Submitted by Vicki Piper: "Articles on the following cemeteries in this volume. I did not list the names of board members, trustees, sextons, etc. unless they were named as buried there, but in some cases did list those who purchased the land for a cemetery."

History of Saline County, Ed. A. H. Orr, et al., 546 pages (Reprinted Marceline-Walsworth Co., 1967) pp. 32-59


Arrow Rock


Negro Baptist



Blackburn-adjoins Zion Lutheran

Blue Lick

Borgman (I believe this referrs to what is now being called Frazer or Old Union)

Brownlee by Marjorie McGuire Steere of Boonville who states that Mr. and Mrs. Hall in-laws of Andrew Bownlee are buried here


Cambridge (although listed in the index no info found)

Catholic (Old)-see Ridge Park Cemt.

Christ Lutheran , (see Christian Lutheran), see addl names below not listed on web pages


Clark Family

Cooper's Fort Kin



Diggs-4 mi N. of Arrow Rock 10-12 graves



Dyer (T51 Rg21 Sec 9) 2 Boatright children related to the Brown Family

Fairview (1st burial was an Indian woman who drowned at Collins Ford So. of town)


Finley Family

Finnis Creek

Fish Creek

Garnett on the Hamner place (1964) several graves


Good Hope


Grand Pass-adjoins Mt. Nebo, first burial Albert Hoover d. 1947

Green-T48 Rg20 Sec 10 between Hwy 40 & I70, now (1964) almost destroyed

Gross -this volumes' legal description T48 Rg23 Sec 10 see addl names below


Hansbrough T48 Rg21 Sec 10 - 3 stones standing; Ely Hansbraugh b 4/12/1784


Hickman may be listed unable to verify-pg 37, 15-20 graves on Rte "O" 3 plus mi. W. of Slater

High Hill


Hazel Grove

Heath Creek this volume legal description T48 Rg20 Sec 10

Hicks T49 Rg21 Sec 19 Green Masters d abt 1850, inf son Harrison & Julia-nothing remains-12 graves owned by Hicks family

Hill Family T48 Rg20 Sec 8; Ewing Hill d 3/18/1892 70y 6m 18ds

Hunt Family T48 Rg20 Sec 17

Hurt Family T48 Rg20 Sec 6, family removed, but the slaves remained here


Immanuel Lutheran

Keyton Family

Kiser see add'l names below

Lagore pg 40 T49 Rg21 Sec 34

Other Private Cemeteries, Lewis Farm(T51 R23 Sec 27) Hibbard Farm(T51 R23 Sec 34)

Little Grove

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran, adjoins the Blackburn Cemt.



Malta Bend

Malta Bend, Negro

Maple Hill

Marshall City-W of 65Hwy & W.College T50 Rg21 Sec 21, almost destroyed-1964

Marshall, First Cemt. site of the Mo. Pacific R.R. station-nothing remains


Old Frankfort pg 38 no info

Marshall Family (N of Nelson, Hwy H 1/2 Mi)

Marshall Family T49 Rg 19 Sec 18

Maupin T50 Rg22 Sec 32-nothing remains

Memorial Presbyterian see Rock Memorial Presbyterian-3 add'l names below

Miami Baptist see Miami Cemetery

Miami IOOF-lies beside the Miami Baptist Cemt.

Miami Colored-lies just north of the Miami IOOF, abt 150 graves

Miami Bluff or Black this volumes legal description T53 Rg23 Sec 34

Miami Methodist see "Old Methodist Cemt." T52 Rg21 Sec 5-also photos under (Methodist Old Methodist Cemt. at Miami)

Christian T52 Rg21 Sec 16-for many years known as Robertson Cemt.

Mt. Carmel

Mt. Horeb

Mt. Moriah

Mt. Moriah-Bethlehem T48 Rg 21 Sec 15-1st burial J. S. Yager d 10/17/1877

Mt. Nebo-adjoins Grand Pass 1st bur. 9/30/1921

Mt. Olive

Mt. St. Mary's

Mt. Zion

Negro Cemeteries (SW of Miami in Coon Hollow) (2 on Cow Creek, Baptist given by I.C. Withers, south and east 2 1/2 miles, Methodist once known as Sandy Hill given by Baldwin Harl) (South Berea Church on west side of road, Billy Carter and family there.

Nelson- oldest known bur. Maria Temple Thornton d 1832

Nelson for Colored People

North-lies No. of Fairview Cemt. T48 Rg 23 - est. 200 graves

Oak Grove T48 Sec 22

Union (Old) 4 mi S & W of Saline City - est 30 graves

Old Frankfort no information given

Orearville T51 Rg20 Sec 26

Orear T51 Rg20 Sec 26


Parks-East of Miami 1 grave-surname Rogers


Pisgah -T 49 Rg23 Sec 4 no direct link, check the surname list at top of Cemeteries web page




Ridge Park

Rock Bluff

Rock Creek-no info, land (1964) owned by Earnest Hardin, 2 Civil War Confederates made to dig grave & were shot

Rock Creek colored, T50 Rg 20 Sec 6

Rose Valley

Salem Evangelical plus parents of C.H.O. Leimbrock many other Leimbrock fam. members

Sandidge T48 Rg21 Sec 18-gr parents of Arch & Bob Craddock, mother was Sandidge-nothing remains

Salt Pond Ray Fulkerson d 1858 (maternal grfather Maurice Deal) several Briggs family-little remains

Salt Springs


Sappington see Sappington Grove




Sinnett-William Sinnett's family, son William's family, & son Lloyd's family

Slater City

Smith Chapel

Staples Family-1964 owned by J. J. Staples-family

Sunset Memorial

Thomas T49 Rg22 Sec 7

Thomas T51 Rg23 Sec 17

Thomas see Thomas or Dysart Family Cemetery


Union Church 8 mi N. of Arrow Rock

Union Hill 7 1/2 mi N. of Arrow Rock

Unknown SW of Miami land owned (1964) by Carlisle Morrison 5-6 graves Wm. M. Parsons d. 11/14/185_ age 35 yrs., Leroy Miner 12/29/1850 age 56 yrs.

Unknown T52 Rg21 Sec 32 2children of S. S. & Addie T. Reynolds dau d 1869 son d. 1872

Van Meter


Weir T50 Rg 21 Sec 4 - children and babies in west part of yard 1964 landowner

Wingfield-King-(listing not in book-survey taken by Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Buck 1970's)

Witcher, Dan T48 Rg20 Sec17 - Elizabeth Witcher d. 11/7/1847

Witcher, Eaf see Ephriam Witcher Family


Antioch Cemetery Pg 32 Sec 23 T49 Rg 22 on State Road EE-200 graves

written by Mrs. Lovell Cundiff names the following graves

Mrs. J. R. Fulkerson d 1857

James S. & Jacob S. Reed killed by bushwachers 10/9/1864

Mr. & Mrs. James Dickerson & 14 of their 16 children (1 killed Civil War 1 died during Gold Rush

Older Graves

David Faris d. 1861

William Caton d. 1872

William G. Treece d. 1872

Jacob Treece d. 1872

Ellen J. Thom d. 1873

Wilson d. 1875

James Burnett d. 1877

Soldiers Markers

Reuben B. Walbourn

W. L. Blakley

George Akeman

George Treece

Other Markers

Steele, Cartee, Taylor, Lynch, Crowder, King, Weathers, Cretcher, Aulgar, Sims, Hughes, Still, Vaught, Wyrick, Haggard, Coffee, Mayse, Smithy, Hicks, Wilson, McAfee, Crain, Montgomery, Halsey, Mark, Missouri, Jordon, Akeman, Van Buskirk and Pittman

Recent burials

Clarence Sappington d. 1961

William E. Dutton

Maude Hicks

Darla Wallace d. 1962

Bailey Cemetery Pg 32 T49 R21 Sec 17 - 100 graves

Families buried here

Bailey, Martin, Sims, Maupin, Miller, Page, Taliaferro and Prichett

Dr. Louis Neal deeded the land to Jennings S. Maupin Sr., direct desc. of the Bailey's

last burial

Jennings Maupin Sr. d. 1950

J. D. Bailey b. 11/1808 d. 9/18/1861

Jennings Maupin b. Green Co. Va. 1808 d. 1/4/1882

Elizabeth wife of James L. Bailey d. 3/10/1854 age 65

L. J. B. Maupin d. 8/10/1883 age 50

Lizzie S. Maupin d. 10/17/1867 age 3

Kate B. Maupin d. 2/13/1879 age 2

Thomas J. Maupin b. 8/10/1829 d. 10/10/1879 (son of Jennings)

J. B. Maupin b. 5/10/1833 d. 8/10/1883

his wife Sallie Elizabeth Maupin b. 1/22/1836 d. 10/23/1908

Anna M. Maupin (wife of Jennings) b. 11/27/1861 d. 11/1/1907

Jennings Maupin b 1858 d. Mar, 1950

Lillian (dau of Jennings & Anna) 2/26/1884

Infant son of J. & A.M. Maupin b. & d. 9/5/1897

Hardin D. Bailey b. 1832 d. 1920

Mary M. Bailey (his wife) b. 1837 d. 1888

Hardin B. Harrison b. 1883 d. 1884

Infant Son W. D. & L.M. Bailey b & D 1/14/1879

Richard W. son of H. D. & H. M. Bailey d 8/14/1878 age 2

Frank R. Martin b. 3/2/1831 d. 6/28/1868

Hardin D. son of J. W. & Mary Sims b 11/23/1861 d. 7/30/1862

Pattie W. dau of J. W. & M. J. Sims 4/22/1876 age 9

Negro Baptist Church--NE corner Sw 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 1 T49 Rg23

original land owned by John Walker

Lafayette Carter

George Carter

Monroe Jones

other surnames buried here






Bellwood Cemt.--Pg 32 T48 Rg21 Sec 14

orig land owned by James I. Belwood, in the yard of present owner

3 Bellwood Children

Blackburn Cemetery--Pg 33 formed 1890 T50 Rg23 Sec18

Written by Walter Borchers 5/18/1964 and who died in a car accident 6/1/1965

land deeded by Goodrich Wilson, then Ellen Wilson, R. D. & Nora Wilson

mentioned in article

Mr. & Mrs. Arch Hancock

Mrs. Ed. Pauling

E. E. Logsdon

R. R. Hinck

Amos L. Finkeldei

Walter H. Buesing

George W. Borchers

Paul Knipmeyer

Undertakers: George Hasemeyer, August Tegtmeyer, Lucious Parker, Jackson Hader son of late Walter Hader, Roy Wiegers, Mr. Hoefer and Meinershagen, Vene Miller

Rudolph Hinck for his parents buried there

Fred Brinkman for his parents buried there

Goodrich Wilson d. 6/10/1890 age 72

Mary Goodrich Wilson b. 8/31/1891 age 21

Otto Borchers d. 10/29/1920 age 23

Mira Shaw dau of J. E. Drane

M. H. Drane age 20

Dickie son of J. E. & M. H. Drane d. 12/31/1868 age 6 mo 1 da

Susan W. Drane d. 9/29/1905

Richard Drane d. 1886 age 88

(wife) Susan Drane d. 1891 age 87

Benj. West b. Maryland d. 1889 age 81

Presley L. Peak d. 1910 age 78

Henry S. Hopkins d. 1917 age 78

(wife) Rebecca Martin Hopkins age 99 years 9 mos. 3 weeks

Louis Hering, Jr. d. 1915 age 62

John Borchers d. 1920 age 52 yrs. hay baler accident

Matilda Borchers d 1945 age 74

Ralph Kirchoff d 1942 age 45

Henry M. Heins d. Jan 1964 age 67

Meredith Steffens d. 1956 age 2

Mr. & Mrs. R. G. Frizzell and dau. Corine

Ed A Major

Geo. H. Meyer

August F. Pape

Ernest Ramey killed by lightning

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jennings

Arthur W. Meinershagen

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Meyer

Dr. Granville Allen Richart d. 1934 age 74

(wife) Effie Neal Richart d. 1952 age 77

Granville Allen Richart, Jr. d. 1956 age 59 (Sheriff of Jackson Co. 8 yrs)

Brig. Gen. U.S. Army Duncan Grant Richart b.Judys Ky b. 11-10-1887 d 1/10/1950 age 63, his ashes were scattered from a plane over Blackburn

Henry M. Heins d. 1/21/1964 age 67

Meta Anna Reith d. 2/12/1964 age 79

Arthur W. Meinershagen d. 2/18/1964 age 73

Frank Cardwell d. 3/1/1964 age 72

Eugene Paul Dierking d. 3/21/1964 age 22 car accident

Ernest Kirchhoff d. 3/31/1964 age 76

Frederick H. Drosselmeyer d. 5/3/1964 age 81

Mr. & Mrs. Carrol Logsdon Sr.

Thomas Jennings d. 4/9/1921 age 74

(wife) Annie Jennings d. 1935

(dau.) Willie Jenings Rollins d. 1935

Lydia Blackburn d. 1934 age 93

On the Read Farm between Blackburn and Alma:

Francis "Frank" Blackburn d. 11/12/1879 age 42 yrs. 11 mos killed while cleaning gun

(town of Blackburn named for him, his wife Lydia in Blackburn Cemt., they had 5 children Churchill, John, Marhsall, Phillip d. 1/2/1870 age 1 yr 2 mo. and Oliver age 25 da). The later two buried with father the rest in Blackburn Cemt.)

moved to Blackburn Cemt. from other places

Claudius S. Carlye age 16 son of Alexander Crockett & Lucy Carlye d.1862 at Union Prison Camp and shipped upriver in lead coffin

Alexander Crockett Carlye d. 1875 age 77

Lucy Carlye d. 1887 age 83

2 Fakler Markers, inscriptions on all 4 sides

Jacob Fakler b. Hagerstown Md. d. 1856 age 82

Caroline Matilda, wife b. Louisa Co. Va. d. 1844

Septimia Virgina dau of J. & C. Fackler d 1851 age 18

John Fackler d. 1903 age 87

Martha L. Major dau of J. & C. Fackler

Wylie Fackler b. 1841 d. 1867 slain by Indians

Carrie dau of John M. d 1847 age 4

Amanda wife of John M. b. 1817 d. 1848 age 31

Christopher P. Catron d. 1830 age 62y 4mo

Zion Lutheran Cemt. first burial:

Marvin Sylvester b 4/30/1908 d. 5/12/1910

Henry Bockelman b. 12/24/1874 d. 8/28/1963 age 89y 8mo 4da

Brownsville Cemetery -- Pg 36--description is near S. Locust St. & Ray St.

(now in the town of Sweet Springs)

Land originally owned by Jonathan Herring died 3/17/1881, and apparently some were moved to Fairview Cemetery, but not all

John Berry

Mrs. John Berry d 1838

Christ Lutheran (see Christian Lutheran)

written by Mrs. Harvey Werneke (following names not in listing)

Lorenz Peterman d. 11/3/1893 age 3 10 mo

Walter Apers d. 1911

Adam Schuster d. 1911

Wm H. Arthur Mittlebuscher d. 1912

Edward J. Viets d. 1914

August Lemler d. 1914

Clark Family--Pg 37 T48 Rg21 Sec 2--15 graves

John Clark d. 3/30/1860 age 63y 5mo 19da

Coopers Fort Kin--Pg37 3 mi E of Miami land now (1964) owned by Mr. Arthur Elson

Tobias Cooper d. 1854

his wife

Mary Wolfskill Cooper d. 1896

and several children who died in infancy

Cunningham--Pg 37 T48 Rg21 sec 13---14 graves

B. J. Scruggs (son of William & Nancy) d. 8/25/1848

Driskell--Pg 37 T49 Rg21 Sec 4

Greenberry Driskell 1804-1878

(wife) Jane Driskell 1814-1878

David Driskell 1848-1895

(wife) Margaret Driskell 1859-1884

Nancy J., dau of John Driskell 10/20/1871

Myrtle Dau of David & Margaret Driskell 1882-1886

Finley Family--Pg38 T48 Rg21 Sec 2

William W. Finley, son of N. stone broken

Lucinda E. Hawkins 4/29/1848 4/9/1866

John G. Hawkins b. Sept stone broken

Gross Pg 39 T48 Rg23 Sec 10

add'l names

Isaac Allen d. 3/21/1904

Lou wife of J. A. Stafford

other info given

Mira Colvin Allen d 1886 age 34

Martha Aulgar Wood

Maggie wife of George Laughlin

Hattie Belle wife of Arch Simmon

some members of Gross family removed

records now in the hands of Mrs. Homer Allen dau. in law of Isaac & Mira Allen show

lots owned by J. T. Jarman, W. O'Neal, A. H. Gilmore, R. Scruggs, Achamire, W. W. Wheeler, J. J. Gross, Dr. J. R. Carter, J. C. Magness and J. Allen

Hall--Pg 39 T48 Rg 22

land now owned by Harry & Roy Hall--14 graves

Sydnor Hall d. 8/29/1862

Luterica Hall d. 6/20/1880

Bailey S. Hall b. 9/24/1810 d. 8/1/1873

Norman Urton d. 1/31/1853

Joan Tucker d. 3/23/1856

Keyton Family--Pg 40 on Henry Bailey place (1964)

Elijah Keyton b. 4/19/1821 d. 4/23/1881, murdered by hired man for his money

(wife)Ardena J. Keyton

Lucy C. Keyton age 2

Hiram Keyton age 1

Mary Belle age 9

2 infants

no evidence of others there

Kiser--Pg 40 T51 Rg22 Sec 27

add'l names

3 young sons of A. J. & M. E. Sydenstricker d. 1860

Charles Hamilton d. 1865 age 35

James H. Carneal (son of J. & P. G) d. 1864 age 10y 9mo

Lewis Farm Pg 41 T51 R23 Sec 27

one the old William H. Lewis farm, members of the Lewis family were moved to Little Grove south of Malta Bend. But according to a previous history

Gen'l George W. Lewis and family are buried here

Hibbard Farm--Pg 41 T51 R23 Sec 34

2 stones found

Henry Clay Neville son of G. & E. Neville d. 8/28/1861 age 30

Inf. son of W. F. & S. L. Dowden d. 8/6/1852 age 4mos & 26 ds

Little Grove--Pg 41 T51 Rg22 Sec 30

referred to as South Cemt.-families moved here are McClintic, Snoddy, Yancey, & Lewis

Dr. Addison Palmore Brown d. 1874

Mary J. Brown wife of R. J. Brown d. 9/23/1860

Susan Jane Brown wife of W. J. Brown d. June 1861

Charles S. Palmore d 1/26/1862-POW in St. Louis

Archer McClintic d. 1839

Mrs. Alexander McClintic b. 4/12/1773

Elizabeth Lewis wife of Wm H. d. 10/25/1871

Daniel F. Snoddy d. 6/29/1849

Mrs. John Snoddy d. 1963

Dr. J. R. Brown

Dr. A. F. Brown

Dr. W. B. Glover

Dr. Thomas Yancey d. 1895 age 28

Rev. William C. Hill

Rev. William J. Brown

Rev. W. W. Jared d 12/10/1891

Lynch--Pg42 T49 Rg23 Sec 23

established by John and Nancy Beatty Lynch

8 members of Lynch Family, in additon another 15 graves

other names found here: Poe, Gilmore, Langley

William Lynch b. 10/27/1818 d. 11/18/1851 age 33 (son of John & Nancy)

(his wife) Ellen Duncan Lynch

Nancy Beatty Lynch d. 1852

Margaret Ann Cain d. 1852 (dau of John & Nancy)

Andrew W. Lynch d. 1863 (killed upon return from St. Louis-held POW)

John Lynch d. July 1863

Austin Lynch d. 1872

Elizabeth Eliza Wood d. 1873

Major--Pg42 T51 Rg23 Sec 5--17graves

stone reads "Olive Trabue Major d. Franklin Co. Ky. 1846"

Susan Trabue relict of Thomas Major d. Jan 1862 age 89y 2mo

Mary Susan Fakler d. 3/31/1851 age 1 yr. (dau of George J. & Elizabeth Fackler)

Alice E. Blakely d. 1879 1mo. old dau of J. & F. L. Blakely

other names Richardson, McKittrick, Peck & Houston

Malta Bend--Pg42 T51 Rg22 Sec 18--600 graves

George M. Morris d. 12/27/1868

Ann Kate Pittman wife of J. G. d. 5/5/1869

Hattie May Rouse d. 9/17/1869

Malta Bend-Colored T51 Rg23 Sec 23-45 marked graves

James S & Esther Vanstone conveyed to Levi Davis, Phillip Randall, Lewis Fowler, Jerry Fowler & Charles Brown land for graveyard

George Davis b. 4/2/1856 d. 7/7/1881

Annie Thompson d. 3/11/1883

Maggie Fowler d. 9/7/1885

Cubert Crutchfield d. 10/5/1889

Maple Hill--Pg42 (grounds of Grand Pass Methodist Church)

earliest burials

Charles C. Lewis d. 12/22/1837 7mo old son of John M. & Mary Jane Lewis

Thomas L. Lewis d. 1848 age 2 son of John M. & Mary Jane Lewis

Joel Meadows d. 12/14/1849 age 44

Henry B. Harvey d. 6/29/1849 age 29

John McReynolds b. 4/24/1812 d. 11/24/1855

Marshall City--Pg42 T51 Rg21 Sec 21

Lots sold to W. R. Bruce, Sid T. Bruce, Robert Bruce, E. J. Bruce, Mary L. Marmaduke, Georgia A. Bruce and John W. Belt

some were removed to Ridge Park, and refers to more information contained in the Centennial issue of the "Democrat News."

4 broken stones with name Isgrig

Little Stephie son of Sarah ___ ___ ___ ___ 1873 Marshall

B. F. Bernard b. Boonville, Mo. 5/1/1832 d. 5/31/1871

Lucretia Eakin b. 2/8/1869 d. 11/11/1869 age 9 mos 3 da

Mary Elizabeth nee Kile wife of John N. Isgrig

Ellen Isgrig wife of D. Isgrig b 1/29/1821 d. 8/25/1884

dau of J. L. & M Isgrig b. 4/28/1876 d. Sept. 188_

Sallie A. Bradford wife of L. A. Bradford

Lester Clinton Maddox son of J. A. & H. M. Maddox d. 8/11/1874 age 3mo 19ds.

E. Farley Marshall

Inf. dau. of I. N. & H. E. Bradshaw d. 1/10/1881 age 7 ds

Milton T. McCormick son of William & Adelia E. McCormick d. 3/1/1882 age 5mo. 19ds

Lillian Bernard dau. of B. F. & M. J. Bernard

Robert Todd Stuart b. Lexington, Ky. 4/10/1810 d. 9/23/1880

Arthur J. Morgan b. 8/4/1837 d. 10/24/1877

Percy Eugene Dean b. 9/28/1867 d. 4/14/1879

John Dean b. 9/25/1875 d. 10/24/1878

Emma Hammett Montague d. 1/2/1882 wife of Reuben Vaughn Montague

Odell--Pg 44 on land now owned by the State of Missouri Hospital

2 children of Jeremiah Odell who died of contagious disease 1834

Mrs. Odell

Mr. Odell d. 1884 age 86

other Odell children Mary, Felix, James, John & Calvin (2 others are at Ridge Park)

Dr. Hix (1st doctor in Marshall died of cholera

Samuel King

Johnnie Olson

Abraham J. Gains

Gillis & William Gregory and Wife (in-laws of Jeremiah Odell)

surnames buried here: Chappells, Gumm, Berg, McAllister, Peacock, Peppers, Pipers, Mistlers, Shumates, Wileys, Schrecklers, Peavler, Williams, Robbins,

Marshall Family--Pg 44 (N of Nelson Hwy H, 1/2 Mi)

William Marshall d. 8/24/1825 age 10 mo 24 ds, son of J. R. & A. J. Marshall

Marshall Family--Pg 44 T49 Rg 19 Sec 18

David Jones son of Benj & L Jones 10/9/1842 age 2y 1mo 17 ds

Memorial Presbyterian see Rock Memorial Presbyterian

--- Pg 44 T49 Rg 20 Sec 9--this volume reports

Brig General Thomas A. Smith d. 6/25/1844 and is buried here

his wife Cynthia Berry

and the victim of the first traffic accident-sleigh crash;

William H. Fihley 11/30/1842

Nelson for Colored People--Pg 50 Junct Hwy "H" and the road to Worthmore just No. of Nelson

earliest known unmarked grave-Ellen Wilson

Jeff Blankenbaker

Richard Bruner

John Stapleton

Charlie Wright

North--Pg50--lies No. of Fairview Cemt. T48 Rg 23 - est. 200 graves

Major Brockburn whose grand son Jesse Blackburn was helpful in obtaining info.

oldest burials believed to be:

Wilson and Mary Brown, he was founder of St. Paul's Methodist Church

Oak Grove--Pg50--T48 Sec 2

Elizabeth Killion wife of Mike Killion d. June 1871

William Keister d. Sept. 1876

Luesa Pritchard dau of J. D. Pritchard d. Oct. 1875

William Shores d. Apr. 1877

Barbara Wright wife of W. A. Wright d. 1892

Margaret C. Farrell wife of J. T. Farrell d. 1894

Other Family surnames:Smith, Crowder, Faris, Benton, Wilson, Woods, Liggett, Farrell

Orear-Pg 51--T51 Rg20 Sec 26--20 graves

Robert Orear b. Fauquier Co. Va. 1779 d. 1869

Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Orear


earliest burial 1864 latest 1908

Parsons--Pg51--T48 Rg23 Sec 13

Isaac Parsons b Romeny Co. W. Va. 1797 d. 3/13/1867-sandstone slab

md Rebecca McCarthy dau of Edward McCarthy (8th Va. Cont'l. Reg.)

Edward McCarthy Parsons son of Isaacd b.12/28/1829 d. 12/17/1854

David James Parsons son of Jonathan Parsons b. 2/29/1855 d. 10/12/1855

L. Marshall d. 1855 age 49 y 9 ds

Poe--Pg52 T49 Rg23 Sec 20

Matthew R. Beattie d. 1847

Syrena Forbes d. 9/11/1934

James G. & Elizabeth Beattie

Paulina & Benjamin T. Poe

Mrs. Davis

Lucy Mirritt

Mr. Stotts

John Allen

Several of the A. J. Allen family

4 of the A. W. Forbes Family

2 of the Wallace Bently Family

4 George W. Johnson Family

Providence--Pg 52--T49 Rg22 Sec 10 est 1880

earliest burials

Mrs. Jim Bailey

Patsy Ann Maupin

other surnames found Sims, Smith and Parkhurst

Rock Bluff--Pg 54--T48 Rg22 sec 18

James J. Guier

1st Mrs. James J. Guier

Franks Guier

and 5 young Guier children

James J. Guier's father d. 9/2/1869 and mother d. 9/12/1866 were removed to this location from the yard of their home about 1 mile south (Pettis Co.)

Rock Creek-Colored--Pg 55--T50 Rg20 Sec 6--3 1/2 to 4 mi NE of Marshall bet. Hwy 240 & Slater Rd

land sold to John Henderson, John Vest, Frank Moran

Family surnames buried there

Vest, Doxey, Massey, Mason, Burkhart, Whitney, Graves, Bausily

Richard Fowler

Mrs. Celia Fowler Brown

Mrs. Elizabeth Fowler Slaughter

Ada Henderson

Burrell Gorham

Cinda (C)Gorham

John Basset

Lewis Gorham d. 1942

Fannie Gorham d. Nov. 1951

Rose Valley--Pg55--T48 Rg22 Sec 9-approx 130 graves

Alfretta Gresham d. 1/30/1882

Inf. of J. H. Taylor d. 4/2/1883

Jeff Thompson, Inf. d. 7/22/1893

Josie Thompson his mother d. 7/27/1893 age 25

Lulu J. Sink d. 7/16/1895 age 25

Inf. of Bart Kenner d. 12/15/1890 age 6 mos

Inf. of T. Lemmons d. 12/23/1892 age 6mos

Inf. of T. Lemmons d. 12/2/1893 age 6 mos

Alva Ruland d. 12/17/1887

William Lemmons d. 1/24/1895

Inf. of J. Haggard d. 7/28/1893 age 5 mos

Inf. of William Halsey d. 7/3/1890 age 6 mos

Schell Bodenhammer d. 8/21/1892 age 18 mos

Edgar Beeson d. 2/15/1893 age 13 yrs. son of R. W. Beeson

Florence Beeson d. 7/21/1900 age 16 yrs dau of R. W. Beeson

Richard Harley Beeson d. 8/12/1899 age 11 mos 24 ds

Artie Beeson d. 9/2/1901 age 9 mos

Inf of J. T. Whitworth d. 6/23/1891 age 3 wks

Hazel Etta Maddox d. 7/20/1890 age 6 mos

Zelma Maddox d. 10/1/1895 age 1 yr

Inf. of C. W. Luce d. 8/29/1891

Edgar Yokley d. 1/3/1899 age 3 yr

Mrs. Edward Yokley

Melvin Yokley (ashes) d. 1862

Beeson Jack Yokley d. 1963

As Mrs. Werneke writes in the book this seems to be a graveyard for mother's & children.

Sappington-Colored--Pg 57--T51 Rg19

across the road from what is called Sappington Grove Cemt. on this web page

324 burials from records kept since 1898

Land Owners

Manuel Banks

Dennis Banks

James Edwards

Jacob Banks

Guy Parker

Fieldon Switzler

Shobe--Pg57--T49 Rg 23 Sec 12

Levi I. Aulgar d. 4/15/1873 age 63y 2m 25ds

W. H. T. Price, Co. F. 7th Mo. SM Cav

W. N. Aulger Co. F. 7th Mo. SM CAV

Thomas--Pg58--T49 Sec 22 Sec 7

Edward Thomas d. 1888 age 86

Maggie Noler Thomas b. & d. 1870

Caroline Thomas d. 1875 age 60

Thomas--Pg58--T51 Rg23 Sec 17

Notley Thomas b. 11/26/1784 d. 10/1/1839

Elizabeth McReynolds wife of Joseph McReynolds d. 9/22/1840 age 60

Eliza Ann Byers wife of William J. Byers d. 12/13/1855 age 24

Adrien Thomas son of O. F. & Z. E. Thomas d. 10/20/1845 age 42

Claudius W. Price d. 1861 age 24 - Confederate soldier

Allen McReynolds d. 12/21/1864 murdered by State Militia

Jane Earp b. 12/11/1838 d. 5/12/1921

Surnames buried here

McReynolds, James, Tracy, Byers, Earp, Cooper, Hutton, & Palmer

according to the 1881 Saline Co. History:

Anthony Thomas d. 1825

Union Church--Pg 588 mi. N. of Arrow Rock

Squire Davidson and Wife

Robert Frazier

Virginia Frazer d. 5/1933

surnames Davidson, Piper and Frazier

Union Hill--Pg 58--7 1/2 mi. N. of Arrow Rock

Free Will Baptist Church still conducts services (1964) with Rev. R. A. Lewis

Last burial

Mrs. Laura Ellis d. 1/19/1961 dau of Samuel & Mary Patrick

Wingfield-King---Pg 59--T49 Rg21 Sec29

Not included in the 1967, Survey was made by Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Buck in the 1970's

Emily D. King dau. of W. A. & M. J. King b. 1/18/1862 d. 9/25/1867

Caleb W. Wingfield son of T. & E. Wingfield d. 8/22/1879 aged 51y 11mo 1da

Rachel J. Wingfield wife of C. C. Wingfield d. 1/30/1879 aged 33y 2mo 10da

Elizabeth Wingfield wife of Thos. W. Wingfield b. 5/14/1805 d. 9/1/1867

Charles M. Wingfield son of T. & E. Wingfield d. 12/20/1860 age 30y 7mo

Ephraim A. King son of W. A. & M. J. King b. 5/23/1863 d. 6/16/1884

Mary J. King wife of W. A. King b. 4/4/1836 d. 3/22/1890

Emily A. F. Wingfield b. 12/24/1839 d. 2/1/1899