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Date of Death: 1 June 1888
Subject: Kate (Martin) Corbett
Source: St. Joseph Daily Gazette, 2 June 1888, p. 5

Mrs. Kate Corbett died yesterday at the residence of her father, Mr. Matthias Martin, Thirteenth and Sacramento streets, of consumption, aged 22 years. She left a child less than a year old. Mrs. Corbett was a sister of Joseph T. Martin, foreman of the Declue planing mill, of William Martin, engineer on the St. Joseph, St. Louis & Santa Fe road, and of Eugene Martin, until recently an engineer on the K.C., St. J. & C. B., and a sister-in-law to John Corbett, superintendent of the county poor farm. Notice of the funeral will be given later.

Source: St. Joseph Daily Gazette, 3 June 1888, p. 8

The funeral of Mrs. Kate Corbett will take place to-day at 2:30 p.m., from St. Patrick's church, Twelfth street and Doniphan avenue. Interment in Catholic cemetery.