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David Funk, and old and well known citizen of St. Joseph, died yesterday morning at 10 o'clock at St. Joseph's hospital of tuberculosis. Mr. Funk was well known here, and is a brother of Mrs. Mary Keedy of 700 Robidoux street, with whom he has made his home, and was an uncle of Mrs. C.A. Taney, Mrs. Carrol Cundiff and Mrs. Judge J. P. Grubb. The deceased was never married and made his headquarters with J. Frank Smith in his Edmond street real estate office. It could not be learned last night when the funeral would take place, nor was it learned how old Mr. Funk was.

The deceased was noted for his quiet manners and rich fund of information, and his death will be mourned by many who had learned to love the quiet, thoughtful man.

Source: St. Joseph Gazette, 26 December 1897, p. 5
Submitter: Kelly