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Ernest S. Motley St. Joseph
Miss Grace L. Brockley Marshall, Kan.

Clarence A. Cooper Topeka, Kan.
Miss Dora Fetty St. Joseph

Samuel J. Coffman Mount Ayr, Iowa
Miss [name unreadable - big black strip in microfilm, but she was also from Mount Ayr]

[Another couple with black strip in microfilm makes their name unreadable, but they were from Kansas City, MO]

John C. Stalin Seneca, Kan.
Miss Cleta Robertson Seneca, Kan.

B. Harrison Johnson St. Joseph
Miss Erma Tolbert St. Joseph

Charles A. Teachner Barnard, Mo.
Miss Flossie Hazelwood Barnard, Mo.

Source: St. Joseph News-Press, 2 March 1915, p. 6
Submitter: Kelly