"THE IRISH SETTLEMENT" BEGINNING ... Michael Langan (12/22/1812-12/25/1876) and brothers, Thomas Henry Langan ~(9/25/1817-12/17/1897) and Martin Langan (1823-1856) were born in County Mayo Ireland to James and Margaret Langan. Michael married Mary Ellen Moran (c)1814) In County Mayo and Immigrated with her and a daughter, Bridget, (12/20/1837-4/23/1886) to New York. It is assumed that Martin and Thomas H Langan came with them; however, after arrival, Thomas does not show up again until 1840 and Martin in 1850 in Saline County.

Michael and Mary Ellen went to Charleston, South Carolina, within a year of their arrival in America, where their first three children were born: John M (12/1838/39-11/4/1904) Mary Anne (12/21/1840-2/27/1893) and Ellen Theodocial ((c)1844-4/30/1867).

In 1845 a party of young men in Charleston, South Carolina, hearing of the wealth of Missouri, decided to move there with their families and take up farming. The families who arrived at Arrow Rock were the Langans; Patrick Loftus family; William Prior family; John Clarkin family; and John Gallagher family. Thomas H Langan was already in Saline County and was probably the source of their information. He would have also told them that there was no Catholic Church in the area.

Upon arriving In St Louis, they sought out Archbishop Kenrick, who advised against their venture, telling them the area they contemplated was wild and unsettled. He also told them he would be unable to send a priest, but that there were Jesuit missionaries stationed along the Missouri River whom they could contact. The Jesuits did agree to send a priest occasionally.

The party landed at Arrow Rock on April 1 1845 and were the first Catholic families to set foot in Saline County. The families stayed in Marshall while a location was sought for their homes. An area about six miles west (Shackleford) was chosen and became known as "The Irish ~Seftlement." By 1849 forty acres of land in Shackleford were purchased and the first frame church was begun in 1862. Father Joseph Miester, Boonville, celebrated the first Mass in the new church. It was named Immaculate Conception. Farm acreage was donated for the establishment of Mt St Mary Cemetary in ~Shackleford. Irish familes to follow were those of Patrick King, Thomas King, Thomas Flynn and Patrick Mitchell.

Michael Langan became a naturalized citizen in May 1846. He died in a buggy accident on his way to the train station to pick up his son, William James. He is buried in Mt St Mary Cemetery, Shackleford.


Dau Bridget Langan married Joseph T Clements in 1856. They had seven children:

Mary Ellen (1857-1925)(wife of James R Flynn); William Fox (1858-1940); Sarah (b 1860);June 11, 1999(wife of Charles Miller); Ervine John (1863-1937) (husband of Martha Newman Vaughn); Charles Edward (1864-1864); Margaret Isabella (1866-1904) (wife of Robert ~L Gauldin); and Joseph Michael (1869-1899).

Son John ~M Langan married Susan Christian (d 1870) in 1868 in Missouri. They had a daughter:

Frances Moore Langan (b 1870); she married William Alexander Snell in 1888.

On December 8 1861, John M Langan joined the Confederate as a ~1st Lieutenant and eventually was in command of Capt J C Landis' Company of Light Artillery. This company fought at Vicksburg; John M Langan's name is inscribed on the monument at the battlefield. He died In Hearne, Robertson County Texas.

Dau Mary Anne married Peter A Chamberlain, 1860, Shackleford. Their ten children:

Emily Eugenia (1861 -aft 1920) (wife of James J Mitchell); John Emmett (b 1863); Norah Lee (b 1865) (wife of Robert Bennett); Noel (b 1867-1928)(husband of Addle May Fishero); Peter Andrew (b 1870); Mary Ellen (b 1871) (wife of Frank Campbell); Selena Bell (18741895); George Henry (1876-1940); Lucy L (b 1879); and Joseph Chester (b 1882).

Dau Ellen Theodocial married Thomas Bernard Prior, 1867, Shackleford. One child:

MaryEllen(b. l868). Son Henry L(1846-c l877);died in Santa Fe New Mexico; son Edward A (b 1848).

Son William James (1850-1933) married Margaret McGowan, 1877, St Louis. Nine children:

Laura Augustine (1879-1897); Honor M (1880-1964); Harry Louis (1882-1934) (husband of Mayme Smith); Oliver V (1885-1966); William James Jr (1887-1968); Elmer (1891-1891); Lillian M (1891-1985); George E (1894-1974); and Florence (1896-1974). Note: The only child to marry had to elope; the mother, very strong-willed against her children marrying.

Son Thomas Jefferson (b 1852) married Catherine Dougherty, 1878, Shackleford; and George Francis (b 1864) married Mary Josephine Benson Harrison, 1877, Marshall.


Thomas -Henry. Langan, born September 25 1817 in County Mayo Ireland, came to Saline County in 1840, where- little is known about his life until 1851, when he appears in St Louis City. He married Ann Grace, born March 15 1833 in New Ross, Wexford County Ireland. Ann Grace immigrated to St Louis in 1847 with her father, John, and several siblings. Thomas Henry and Ann Grace Langan married in St Louis on February 26 1851. They moved to Miami Township, Saline County in late 1861; early 1862. Their ten children were:

Son-William E (b October 1855, St ~Louis/d January 1915, Kansas City Kansas), married Emma Shepherd, 1884, Marshall. Their children:

Verner Lee. ~(b 1888, Marshall); Alphonsas (b 1891, Newton Kansas); Leo G (b 1894, Newton Kansas); and Agnes W (b 1898, Brookfield Mo).

Dau -Laura A (b 1860, St Louis) married John Osborn, 1897, Marshall.

Son John Patrick (b 1862, Miami ~Twp/d 1950, Kansas City Mo) married, Maggie Holmes, 1887, Marshall. Their children:

Joseph Holmes (b 1888, Marshall); John F (b 1891, Marshall); Leo (b 1898,Marshall); and Nellie (b 1901, Marshall).

Dau Barbara Ellen (b 1864, Miami Twp/d before 1897, Saline -Co); Son Thomas Henry Jr. (b 1866, Miami Twp).

Son James Francis (b 1868, Miami Twp/d Apr 30 1937, -Fulton Mo) married ~Mattie C Oser dau of Conrad & Isadora Louden Oser, 1895, Marshall. Their children:

Louisa (b- 1897, Saline-Co); Lillian (b 1899, Saline Co/d 1921, Marshall); Mary Alberta (b 1903 Saline Co); Matthew (b May 8 1904, Marshall/d Feb 1984, Los Angeles Ca).

Dau-Margaret Elizabeth (b Sep 20 1870, Miami Twp/d -Jul 15 1932, St Louis) married William J Campbell, 1898, Marshall. Their children:

William Thorpe (b Jan 2 1900, St Louis/d Dec 3 1969, Redondo Beach Ca); Thomas Hall (b 1904, St Louis/d 1971, St Louis); Malvina Anna (b 1906, St. Louis/d 1931, St Louis); and Margaret Veronica (b 1908 St Louis/d 1980, St Louis).

Son George Grace (b 1872, Miami Twp/d 1921, Marshall) married Regina Brown, 1898, Marshall. Their children:

Verner E (b 1899, Marshall); Grace (b 1902, Marshall/d 1945); and George Francis (b 1903, Marshall/d 1960, Burbank, Ca).

-Son Jerome Vincent (b 1874, Marshall); Dau Anastasia (b 1878, Marshall/d 1968, San Gabriel Ca), married Joseph Hartling, 1915, St Louis.

Thomas Henry and Ann Grace Langan owned a farm seven miles southeast of Marshall. They are buried in Ridge Park Cemetery, Marshall.


Children of Michael & Mary Ellen Morgan Langan --

1860, Dec 7 Mary Anne Langan to Peter A Chamberlain; she, dau of Michael & Mary Ellen Moran Langan m'd in Marshall, Saline Co.

1856, Mar 24 Bridget Langan to Joseph T Clements; she, sister of Mary Anne Langan m'd Immaculate Conception Church, Shackleford, Saline Co

1867, Apr 30 Ellen Theodocial Langan to Thomas Bernard Prior; she sister to above m'd Immaculate Conception Church, Shackleford

1877, Apr 17 George Francis Langan to Mary Josephine Benson Harrison; she, dau of William & A T Farrell Harrison; he son, Michael & Mary Ellen Moran Langan m'd St Peter's Church, Marshall.

1878, Jun 30 Thomas Jefferson Langan to Catherine Dougherty; he brother to above m'd Immaculate Conception Church, Shackleford

Children of Joseph T & Bridget Langan Clements --

1879, Jul 30 Mary Ellen Clements to James R Flynn m'd Immaculate Conception Ch, Shackleford

date unknown Sarah Elizabeth Clements to Charles Miller m'd Immaculate Conception Ch, Shackleford

1887, Aug 14 Ervine John Clements to Martha Newman Vaughn m'd St Peter's Ch, Marshall

1889 Margaret Isabella Clements to Robert L Gauldin m'd probably St Peter's, Marshall

Children of Peter A & Mary Anne Langan Chamberlain --

1884, Jun 18 Emily E Chamberlain to James J Mitchell m'd Immaculate Conception Ch, Shackleford

1884, Oct 28 Norah Lee Chamberlain to Robert Bennett m'd Immaculate Conception

date unknown Mary Ellen Chamberlain to Frank Campbell m'd probably Immaculate Con.

Children of Thomas Henry & Ann Grace Langan --

1887, Jan 9 John Patrick Langan to Maggie Holmes; she, dau of Andrew & Ellen Bourk; he, son of Thomas Henry & Ann Grace Langan m'd St Peter's Church, Marshall.

1898, Apr 12 George Grace Langan to Margaret Brown; she, dau of Michael & Margarit Hanover Langan; he, John P Langan's brother m'd St Peter's Church, Marshall.

1897, Jun 30 Laura A Langan to John Osborn m'd St Peter's, Marshall

1895 James Francis Langan to Mattie C Oser; her father was Conrad Oser, supt. of County Poor Farm m'd St Peters, Marshall

1898, Dec 13 Margaret Elizabeth Langan to John William Campbell (my grandparents) m'd in James Francis Langan's home, Marshall.

Child of George Grace Langan to Margaret Brown --1919, Nov 24 Verner Ed Langan to Reta Birch; she, dau of John B & Lone Salmon Birch; he, son of George Grace & Margaret Brown Langan m'd St Peter's Church, Marshall.


Children of Thomas Henry and Ann Grace Langan --

at Immaculate Conception Church, Shackleford, Saline Co, Missouri: 1865, Oct 1 -- Langan, Barbara Ellen

1866, Aug 10 -- Langan, Thomas Henry Jr

1869, Aug 7 -- Langan, James Francis

1871, Apr 11 -- Langan, Margaret Elizabeth (my greatgrandmother)

at St Peter's, Marshall, Saline Co Missouri:

1872, Nov 1 -- Langan, George Grace

1874, Nov 15 -- Langan, Jerome Vincent

1876, Oct 26 -- Langan, Anastasia

Child of Martin & Elizabeth Brogan Langan --

at Immaculate Conception Church, Shackleford, Saline Co: 1852, Dec 14 -- Langan, William James

Child of Michael & Mary Ellen Moran Langan --

at Immaculate Conception Church, Shackleford, Saline Co: 1854, May 7 -- Langan, George FrancisChildren of George Francis & Mary J Harrison Langan --

at St Peter's Church, Marshall, Saline Co: 1878, Feb 6 -- Langan, Ann Mary

1879, Jul 1 -- Langan, Vivian Beatrice

1880, Oct 29 -- Langan, Agnes

Child of William E & Emma Shepherd Langan (he is son of Thomas Henry & Ann Grace Langan) --

at St Peter's Church, Marshall: 1885, Aug 1 -- Langan, Verner Lee

Child of John Patrick & Maggie Holmes Langan (he William E Langan's brother) --

at St Peter's Church, Marshall: 1888, Feb 20 -- Langan, Joseph HolmesChild of Thomas J & Catherine Dougherty Langan (he son of Michael & Mary Ellen Moran Langan) --

at St Peter's Church, Marshall: 1879, Apr 23 -- Langan, Agnes Josephine

Submitted by: Sharon Campbell