Hunt for Body to Get Into Courts?

Search for the metallic casket containing the body of Joseph Robidoux, founder of the city of St. Joseph, which has always been believed to have been buried in Calvary cemetery, is still going on. The diggers have excavated in the biggest part of the lots belonging to the Robidoux family but so far have failed to find any trace of the pioneer's remains.

The theory that the body was stolen by ghouls years ago is scouted by relatives and D. E. Heaton, the undertaker in charge, who say that it is undoubtedly in the cemetery and will be revealed after a search. It is thought that the long delay in finding the casket is due to the fact that no one remembers where the burial was made and the records are so badly worn as to render them useless.

The diggers have said that they would dig up the entire cemetery before they would abandon the search, as relatives are exceedingly anxious to locate the remains. Relatives of others in the cemetery say they will resort to law before they will allow graves on their lots to be disturbed and declare the diggers must confine their operations to the Robidoux lots. Louis Robidoux, a grandson of the pioneer, under whose orders the work is being done, has authorized Mr. Heaton to spare no expense in the prosecution of the search.

Source: St. Joseph Gazette, 19 August 1908, p. 1, col. 3.
Submitted by Monica Schirmer Eshelman