W. B. Hays, deceased, was born in Saline county, Missouri, in the year 1844, and was educated here. In the year 1866, he was married to Miss Elizabeth N. Andrew, of Polk county Missouri. His children are, Anna E., Alonzo C., Alice G., James E., and Walter C. About three years ago he went to Colorado and spent one winter there for his health, but without success. He died on the 4th of August, 1880, at his residence in this county. His widow and family survive him. Page 685

Joseph H. Hess, farmer. The subject of this sketch was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, November 8, 1814, and was partly raised in Albemarle county, Virginia. He was educated in Virginia, and raised on a farm. His father, John Hess, was an old revolutionary soldier, and also in the war of 1812, and took an active part in the battle of New Orleans. He served under Jackson to the end of the war. In 1838 J. H. Hess came, with others, to Missouri in wagons and carriages, and located in Cooper county. He was married February 27, 1840, to Miss Barthina Kelly a cousin of Captain J. Stephens, who died May 12, 1851, in Moniteau county, leaving three children: Mary, wife of Frank Hines, of Colorado; Lee, wife of Henry Chrisman, of Waverly, Missouri, and Jackson T., now living at Booneville, Missouri. In 1863 Mr. Hess was banished to Ohio by the Federal authorities at Tipton, and took his family with him. In 1864 he returned to Missouri, but was again compelled to leave, and went to Nebraska and remained eighteen months. He then returned and settled in Saline county, on the Hugh Galbraith farm, which he sold to Joel Meadows, and purchased the farm on which he now lives. In 1849 Mr. Hess went to California, and was one of the first to discover the Nevada "diggings." His first wife died shortly after his return the next year. He was again married March 2, 1852, to Miss Matilda Gist, formerly from Kentucky. Mr. Hess is one of Saline’s most enterprising farmers, handling cattle, horses and sheep. Page 687-688

W. K. White, farmer and sawyer. Mr. W. K., or as he is better known, Mr. Sandy White, was born in Washington county, King’s salt works, Virginia, in the year 1834, where he was educated. In 1854 he went to Jeffersonville, Indiana, and there learned his trade as sawyer and engineer, and was there at the time of the "know-nothing" riot in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1856 he went to Iowa, and lived for a time at Agency City. In 1858 he moved to Missouri, and April 3, 1859, he was married to Miss Maria L. Gilliam. They have five children: Jennie, Stonewall J., Mary A., Hugh G. and Caledonia S. During the war Mr. White remained at home, until Price’s last raid, in 1864, when he went south with his army. In 1868 he purchased an interest in the saw-mill near his house, on the slough, first with Fackler, then with Givens, and then W. K. White & Co. He has sawed and sold about 15,000,000 feet of lumber since the war, furnishing lumber for Brownsville, Waverly and Malta Bend. He still has a large trade, besides carrying on his large farm, feeding stock, etc. Page 686

John McReynolds, deceased. This gentleman, now dead, was born in the state of Tennessee, April 24, 1812, where he received most of his education. While yet a boy he came with his father, Jos. McReynolds, to Saline county, and located where Mr. David McReynolds now resides, just west of the Grand Pass Church. Afterward he moved to the present home of his widow, Mrs. Lucinda McReynolds. He served an apprenticeship at the blacksmith trade, in Dover, Missouri. He was married October 20, 1840, to Miss Lucinda Meadows, from Virginia. They raised the following family: Francis J. (wife of M. R. Green, now living in Clinton, Missouri), Logan (who now lives in Iowa), Theophilus (who died in infancy), Joseph N., and Samuel H. (both of whom live with their mother in this county, farming), Isaac H. (in Iowa), William F. (who died in infancy), Sarah Isabel (who died at the age of sixteen, in this county). Mr. McReynolds himself died of measles in 1859. The widow and two sons carry on the farm. Page 686-687

William McNeely, farmer, section 31, township 51. Mr. McNeely was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in the year 1840. When but five years old his parents moved to Schuyler county, Illinois, where he was partly educated, and was raised on a farm. He taught school for six yeas, until 1861, when the war broke out, when he enlisted in the U. S. A., under Gen. A. J. Smith, with which he remained until the war closed. He then went back to Illinois, and remained two years. He passed through Saline county during the war, and being delighted with the country, he came and settled her in 1868. In November, 1870, he married Miss Sarah A. Huston, daughter of John P. Huston, of this county. His children are: Clarence H., Bertha B., Hattie B., Bessie H., William D., and Charles G. Mr. McNeely now lives on his farm, southeast of Malta Bend, and is a successful farmer and stock-feeder. Page 687

John William Pollard, farmer, section 31, township 51. Was born in Greenup county, Kentucky, in the year 1847. In 1854 he came with his parents to north Missouri, where they lived about thirteen years. In 1867 they settled in Saline county, where John was educated, and worked at the carpenter’s and painter’s trades. March 17, 1881, he married Miss Lizzie Overstreet, of this county. He is now living on a part of the farm of Mr. John P. De Moss. Page 687

Judge A. F. Brown, farmer. Judge Brown was born in Buckingham county, Virginia, in 1829. His father moved to Saline county in 1831, and first settled on what is now known as the old Marmaduke place, north of Marshall, and from there in 1832 to the place upon which Judge Brown now resides. He was married in May, 1855, to Miss Ann E. Bennette, daughter of Parson Bennette of Lafayette county, Missouri. Nine children have blessed this marriage, named respectively: James R., Mary E., and Elizabeth L., twins, William S. Laura B., Sarah E., Addison P., Anderson F., and Royal F., all living. In 1874 he was elected judge of the county court for six years, which was changed to four years by the new constitution, and he went out in 1878. Strictly hones and unflinching in the discharge of his duties, and an unwavering democrat, Judge Brown has always been prominent in Saline county. Page 687

Joseph R. Lunbeck, farmer. Mr. J. R.. Lunbeck was born in Chillicothe, Ohio, and came to Saline county in 1866, and settled on the body of land then owned by his father in the Pettitesaw plains, and in the following year, 1867, laid off the town of Malta Bend. In the fall of 1863 he married Miss Agnes E. Trislow, of West Virginia. He enlisted during the war in the 26th Ohio infantry. The horse thieving element gave Mr. Lunbeck some trouble soon after he came to Saline; they attempt to burn his house and do him other injuries, but he persevered and triumphed in spite of all difficulties and dangers, and to him, more than to any other one man, Malta Bend and the surrounding country are indebted for their present agricultural, social and financial prosperity. He devoted his attention to farming until 1875, when he went into the hardware and agricultural implement business. Mr. Lunbeck has four children: Rowee C., the first child born in Malta Bend; Elmer B., Ernest R. and Samuel T. Others soon followed him from Ohio, and now quite a colony of Ohioans have settled upon the plains in and around Malta Bend. Page 687-688

J. G. Dill, commission merchant, P. O., Malta Bend. The subject of this sketch was born in St. Louis, Missouri, October 7, 1846, where he was raised to man’s estate. After living five years in Tennessee, he came to Saline county, in 1875, and settled in Laynesville, on the river, two miles from Malta Bend, where he has since continued to conduct a general commission and grain shipping business. Since 1875 he has been largely identified with Grand Pass township and her farming interests. He first clerked on the Star Line boats, but soon settled down to business in Laynesville. He came to Saline a total stranger, but by honest dealing, industry, and steadiness he is making an independent fortune. Page 688

Miles H. Vanmeter, builder and contractor, P. O., Malta Bend. The subject of this sketch was born October 4, 1842, in Kentucky; thence he moved to Illinois, in 1855, and in 1868 he came to Saline county, Missouri, and settled in Malta Bend, he being the first carpenter that settled in the place. On the 2d of June 1870, he was married to Miss Clara B. Reeves, of Malta Bend. Mrs. Vanmeter died on the 4th of August, 1879. He has two children Harry L. and Jodie C., both living. Mr. Vanmeter erected the first house and the first church built in Malta Bend, and also most of the first houses built in the town. He is at present agent for Halladay’s Standard Wind-mills, with which he is doing an extensive business. He is a most energetic business man, and deserves success. Page 688

G. C. Walden. Was born January 1, 1832, in Virginia, and removed to Saline county, Missouri, in 1849, at the age of 17, and was married in 1853 to Miss Martha M. Welsch of Saline county. Has eight children: Ann Eliza, Thomas C., Sylvester A., A. R., William O., Fannie, Robert Lee, and Jacob. When he first came to Saline, Mr. Walden was overseer on a farm near Miami. The average price of slaves in those days was about $900 per head. He then went into the saw-mill business, which he has since for the most part followed. In 1875 he located a saw mill on the Missouri river, near Laynesville, and did a very large business. At present he is engaged in the drug business in Malta Bend. Page 688

J. F. Coleman, merchant, P. O., Malta Bend. The subject of this sketch was born in Miami, Saline county, February 28, 1855. His parents were old settlers of the county, and his father’s biography will be found elsewhere. Mr. Coleman deserves mention in this history of the energy and business tact which he has displayed in building up a successful trade in groceries, hardware and queensware, under the firm of J. F. Coleman & Co., Malta Bend, Missouri. During the past year they sold goods to the amount of $12,000, and have a bright future before them. Energy, pluck, and tact are always sure to win. Page 689

Leopold Moritz, farmer. Mr. Leopold Moritz, was born in Germany, October 1, 1845. He came to America at the age of eight years, and was very nearly shipwrecked in the passage over. His father settled on a farm in Ohio, where his son helped him until the war broke out, when he enlisted in the 67th Ohio Infantry, October, 1861, and remained with the regiment until he was mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky, July 18, 1865, and then returned to Ohio. He was in many engagements, and was wounded at the battle of Corinth. After the war, March 4, 1868, he was married to Miss Mary F. Henness, of Ross county, Ohio. In October, 1872, he moved to Saline county and settled on a farm in Grand Pass township, near Malta Bend, and has devoted his whole attention to the cultivation of his farm. Page 689

Henry German, farmer. The subject of the following sketch was born in Loudon county, Virginia, May 13, 1833. In the fall of 1835, his father moved to Adams county, Ohio, where Henry was raised and educated. In the spring of 1870, he moved to Saline county, Missouri, and settled on the farm upon which he now lives, adjoining the town of Malta Bend. In 1862 he enlisted in the command of Gen. A. J. Smith, in which he continued to serve to the end of the war. Was in many of the principal battles of the west, and was at the siege of Vicksburg. Mr. German was never married, and has always followed his present avocation, that of farming. Page 689

Sylvan T. Wilson, merchant, P. O., Malta Bend. Mr. Sylvan T. Wilson, of the firm of Wilson & Gill, general merchandise, Malta Bend, Missouri, was born in Adams county, Illinois, June 16, 1850. In the spring of 1871, he removed to Saline county, Missouri, and settled on a farm, two and a half miles south of Malta Bend, where he continued engaged in farming and stock raising for six years. In 1877, he moved to Malta Bend and opened a store of general merchandise, into which, in 1881, he received Rev. E. C. Gill, as partner. Mr. Wilson has been twice married, first, to Miss Mary S. Coast, of Illinois, January 16, 1872, by whom he has three children: Herbert, Maudie and Earnest. He was married the second time, to Mrs. Ella B. Ritchey, of Apple Grove, Ohio, June 7, 1880. Page 689

John Blosser, farmer. John Blosser was born in Pike county, Ohio, August 19, 1837. He was a member of the home guards, in Ross county, Ohio, when the president called for the one hundred days’ men, and enlisted in the 149th regiment Ohio volunteers, under Gen. Dwight. He was only in one battle, and was mustered out at Camp Dennison, Ohio, September 16, 1864. In 1868, he came to Saline county, Missouri, and settled in the then infant town of Malta Bend, building a storeroom, and engaging in general merchandise. In 1872, he purchased a water mill, on Salt Fork, just below Marshall, which he sold again in 1878. Was married in Ross county, Ohio, to Miss Mary M. Baker, who died September 18, 1875. Was married again September 5, 1876, to Miss B. E. Miller, of Malta Bend. Mr. Blosser has had four children: Hattie S., Edith, and Ethel, twins, living, and one dead. Page 690

Reese McNeill, farmer. Was born in Pike county, Ohio, on the 5th of May, 1819. At twenty years of age, in 1839, he moved to Missouri, and staked out a claim, in Grand Pass township, where he continued to live until 1853, when he removed to the farm upon which he at present resides, in the same township, about two miles west of Malta Bend. Mr. McNeill was in the Confederate army from the beginning to the end of the war, being in most of the battles west of the river, and in some east of it. He is one of the oldest citizens of this township. On the 21st of April, 1850, he was married to Miss Sarah T. DeMoss, who died April, 1862. To them were born six children, all of whom are now dead. He has principally devoted himself to the raising of wheat upon his farm, and has nearly always had good crops. For many years after settling here, he drove cattle to Ohio, and in early times, sold them in Ohio at from $7 to $11 per head. Mr. McNeill is an energetic, business man, a whole-souled neighbor, and a gentleman of the old regime, a race that is just dying out. During the war, while a prisoner in the Gratiot street prison, St. Louis, he was tried by court martial, and sentenced to be hung; the sentence passed before it was discovered that he was the wrong man. The right man was his cousin, and he had escaped from prison, and was safe in the Confederate lines. Page 690

W. J. McCarty was born in Ross county, Ohio, November 14, 1839. In 1869, he came to Saline county, where he was engaged for eleven years, teaching school. About 1870, he located in Malta Bend, and became a partner with Mr. S. T. Warren, in the grocery and hardware business. Mr. McCarty has been twice married, first, in December, 1863, to Miss S. A. Baldwin, who died in 1870, by whom he had two children, both dead. May 21, 1874, he was married again to Miss Fannie V. Berlin, of Saline county. They have had three children, of whom one. William T., alone is living. Mr. McCarty is the present deputy postmaster (acting postmaster), of Malta Bend. Page 690

M. W. Walker, farmer. Was born in Ross county, Ohio, December 6, 1847. In 1865, his father came through Saline county, Missouri, prospecting, and in 1868 purchased land in Grand Pass township, just north of where his son, M. W. Walker, now lives. Mr. Walker first engaged in general merchandise in Malta Bend, with Mr. John Blosser, and continued it for four years. During the past four years he has lived upon his farm, and devoted his attention thereto. Latterly he has turned his attention largely to the raising of stock. Mr. Walker was married on the 12th of October, 1871, to Miss E. Baker, daughter of Jas. Baker, of Malta Bend. Has one child only: Clarence Baker. Page 691

William H. Lunbeck, farmer. Mr. Wm. H. Lunbeck was born in Ross county, Ohio, and first came to Saline county, Missouri, in 1849, when there were not more than five or six improved farms on what are now known as the Petite Saw Plains. Scattered Indians were then still often to be seen in Saline county. In 1852, his father made some large land purchases in Saline. In 1870, Mr. Wm. H. Lunbeck moved to Saline county from Ohio, and settled on the old Col. Yancey farm, one fourth mile from Malta Bend, where he still lives. On December 1, 1863, he was married to Miss S. C. Carson, of Columbus, Ohio. They have five living children and one dead. His brother, Joseph R. Lunbeck, is the founder of the town of, Malta Bend. Page 691

Lawrence Nelson, farmer. The subject of the following sketch was born and raised in Illinois, and came to Missouri in 1868. First settled in Henry county, whence he removed to his home in Grand Pass township, Saline county, in 1870. On the 18th of February, 1877, he was married to Miss Kate Miller, of Saline county, by whom he has one child, O. T. Nelson. Mr. Nelson has a fine farm, two miles southeast of Malta Bend, and is an excellent farmer. His crops last year averaged, wheat, twenty bushels to the acre, corn, fifty bushels to the acre. Page 691

John P. DeMoss, farmer. Mr. John P. DeMoss, son of Wm. L. DeMoss, was born in Tennessee, August 6, 1826. When John was but five years old, his father moved to Saline county, Missouri, where he was raised and received such education as the country schools at that time afforded, and he could obtain by his own personal efforts. He has always lived on a farm. January 29, 1852, he was married to Miss Mary E. Davidson, of Lafayette county, Missouri. He has seven children, four daughters and three sons. His eldest daughter, Florence Ella, is married to Wesley Fry. The others are Kate, Anna and Sarah, Wm. M., John P. and Charles W. Mr. DeMoss is a fine whole-souled gentleman, full of old-fashioned hospitality. Page 691

Joshua Chappell, farmer. Joshua Chappell was born in Surry county, North Carolina, May 2, 1827. His father, Elisha Chappell, who was a farmer in North Carolina, having held several county offices, and having considerable military experience, moved to Saline county, Missouri, in November, 1833, and staked out a claim containing about eighty acres in Arrow Rock township. In 1835 he removed to Marshall township, where Joshua afterwards purchased the land on which the poor farm is now located, which he sold to the county in 1860. He was educated at the country schools, but principally by his father. He was married October 17, 1852, to Miss Millie Moore, of this county, having six children: Sarah H., Lucinda H., Chapman L., John E., Rachael A., William H. About two years ago Mr. Chappell had a stroke of paralysis, which greatly disabled him. His wife is still living. Page 691-692

John A. Lewis, farmer. The subject of the following sketch was born on the 15th of September, 1827. His father came to this county with his family in 1836, and John was therefore raised on a farm in this county, with the education afforded by the country schools. He served in the Mexican war, in Capt. John W. Reed’s Saline county company, in the 1st regiment Missouri mounted volunteers, commanded by Col. (now Gen.) A. W. Doniphan, being engaged in all the fights in which his regiment participated. Page 692

F. M. Funk, farmer. The subject of this sketch was born in Illinois in 1853. His father moved to Lawrence county, Missouri, when he was but one year old, and there he was raised. In 1871 he came to Saline county, and settled on the farm on which he now lives. His occupation has always been that of farming. He was married to Miss Annie S. Pollard, of this county October, 1, 1878. His children consist of Susan A., Carrie E., and Bettie J. He resides about one mile south of Malta Bend. Page 692

R. M. Turley, farmer. Robert M. Turley was born in Virginia on the 18th of March, 1850, where he was raised and educated, and pursued the avocation of farming until he removed to this state and county in 1871. In 1875 he moved to Lafayette county; returned to Saline county in 1878, living a short time near Elmwood, and is now living on the old Capt. Kiser farm in Grand Pass township. In January, 1874, he was married to Miss Arzelia Kiser, and they have four children: Virginia, Arzelia, William M. and Catherine M. besides one who died. Page 692

Alex C. Bickers, farmer and building contractor, P. O., Malta Bend. Mr. A. C. Bickers was born in Orange county, Virginia, September 14, 1836, where he was raised, received his education, and served an apprenticeship at the carpenter trade, at which he has worked both in Virginia and in Missouri. He first came to this state in1858, and remained until the breaking out of the war. He then returned to Virginia, and joined the Confederate army under Gen. Lee. At the close of the war, August, 1866 he returned to this county, and pursued his trade at Malta Bend, farming also on a small scale at the same time. September 14, 1867, he was married to Miss Martha E. Winslow, of this county, formerly of Virginia. Three children: John B., Henry P., and George E., are now living to bless this union. Page 692-693

Addison C. Pollard, farmer. The subject of this sketch was born in Kentucky, December 29, 1824, where he was raised and educated. In 1845 he was married to Miss Elizabeth Payne, of Kentucky. His family consists of: John W., James A., Henrietta, Ann S., Andrew M., Robert, and Mary C. He came to Saline county from northeast Missouri, where he had lived thirteen years, in the fall of 1867, in the neighborhood of which he now lives. Page 693

Wm. F. Dowden, farmer. Wm. F. Dowden was born in the state of Maryland, August 13, 1823. When a boy, his father had formerly moved to Ohio, but not liking that state, he removed to Rappahannock county, Virginia, where the subject of this sketch was raised and educated. For some years he was overseer on the plantation of Mr. John Gett, one of the wealthiest men then in Virginia. In 1844, he made a visit to Lafayette county, Missouri, remaining twelve months, and was so pleased with the country and the soil, that he moved to Missouri ten years later, to Lafayette county, and lived five years with Mrs. Shelby, mother of Wm. Shelby, of whom he purchased the farm in Saline county, on which he now lives. In 1857, he was married to Miss Sarah L. Neville, of Warren county, Virginia. His family consists of Henry A., Nancy E., Wm. E., Clinton O., Samuel E., Joseph H., Mabel L., and Eunice. In the fall of 1861, he joined the Confederate army, company D, Gordon’s regiment. In 1862, he was transferred to Capt. Kirtley’s afterwards Stallard’s company, Marmaduke’s escort. He was in the battles of Springfield, Hartsville, and Prairie Grove. Was captured at Springfield, but made his escape and rejoined his command. Surrendered at St. Louis in 1865, to the provost marshal, and took the oath of allegiance to the United States. He has a fine farm of 340 acres, which averages twenty bushels of wheat, and fifty bushels of corn to the acre. Page 693

Michael Kellett, farmer. Was born in Ireland, in September, 1846, and emigrated to America with his sister, in 1866, locating in Saline county, Missouri, on Albert Robinson’s farm, in Grand Pass township, and went to work for Mr. John Roe. In 1875 he went to Vernon county, in this state, but returned to Saline in March, 1879, where he has since made his home. In 1876 he was married to Miss Mary Keenan, of this county. His family consists of Annie and Mary. Mr. Kellett was educated in the national schools of Ireland. When he reached manhood he determined to leave his oppressed country, and cast his fortunes in America. Page 693

Addison Huston, farmer. Was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, September 15, 1827, where he received his education and training as a farmer, and where he held the office of commissioner of deeds in 1855. In 1856 his brother George came to this county and bought the farm on which Mr. Huston now resides, having purchased from his brother. When the war broke out he entered Price’s army, and participated in the battle of Lexington. He was soon after prostrated by sickness, captured by the militia, and took the oath, but rejoined Price and enlisted in Marmaduke’s escort in 1864, and surrendered with it at the close of the war. He was married October 25, 1857 to Miss Hannah W. Lewis, daughter of one of the old pioneers. His family consists of: Archibald, George, Elizabeth, Addison, James, Robert, and Nannie, all living, and three dead: William H., Maggie, and Addie. Mr. Huston is a large stock-feeder, and carried on a large farm. Page 693-694

A. M. Creel, farmer. Mr. (Sandy) Creel was born in what is now West Virginia, June 20, 1820. He attended college at Marietta, Ohio, and afterward the State University of Ohio at Athens. He studied law in Virginia under private tutors, and for a time practiced the profession there. He first came to Missouri on a visit in 1843. In 1849 he determined to moved to this state permanently, which he did, and located first in Lafayette county, and afterward, in 1854, in this county, where he has since lived. In 1848 Mr. Creel was married to Miss Selina Poole, of Connecticut. His family consists of Lieut. Heber M. (now in the U.S.A.), Lillie, and May. His father, Dr. David Creel, recently died in Chillicothe, Ohio, at the age of ninety-three years. During the war a brother, A. M. Creel, was murdered at his residence, south of Waverly, Missouri, by the militia. His farm is on the Waverly and Brownsville road. Besides farming, he also raises stock for sale. Page 694

Dr. G. W. Hereford, physician and farmer. Dr. Hereford was born in Point Pleasant, Mason county, Virginia, where King Cornstalk was killed in 1811. He attended the second course of medical lectures ever delivered at the St. Louis Medical College, where he graduated in 1844. He also attended, in 1839, the Gyandotte College, at which was Prof. Dodridge, brother of the famous Philip Dodridge, of Philadelphia. His father, John Hereford, was a revolutionary soldier, and served under Washington at the battle of Yorktown, and was at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. Afterward he was made adjutant-inspector of Gen. Lafayette. He died May 13, 1846, at the age of eighty-eight years. Dr. Hereford was married in 1841 to Miss Susan North, of Kentucky. His children are: Sarah F. Clark, Mary Z. Francisco, and Georgetta D. Duggins, all of whom are living. He first visited Saline county in 1838, and the country looked so fair to him that in 1844 he moved here with his family, and practiced medicine until 1860, since which time he has given his exclusive attention to his farm. Page 695

James S. Vanstone, miller, P. O., Malta Bend. Mr. James S. Vanstone was born in Brussels, Canada, June 2, 1835. December 22, 1866, he was married to Miss Hester Robinson, of Canada. He has two children: Fredrick and Derla. Mr. Vanstone was in the milling business in Canada, before he came to Missouri, and having been engaged in it ever since he has been in Saline county, he has, therefore, been milling during all his life since he arrived at manhood. In 1871 he started a flouring mill at Laynesville, which he ran for six years, doing a large shipping business on the Missouri river. In 1877 he built the Malta Bend flouring mill, in connection with his brother, Mr. C. H. Vanstone, now of Marshall, Missouri. He is now about to re-fit his mill with new machinery, besides which he owns several farms and other property in Saline county. Page 694-695

F. S. Johnson. Mr. F. S. Johnson was born in Clark county, Virginia, April 22, 1829. Moved first to Chariton county, Missouri, in 1845, and in 1851 to Saline county, locating at Miami, where he conducted a hotel, besides working at his trade of carpentering. In 1860 he moved to Brunswick, and again purchased hotel property, which was burnt in 1862. He then returned to Saline in 1864, and farmed for a year. In 1865, he started the Johnson House, in Miami, again, where he died October 15, 1867. He was married, June 29, 18--, to Miss Elizabeth F. Shipp, who still survives him. Mrs. Johnson, with her son Brown, now reside in Malta Bend, and for seven years or more have conducted the Johnson House in Malta Bend, Missouri. Mrs. Johnson has two children: Brown M. and Flora T., who reside with her, and with whose aide she keeps an excellent hotel in Malta Bend. Page 695

James M. Lewis, deceased. Was born in Bath county, Virginia, December 14, 1796, and was the son of Capt. John Lewis, of revolutionary memory. He was mostly educated at home, and there being a large family, at the age of twelve, he was sent to the Crutchfield school, Falling Spring Valley. From there he entered the army in the war of 1812, as a substitute, but as it was near the close of the war, he did not see active service. He then went to school in Staunton, Virginia, then, until he was twenty-one, he traveled most of the time, spending the winters in New Orleans. Was in New Orleans when the first train of cars started there, and describes an immense crowd, waiting with intense excitement, to see them start, and one gentleman who stood beside him, he says, was perfectly silent until the train moved off, and then throwing up his hands exclaimed "hell in harness!" At the age of twenty-one he married one of the daughters of Col. John Dickinson, of near Milboro Springs, Bath county, Virginia. He first settled near the White Sulphur springs, Virginia, farming for several years. He then sold out in Virginia, and moved to Missouri in 1836, and settled on a fine farm near Miami. Lived there about eight years, in which time he lost his wife and eldest son. He and his youngest son moved up to Mr. A. M. Francisco’s, and there remained until his second son returned from the Mexican war, in which he was a soldier from the beginning to the end. Mr. Lewis then went back to Virginia, and there married again, and remained until the great civil war was over. He returned to Missouri, where his first wife’s children remained, three in number: Mary B., who married the son of Col. John Francisco; John A., who married Miss Crutsinger, of Saline; Charles S., who married in Arrow Rock, and went to Colorado. Of his last set of children, James R. married a lady from Virginia, and settled in Texas; William S. went west; Margaret A. married Mr. Hite from Virginia, and lives in Saline; H. C. is in Arkansas, and M. H. is settled on a farm in Saline. Mr. Lewis died of paralysis in the 74th year of his age, and was buried in the old family burying-ground of Mr. A. M. Francisco near Mt. Pisgah Church, of which church, Old School Presbyterian, he was for many years an elder. Page 695-696

Whetzel Lewis, P. O., Malta Bend; was born in Henry county Indiana, near Knightstown, in 1836, where he was educated and raised on a farm. December 4, 1860, he was married, in Jasper county, Indiana, to Miss Eliza A. Bruner, and has had five children—four living—Eda C., Elmer E., Mary M. and Linnie M. In 1862, he enlisted in the U. S. army and was with the army of the Tennessee, in Sherman’s famous march to the sea. He was discharged in June, 1865. In 1871, he moved with his family to this county, where he farmed four years, and since has been blacksmithing about six years at his present stand in the Grand Pass. Page 696

E. F. Stevenson, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in Franklin county Ohio, May 18, 1842. On the 5th of September, 1867, he was married to Miss V. E. Jackson, of Xenia, Ohio. He was married in Iowa. He has three children, Ella Vanbuskelow, Mont. D. and Minnie E. In 1867 he moved to this county, renting a farm for one year. Afterwards, he bought a farm of eighty acres near Salt Springs. One year ago he located in Malta Bend. Page 696

Whipple S. Newell, farmer, P. O., Salt Springs. Was born in Duchess county, New York, June 17, 1839. He moved with his father to Waukesha county, Wisconsin, where he farmed with his father until the spring of 1859; then went to Pike’s Peak, and from there to California, where he mined until 1865. In 1865 went to Idaho, Montana, British American and back to Montana, where he mined until the fall of 1867. In the spring of 1868 came to Saline county and purchased his present farm. That fall he went back to Montana, where he remained in the mines until the fall of 1869. In 1869 he went to Wisconsin. In the spring of 1870 came to his farm in Saline county, where he has since resided. He has traveled over much of the western country. Has claims in the silver mines of Montana. Was married February 8, 1872, to Miss Alice Houston, of Saline county, by Rev. John Clark. Children: Alice M. and Newman H. A member of the Presbyterian church. Owns a fine farm of 280 acres. Page 696-697

Patrick Mitchell, farmer, P. O. Shackelford. Was born in Meath county, Ireland, January 6, 1813. Farmed with his father till he came to Saline county, in 1845, when he purchased his present farm. He has resided here since, excepting five months in California. In 1858 he was married to Miss Mary Maloney, in Saline county. Children: James, John, Frank, Mary, and Lizzie. Is a member of the Catholic Church. Was not engaged in the war, but had his personal property impartially devoted to both sides—to the gained and to the lost cause. Page 697

Thomas B. Prior, farmer, P. O., Shackelford. Was born in Charleston, South Carolina, November 14, 1844. In 1845 his father came to Saline county. He was raised and educated in Saline county. Was married October 10, 1871, to Miss Kate D. Jones, of Orange county, Virginia. Children: William A. and Thomas. In 1864, enlisted in the Confederate service under Price, and was engaged in three battles: Lexington, Little Blue, and Westport. At Westport pedestrianism was in order, the blue coast being the champions of the field. He has a farm of 174 acres of choice land, well improved, etc. Page 697

Peter A. Chamberlain, farmer, stock raiser and feeder, section 4, P. O., Shackelford. Was born in Canada, near Quebec, April 27, 1836. His father (Newell) and mother (Lucy) were married sixty-five years, when his mother died, aged seventy-six, leaving a family of sixteen children, eight boys and eight girls. His father died a year later, aged seventy-eight. At the age of fourteen years he left his father’s and learned the carpenter’s trade. When seventeen years old he came to Saline county and followed carpentering for four years. In 1859, purchased 280 acres of land in section 24, township 51, range 21, and in 1861 moved to it, and began raising and feeding stock. He never received a dollar from his father but by hard work has been successful; and no man in Saline county has a better reputation for honesty. His name is good in any bank where he is known. Was married December 7, 1860, to Miss Mary Langan, of Saline county, by Rev. Mr. Berkley. Children: Emily E., John E., Nora L, Newell, Peter A., Mary E., Salina B., Leo H. and Lucy L. Page 697

Dr. W. B. S. Lewis, P. O., Blackburn. Col. John M. and Mary J. Lewis came to this county in October, 1830, from Bath county, Virginia. Their children were Jno. H., Dr. W.B.S., R. L., Mary L. (Howard), Addison, Martha E. (Mrs. Irvine), Iolia Sophia, Charles Samuel, all of whom are living in Saline, except the last, C. S., who is in California. Mrs. Mary J. Lewis and Mrs. Louisa Majors are the only survivors of the colonists, who came to this county from Virginia about the same time. Dr. W. B. S. Lewis, the second son, was born in Grand Pass township, in this county, in 1833, where he was raised and educated at the Sweet Springs and at Lexington. He studied medicine at Glasgow, and attended lectures at St. Louis medical college, where he graduated. Dr. Louis was married on the 15th of September, 1867, to Mary Ethel Lewis, who died April 29, 1880, leaving four children: Charles R., Katy C., John L. and Mary Gabrielle. John H. Lewis was in the M.S.G., at the beginning of the war, and then enlisted in company D, of Shelby’s old regiment, and acted as Marmaduke’s escort during the rest of the war. Addison Lewis was also in the escort company. E. W. Lewis came to Missouri from New Jersey in 1836, and died in 1856. Page 697-698

Capt. A. J. Pickett, attorney-at-law, Malta Bend. Is a native of Nelsonville, Athens county, Ohio, born May 18, 1824. When about twelve years of age he went to Marietta, Ohio, where he attended the primary schools, and also the Marietta College. He afterward attended the Ohio University at Athens, from which he graduated in 1844. He then read law for three years with Griffin Green, a prominent lawyer of Marietta, at which place he began the practice of his profession, in the state circuit court, which he followed about one year. In 1848 he went to Quincy, Illinois, where he practiced for three years, in partnership with Archibald Williams. In 1856 Mr. Pickett went to Jefferson City, Missouri, where he was engaged, up to the close of the war, in steamboating, acting in the capacity of captain upon several different boats. In 1868 resumed the practice of law, in Jefferson City. In 1879 he moved to Marshall, this county, and opened an office, continuing there until a short time since, when he removed to Malta Bend, where he now resides, enjoying a lucrative practice. In 1847, while on a visit to this state, he wooed and won for his bride Miss Elizabeth Isler, an estimable lady, a native of Pike county. She died in 1865, leaving a family of six children to mourn her loss. Edward, Isadora, Linus, George, Theodosia, and Ulysses. He was married the second time to Miss Alice Mead, of this county, and formerly of Virginia. Page 698

John J. Lunbeck, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in Chillicothe, Ross county, Ohio, August 3, 1815. He received his education in the vicinity of that city, and served an apprenticeship at blacksmithing and wagon-making there. He also learned the trade of millwright, which he followed in connection with farming for fifteen years. In the year 1839, he was married to Miss Mary J. Knox, of Paris, Kentucky, who died in 1841, leaving one child, James W. H., who also died in 1861. Mr. Lumbeck was married again in 1842, to Matilda Kincaid, of Ohio. The following children were born to them: Isaac J. K., Mary J. K., wife of Wm. Johnson; Robert S., Francis C., Virgil, Oscar, Edgar B., Naraissa, Matilda M., and Charles A. In 1859 he came to this county, purchased land and located where he now resides. In 1861, being subjected to many "little inconveniences" on account of his Union sentiments, hew ent to Carroll, Indiana, where he remained until the close of the war, when he returned to his farm. He has a nursery in connection with his farm, and to him the county is indebted, to a great extent, for the numerous varieties of fruit raised. Page 698-699

John O’Neill, constable, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, January 12, 1839. His parents came to this county, when he was an infant, locating on Blackwater creek at first and afterwards on a farm on the Petite Saw Plains. Was educated in the common schools of the county. In 1857, he went to New Mexico, where he remained one year, driving team for the government. Returning, he farmed until 1861, when he enlisted in the first company raised in Marshall, for the confederate service, under Captain John S. Marmaduke, afterwards General. After the battle at Brownsville, he re-enlisted in Captain Lindsay’s company, with which he was engaged in the first battle at Lexington. He afterwards connected himself with Captain Kirtley’s company and took part with them in the fight at Blackwater, where the company surrendered, Mr. O’Neill, however, making his escape. He then returned home, where he was captured by Captain Ostermeyer, in 1863. Being paroled, he went to Colorado, where he remained until the close of the war. In 1866, he returned to this county, where he engaged in farming until 1876, when he became deputy constable. In the same year, he was elected constable of Grand Pass township, which office he has continued to hold for three consecutive terms, making a record of which he may well be proud. Page 699

Joseph H. Sturgess, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Born in Clinton county, Kentucky, December 31, 1851. When seven years of age his father, John Sturgess, moved to Henry county, Missouri, and located near Clinton. In 1859 he returned to Barren county, Kentucky. He was killed in 1862 by the Federals. His widow then went to Clinton county, Kentucky, where the family remained until 1869, when Joseph, the subject of our sketch, came to Saline county, this state, locating near Malta Bend. Mr. Sturgess was married July 4, 1878, to Miss Nellie M. Emerson, of Miami. They have two children: Walter C. and Gertrude. Mr. S., by industry and frugality, has succeeded in establishing a pleasant home for himself and family. Page 699

Josiah L. F. Lupton, M. D., physician and surgeon, P. O., Malta Bend. The subject of this short sketch was born in Frederick county, Virginia, January 5, 1842. He was educated at the Ann Jerome seminary, at Winchester, Virginia. At the age of eighteen he was commissioned first lieutenant, by the secretary of war, C. S. A., and ordered to report to Gen. Carson for duty. He was assigned the post of drill-master of his brigade, having been drilled in military tactics for three years, while at the seminary, by J. L. Cross, a graduate of the Lexington military school, Virginia. In this capacity he served for nine months, after which he recruited a company and was assigned duty in the Forty-second battalion, which was attached to the command of Gen. Robert E. Lee. He continued in this service until the close of the war. He fought in the battles of the valley of Virginia, and also at Gettysburg, in all of which he acquitted himself as a brave and honorable soldier should. He surrendered, with his command, at Appomattox court house, to U. S. Grant, in April, 1865. At the close of the war he went to West Virginia, and engaged in the study of medicine, with his brother Dr. S. R. Lupton. In 1866 he entered the University of Maryland, at Baltimore, where he spent a year. He then went to the Washington University, at Baltimore, where he completed the medical course, graduating in 1868. He then entered upon the practice of his profession at Lithopolis, Ohio. Remained here two years. The doctor then practiced in different parts of the country, seeking a good location, until 1875, when he came to Malta Bend, where he still lives, having worked up an excellent practice. In 1867 he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Louise Blue, daughter of Col. Chas. Blue, of Hanging Rock, Hampshire county, West Virginia. They have no children living. The doctor is a genial, whole-souled gentleman, respected by all who know him. Page 699-700

Edwin H. Renick, farmer, Malta Bend. Was born in Ross county, Ohio, near Chillicothe, June 7, 1829. Was raised on a farm and attended the public schools, also attending an academy in Chillicothe one year. In 1850 he came to his state and county, where he has since resided until quite recently, with the exception of a few years, spent in Illinois and Ohio, during the war. September 2, 1852, he was married to Miss Annie Stevenson, a native of Franklin county, Ohio. They have had four children, two of whom are now living: Geo. A. and Straudes W. A short time since, Mr. Renick, on account of failing health, rented his farm, situated near Laynesville, and moved with his family to Malta Bend. Page 700

Dr. James R. Brown, physician and surgeon. P. O., Malta Bend. Is a native of this state and county; born near Malta Bend, March 14, 1856. During the years of 1873 and 1874, he attended the "Randolph and Macon college," at Ashland, Hannibal county, Missouri, Dr. James Duncan, president, now deceased. The years of 1876, ’77 and ’78 were spent in the Missouri medical college, at St. Louis, where he completed the prescribed course in medicine and surgery, graduating with high honors, the last year. After graduation, Dr. Brown opened an office at Malta Bend, where, by his integrity and strict attention to business, he has succeeded in working up a good practice. In 1880 he entered into a partnership with Mr. Caleb McQuoid, purchasing the drug store formerly owned by H. C. Spencer. He was married September 5, 1878, to Miss Lydia S. Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller, deceased. Only nine months of wedded happiness were allotted them, she dying June 2, 1879, leaving a bereaved husband to mourn her loss. Page 700-701

Lewis T. Little, druggist, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in St. Genevieve county, this state, March 14, 1853. In 1858 he came to this county, with his father, Daniel B. Little, who located on a farm near Laynesville. In 1874 he engaged in the drug and grocery trade, at Laynesville, which business he conducted for three years, by himself, and one year in partnership with A. G. Bailey, to whom Mr. Little sold out in 1878. In the same year, he, in partnership with Mr. G. C. Walden, stocked a drug store at Malta Bend, in which he is now engaged, having a flourishing trade in the town and surrounding country. Mr. Little was united in marriage, in 1876, to Miss A. E. Walden, daughter of his partner, by whom he has one child, Gertrude. He is a man of merit, and commands the esteem of the community in which he resides. Page 701

Simon Dow, postmaster, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born and bred in Oxford county, Maine. First saw the light, April 30, 1830. At the age of twelve, he went to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he clerked in his uncle’s grocery store for three years. He then went to Connecticut, where he learned the gunsmith’s trade, in the shop of North & Savage, working here three years. From here he went to Springfield, Massachusetts, where he worked in the U. S. armory for several months. In 1852, he went to California, remaining there a year and a half, engaged in mining and keeping hotel. During the next ten years, Mr. Dow traveled quite extensively through the south and west, remaining but a short time in any place. In 1862, he enlisted in the Second Missouri cavalry, "Merrill’s Horse," with which command he remained until the close of the war. The regiment was engaged in the battles of Steele’s campaign, from Little Rock to Camden, Arkansas; in those of Price’s raid, following him from Independence to Newtonia. After Hood’s defeat, he was ordered to Tennessee. He was mustered out in August, 1865. In 1874, he came to this county locating at Malta Bend. In June, 1849, he was married to Miss Jane M. Kinsly, of Kansas, who died in November, 1860, while on a visit to her parents in Illinois, leaving one child, Charles G. He was married again in Lake county, Illinois, to Miss Sarah E. Kinsley, a sister of his first wife, who died at Malta Bend, April 11, 1875, leaving two children, Victor E. and Fanny E. Mr. Dow was married for the third time to Miss Mary A. Maxson, in February, 1878. He has only one child by this wife: Clarence H. He was engaged in the grocery business at the time of his appointment as postmaster of the office at Malta Bend. Page 701

J. J. Slusher, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in Lafayette county, near Dover, July 9, 1850. He received his education chiefly at the Dover high school; Edward and William White, principals. Was reared on his father’s farm, one of the largest and best improved in that county. In 1872, Mr. Slusher came to this county, locating near Gilham’s landing, where he now resides. September 15, 1875, he was united in marriage to Miss Sallie Miller, daughter of J. T. Miller, of this county, formerly of Ohio. They have no children living. The subject of our sketch is the son of Henry Slusher, and early settler of Lafayette county. Mr. Slusher deals quite extensively in stock. Page 701-702

Rev. Hiram Hoff, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. The subject of this sketch was born in Montgomery county, Virginia, November 30, 1821. During his youth, he availed himself of all the educational faculties within his reach, after which he acted as overseer upon the farm of a Mr. Howard. January 2, 1840, he was married to Miss Susanna Vancil, of Union county, Illinois. By this marriage he had nine children, six of whom are now living: Sarah E., wife of Thomas Lynn, residing in Sacramento City; John W., living in Leadville, Colorado; Martha J., wife of William G. Vogt; Lydia C., wife of Grayson Throckmorton, living in Butt City Montana; Mary M., wife of Thomas Davis, and Samuel T. Mr. Hoff was twice conscripted by the Confederates, being released however, each time, after a medical examination. His son, John William, enlisted in the Confederate army, Colonel Preston’s regiment, under Major General Longstreet. He participated in all of the battles in which his command was engaged, while in East Virginia. From Virginia, Mr. Hoff moved to Adams county, Ohio, remaining two years; thence to Dodge county, Nebraska, remaining three years; then to Fremont county, Iowa, living two years; from thence to Johnson county, Missouri, residing there four years. In 1871, he came to this county, where he has resided since, engaged in farming. Mr. Hoff is a clergyman of the Predestinarian Baptist denomination, having preached more or less during the last twenty-five years. Page 702

Seth Moore, farmer, P. O. Waverly. Was born in Jefferson county, East Tennessee, in the year 1826. Was educated in Rutledge, same state. At an early age, he acted as overseer on his uncle’s farm. In 1848, he came to this state, where he remained two years, going from here to California, where he worked at mining for four years. In 1854, he returned to this state, locating at Camden, Ray county, engaging in the commission business. While here, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary J. Phleger of Lafayette county. They have had nine children, six of whom are now living: Henry D., Wannie, Robert F., Thomas, Annie and Lola. In 1865, Mr. Moore came to this county, where he is at the present time engaged in farming. Page 702

Hugh Gilham, farmer and commission merchant, P. O., Malta Bend. Is a native of Lafayette county, this state, born March 28, 1830. A year or so afterward his father and family moved to Tabo Grove where they resided until 1839, when they removed from there to this county. Hugh obtained the greater part of his education at a private school, in charge of Col. John Reed, now of Kansas City. In 1860, Mr. Gilham, in partnership with Mr. Phleger, started a wood-yard, near his residence, situated about seven miles north of Malta Bend, on the Missouri river. In 1870 a warehouse was built, after which the place was known as Gilham’s landing. In 1876, ’77, and ’78, large quantities of grain and stock were shipped from this point. After the first year the shipments of wheat increased at the rate of 10,000 bushels, yearly. It has now become a regular stopping place for all river boats. Mr. Gilham deserves great credit for his enterprise in establishing this shipping point, thereby opening up a competition between railroad and river transportation, which must eventually prove highly beneficial to the farming community. Page 702-703

Wm. C. Phleger, carpenter, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in Lafayette county, this state, February 16, 1851. Was raised on a farm, and educated in the common schools. His father, David Phleger, came to that county in 1828. He died in the winter of 1869. The subject of our sketch came to this county, June 1, 1872, and has remained here ever since, following his trade. He was married September 22, 1875, to Miss Maggie Eyers, sister of Mrs. Fred Eyers. They have two children, named respectively, David F. and Lottie. Mr. Phleger has contributed largely to the improvements at and around Malta Bend. Page 703

George Evans, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Is a native of Williamson county, Tennessee; born October 8, 1849. When five years of age, he came to this state and county with his step-father, captain John DeMoss, a soldier of the war of 1812. His father, John W., died in Tennessee, of cholera, in 1849. Captain DeMoss first came to Missouri in 1824, returning to Tennessee in 1853, after his bride. George was educated at Kirksville normal school, attending during the years of 1869, 1870 and 1871. After graduating, he engaged in teaching for a time. March 4, 1877, he married Miss Eliza A. Humphreys, Johnson county. At present he is engaged in farming. Page 703

Thomas J. Wilson, farmer, P. O., Waverly. Was born near Terre Haute, Indiana, April 22, 1852. His father, Sidney Wilson, went to Kansas in 1855 where he remained ten years, farming. In 1865, he removed to Brownsville, Nebraska, where Thos. J. received his education. They came to Lafayette county in 1867. Here Sydney died in 1878. Thos. J. was married March 15, 1876, to Miss Nannie Humphreys, a daughter of Mr. Haywood Humphreys. They have one child, a daughter: Daisy Rowena. Mr. Wilson is engaged in farming the Gilliam place. Page 703

James V. Stivers, farmer, P. O., Waverly. Son of Sanford and Elizabeth Stivers, was born in Jackson county, Missouri, April 1, 1859. While James was still young, his family moved to Lexington and located on a farm. James was reared and educated here. His father and brother, William D., entered the Federal army during the late war. The former was drowned on the Missouri river by the sinking of a gunboat. The latter is living at the present time in Kansas City. His mother was buried in 1872. April 19, 1880, he was married to Mattie M. Slusher, daughter of A. J. Slusher of Lafayette county. He moved to this county during the same year, locating on a farm, where he has lived ever since. Page 703-704

Henry Burns, farmer, P. O. Waverly. Son of Oliver and Lucy Burns, now living at Higginsville, was born in Lafayette county, Missouri, June 10, 1852. In the following year his father moved to St. Louis, and engaged in a commission business in partnership with Samuel Crammel. At the end of three years he removed to Carroll county, and became engaged in general merchandising. Four years later he came to this county, and purchased a farm, moving to it in 1860. In the spring of 1862, he moved to Waverly, where Henry received his education, the facilities for which that place is particularly noted. Mr. Burns lost three of his sons here, they falling victims to that terrible disease called spinal meningitis. Henry came to this county in 1875, located upon a farm, where he has continued to reside since. December 1, 1880, he was married to Miss Bettie Miles, daughter of Col. Oscar Miles. Starting with good prospects, there is not the least doubt but that, with his energy and reputation, he will be successful in life. Page 704

Albert Whetsler, farmer and mill operator, P. O., Malta Bend. Now living in Miami township, near Laynesville, is a native of Franklin county, Indiana; born in the year 1852. His early life was spent on a farm and in obtaining an education. At the age of thirteen, he came with his father’s family to this state and county, where he has continued to reside up to the present time. In 1872, he was married to Miss Lizzie Myers of this county. They have three children: William, Maudie M., and Charles. In the fall of 1880, Mr. Whetsler purchased the saw-mill which he is now engaged in operating, located about one half mile from Laynesville. His farm, which he cultivates in addition to his other business, is situated near Malta Bend landing. Page 704

William Nye, farmer, P. O., Laynesville. Was born in Ross county, Ohio, in 1842. Was raised on a farm and educated in the public schools. In 1853, his father, George Nye, moved with his family to this state and county, and settled on a farm, near Laynesville. In 1862, William enlisted in the 71st regiment, E. M. M. Was afterwards transferred to the provisional regiment, and finally became a member of the Saline county home guards, in which service he remained until the close of the war. January 13, 1867, he was married to Miss Maggie McKown, of Marshall. They have five children, all living: Carrie L., John G., Clara B., Lewis O., and William L. Mr. Nye is located on a farm near Laynesville. He is a thrifty and an industrious farmer, giving considerable attention to the raising of stock. Page 704-705

William Dye, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in Lawrence county, Indiana, October 26, 1857. When seven years of age, his father moved to Jasper county, Illinois, residing there eight years. Received the greater part of his education there. In 1871, he came to Vernon county, this state, remaining there six years. He then spent one year at Fort Scott, Kansas. In 1879, he came to this county, where he has since resided, cultivating a farm, belonging to the "Nudle’s" heirs. He is an industrious business man, respected in the community in which he lives. Page 705

John Whetsler, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Is a native of Green county, Pennsylvania, born in the year 1824, April 8. Was brought up on a farm. He was united in marriage to Miss Mary Monroe, in the year 1848, she being a native of same state and county. They became parents of four children, three of whom are now living: Albert, Carrie and George. In the year of his marriage, he moved to Franklin county, Indiana, where he lived until the fall of 1865. From there he moved to this state and county, locating on the farm where he now resides, near Laynesville. Page 705

B. W. Marcum, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Is a native of Johnson county, this state. Was born May 16, 1840. He was educated at Chapel College. Was raised on a farm. In 1859, he married Miss Elizabeth Hull, of same county, a native of Kentucky. She died in the spring of 1861, leaving an infant, which died a short time after. In 1862, he was again married, to Miss Harriet B. Hanley, of Saline county, and a sister of Messrs. John and Joseph Hanley, of same county. His family consists of nine children, eight of whom are now living: Sallie D., wife of M. H. Stafford; Edmond E., John W., Kate D., Samuel F., Archibald C.; Hattie May and Mattie M., twins. In the same year of his marriage he went south with Gen. Shelby, returning shortly after, on detailed duty, which consisted of carrying dispatches to Quantrell, whom he joined at that time, remaining with him until the fall of 1864. From this time up to 1867, he traveled through the north and west, engaging in the livery business for a short time in Keokuk, Iowa, and in wagoning while on the plains. He then returned to Johnson county, sold his farm and moved to this county, where he has resided since, engaged in farming. Page 705

James A. Tobin, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. The subject of this sketch was born in Rappahannock county, Virginia, in 1847. In 1848 his father, Benjamin and family went to Hocking county, Ohio, where they lived until 1866, when they moved to Ross county, same state. James A. received his education in Hocking county, was reared on a farm. In October, 1877, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary B. Kelly, of Ross county, by whom he had two children: Samuel C. and William B. In 1873 Mr. Tobin came to this state and county, locating on a farm about one and one-half miles north of Malta Bend, where he has resided ever since. Page 705-706

William B. Johnston, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Is a native of Hardy county, Virginia; born April 21, 1832. His early life was spent on a farm and in attending school. His father went to Ohio in 1842, where he remained until 1860, when he moved to this state with his whole family, with the exception of William B., who came here in 1866, locating near Malta Bend on the farm of Mr. George Davis. In the year 1859 he was united in marriage to Melinda Armstrong, a native of Pike county, Ohio. His wife died in July, 1864, leaving two children: Mary J. and Clarissa C. In 1865 he was again married, to Miss Jennie M. Pinkerton, a daughter of Thomas Pinkerton, who is a brother of Messrs. Collin and William Pinkerton, of this county. Two children were born to them: Elizabeth O. and T. J. His second wife died in 1868. In September, 1870, he was married for the third time, to Miss Alice C. Collins, of this county, originally from Virginia. Mr. Johnson is a large land-owner, and deals quite extensively in stock. The farm upon which he resides is one of the oldest and best improved in the county. Page 706

James Randolph, deceased. Was born in New Jersey May 22, 1819. His brother, Jacob, moved with his family to Chariton county, Missouri, while the subject of this sketch was quite young. He settled near Old Chariton, where he resided for a few months, finally removing to this county, locating on a farm. James was educated in the common schools of this county. In 1857, he married Miss Elizabeth Van Meter, daughter of Jacob Van Meter, and a native of West Virginia. Three children were born to them, two of whom are now living. Alfred, and James. Mr. Randolph died December 2, 1868. His widow, with her two sons, is still living on the home place and is cultivating the farm. Page 706

Wm. E. Sturgess, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Is a native of Clinton county, Kentucky, born March 9, 1845. He lived in this county until twelve or thirteen years of age, receiving his education principally from the tutorage of Prof. Jesse P. Murrell. Was reared on a farm. In 1861, he enlisted under the command of Brigadier General John C. Breckenridge. (For further information see Soldiers’ Record). Having received and honorable discharge, he returned to care for his mother, his father having been killed by the Federals during the war. In 1864, he moved to Glasgow, Barren county, Kentucky. In 1867, he came to this state and county, where he has resided since. July 4, 1869, he was married to Mrs. Mary V. Payne, nee White, widow of Cyrus D. Payne. They have four children, all living: Olive, John W., Alice E. and Franklin H. Page 706-707

General G. W. Lewis, deceased. The subject of this brief sketch was born in Shenandoah county, Virginia, in the early part of the present century. He obtained his education in the common schools, and spent his life in following agricultural pursuits. He was united in marriage to Harriet Duff, November 10, 1825. They had twelve children, five of whom are now living. Edwin H., Daniel W., Kenny, Fannie and Mollie. In the fall of 1830, he, with his family, moved to this state and county, locating in Grand Pass township. He was appointed brigadier general of the district state militia, during the administration of Governor Boggs. He took quite a prominent part in driving the Mormons out of Clay county, this state, in the year ----, afterwards returning to his farm. He was also in command at the breaking out of the Mexican war, but was not called into the field. At the time of his death, which occurred September 10, 1856, he was the owner of 640 acres of land, upon which he resided. He lies buried on the farm of Major William Lewis. Page 707

A. J. McRoberts, farmer, P. O., Malta Bend. Was born in Ross county, Ohio, 1830. Was raised on a farm and educated in the common schools. He came to this state and county in 1856. In 1860, he was married to Miss Mary Sisk, of Pickaway county, Ohio. His family consists of seven children: Nannie V., Benjamin L., John D., Alex H., Ernest, Grace and Andrew. Mr. McRoberts is a man of influence in the neighborhood in which he resides, and takes quite a prominent part in public affairs. Page 707

William H. Handley, farmer and sawyer, P. O. Laynesville. Was born in Greenbriar county, Virginia, December 12, 1836. When about five years old, moved with his parents to Hawkins county, Ohio, stopping only one year, and then moved to Callaway county, Missouri, where they lived five years. They then moved to Independence, in Jackson county, and lived there two years, the next move was to Saline county, where they have lived since. He was raised mostly on a farm. He was married April 2, 1859, to Miss Mary F. Godman, and to them have been born one son, William A., living, and two daughters, dead. In the autumn of 1862, Mr. Handley enlisted in the Confederate army, and served until the war closed, 1865. Was never wounded. Since the war, he has been mostly engaged in sawing, being head sawyer for twelve years, and running his own mill for the last four years. Is now engaged in farming. Page 707

Andrew G. Bailey, P. O., Laynesville. Mr. A. G. Bailey, the chief merchant in the town of Laynesville, was born in Abingdon, Washington county, Virginia, October 12, 1840, where he was reared; and was educated at Mossy Creek Baptist College, East Tennessee. In 1860 he went to Knoxville, Tennessee, and engaged himself as hotel clerk until 1861, when he was employed as sutler in the 4th Tennessee regiment, C. S. A. In 1862 he enlisted in company K, 64th North Carolina regulars, C. S. A., and was made orderly sergeant at the organization of the company. Was promoted step by step, until he reached the captaincy of the company. He was captured in December, 1864, near Warm Springs, on the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee, taken to Fort Delaware. He was released on parole June, 1865, and returned home, the war being over. In 1866, he came to this county, and it has since been his home. He settled in Laynesville in 1869. He was first clerk in one of the warehouses, and then steamboat clerk for about one year. For two years he was constable of Grand Pass township. For several years he has been in the grain commission business, carrying also a general stock of merchandise, and the postmastership. Mr. Bailey has stuck by Laynesville, though many business men have deserted it in consequence of the high waters. He is now doing a good business, and clearing as much money, perhaps, as any business man in the county, unless the floods of this current year of 1881, have again given him a serious backset. He was elected justice of the peace for Grand Pass township in 1874, and in 1876 declined a re-election. In 1875 he was married to Mrs. Nannie W. Morris, widow of George Morris, deceased. Mrs. M. is a daughter of Isaac Wade, late of this county. They have two children; Charles Cole, and Florence, both living. Mr. Bailey is a Royal Arch Mason, and a member of the I. O. O. F. Page 707-708

William Howerton, was born in Adams county, Illinois, about the year 1830. His occupation there was farming. With his parents he lived alternately in Missouri and Illinois during his childhood until his eighteenth year, when he settled permanently in Saline county, having been raised principally in this county and Pettis. He was married in November, 1863, to Miss Elizabeth Smith, a native of Jackson county, Missouri. They had but one child: William. Mr. Howerton was killed October 18, 1864, near his residence in Grand Pass township, an account of which will be found elsewhere. Page 708

History of Saline County, Missouri 1881

Submitted by Vicki Piper