY, HORINE, PENN, SMITH, TUCKER, WHITE posted by Maria B. Lamb on Monday, November 30, 1998
Gen. Thomas Adams SMITH (b. 1781 Essex Co., VA; d. 1844 Saline Co., MO) and his wife, Cynthia BERRY WHITE (b. 1786 Knoxville, TN; d. 1855 Loudoun Co., VA) settled at their home, "Experiment," near Napton, Saline Co., in 1826. Their children were: Lucy Ann Smith (b. 1812) m. 1830, Judge N. Beverly TUCKER; Crawford Early Smith (b. 1826) m. 1852, Virginia PENN; Cynthia White Smith (b. 1829) m. 1851, William Noland BERKELEY (my g-g-grandparents). They had five other children, James White Smith, Mary Lawson Smith, Hugh Lawson Smith, Reuben Smith, and Troup Smith, who all died either young or unmarried. While some of their descendants, including the Berkeleys and Tuckers, returned east to Virginia, some remained in MO. Also, Thomas Smith's brother Reuben Smith and his wife Susan Caroline HORINE settled in MO. I would be interested in exchanging information about the family with other descendants.

COMPTON, FORD, SMITH posted by Dale E Underwood on Thursday, December 3, 1998
David and Deborah (COMPTON) FORD moved to Gilliam, Saline Co, MO about 1840 from Berkeley Co, VA. They came with Joseph and Elizabeth (COMPTON) SMITH. The SMITH family had children named Mary C, John William, Nancy E and James Philip. The FORD family had children named Elizabeth J, Mary E, James B, Nancy E, Maria L, Amelia, Susan Marth and William E. These children were all born in the 1840's. They lived around the Gilliam and Slater area. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on these families.

GENTRY posted by Kathy Gentry Bamert on Wednesday, December 23, 1998
Searching for great grandfather Simon Edward GENTRY. Born in Marshall Missouri in Saline County. Late 1880's possibly 1889. Married to Margaret Marti. Moved to St. Louis. Disappeared in approx. 1913. Any info would be appreciated.

FERREL, HILL posted by Lenora Williams on Friday, December 25, 1998
I am researching the family of William C. HILL. He married a FERREL and was in the 1850 census and living at Miami in Saline Co., Mo. I would like to correspond with anyone who would have information about this family. Thanks.

CAIN, GREEN, HENDERSON posted by Kaye Smith on Sunday, December 27, 1998
Researching Samuel Hayden GREEN ca 1797 Ky married Elizabeth CAIN. He died March 8, 1869 Saline Co., Mo. His parents Henry GREEN and Sarah HENDERSON. Her father John CAIN ? Thank You.

GAULDIN, TRENT posted by Pat Adams on Monday, December 28, 1998
Searching for information on the families of William H. TRENT (b. Nov. 1849 in Virginia) and Helen B. GAULDIN of Saline County, Mo. They married on December 21, 1871 in Saline County, Missouri. Children were: Kate Trent; Frank Trent ( b. June 18, 1873); Laura Trent (b. September 15, 1879); Fletcher Trent (b. May 1880); Helen Trent (b. January 1883) and Henry W. Trent (b. May 3, 1886).

CARROLL, DONNELLY, MCCORMACK posted by Jo Donnelly Preston on Monday, December 28, 1998
I am looking for ancestors of Patrick DONNELLY in Ireland. Patrick was born in Ireland in 1833, married Ann MCCORMACK born November 11th, 1836 in Ireland, died January 17th, 1865, buried Bloomington, Illinois. Patrick then returned to Ireland and married Margaret CARROLL and they returned to Roodhouse, Illinois. His boys helped build the Glasgow bridge over the Missouri River. Appreciate any info you might have and will gladly share what I have.

BALLARD, WINN posted by Sandy DePew on Monday, December 28, 1998
I am looking for a great-great grandparents of mine that resided in Saline County, MO. in and around the townships of Nelson and Liberty. Abner G. BALLARD and Sarah Elizabeth WINN; Franklin BALLARD and Mary G. Lewis N.BALLARD Thank you for any information.

DARR, ROBNETT posted by resa.htm - 2459 on Wednesday, December 30, 1998
Looking for information on the family of William Cyrus ROBNETT and Ruth Eliza DARR ROBNETT. They had six children born in Saline Co. From Jan. 1879 - 1890.

GOODWIN, THOMSON posted by Virginia Thomson on Wednesday, December 30, 1998
Genealogy of Capt. Pike M. THOMSON, of Slater, Saline Co., MO, and his wife, Elizabeth E. GOODWIN. He died in 1902 in Slater. Thank you.

JUDD posted by Stephanie Young on Thursday, December 31, 1998
I am researching Wesley F. JUDD. He died June 7th 1928 in Marshall, Missouri .He resided with Arthur Kent & his wife Minnie located on North Benton-Ave in Marshall, Missouri, Saline County. Wesely was born March 7th 1850 in Ohio. He is buried in Ridge Park Cemetery. If anyone could help me find out any information, I would be so appreciative..

HOOVER, SEEBECK, SULLIVAN posted by Beth Bowen on Thursday, December 31, 1998
Looking for Mary Elisabeth SEEBECK, b. 5 July 1886 in Slater, MO. She died on 17 May, 1975 in Athens, AL. Married to William Alex SULLIVAN (1885-1938) on 24 September 1910 in Bangor, Van Buren Co., MI. She was the daughter of Albert L. SEEBECK and Elisabeth J. HOOVER.