G. B. and C. H. Frisch, proprietors of the Buffalo Mills, were born in Missouri, November 12, 1854, and September 7, 1857, respectively, being the sons of Herman and Amelia (Smith) Frisch, who came to Missouri about 1850. The two brothers remained with and assisted their father until the latter's death, and then began doing for themselves, and are now the owners of 600 acres of land in Morgan and Benton Counties, eighty of which are under cultivation, and the rest in timber laud. They have a fine flouring-mill on their property, which was erected in 1880, and is two and a half stories high, and is 26x36 feet. It is run by water power, the water being collected in a reservoir, which is fed by springs about 150 yards above the mill, and furnishes a volume of some 150 cubic feet of water per minute, the volume not being affected by rains. An overshot wheel, having a diameter of sixteen feet, makes nine revolutions to the minute, and the grinding capacity is about thirty barrels per day. They have one set of buhrs for grinding wheat, and one for corn; two sets of elevators, two reel chests, and one smutter. Both brothers support the Republican party, and are men of energy and brains. C. H. Frisch was married December 9, 1880, to Mary Frisch, by whom he has three children: Clarence, born May 6, 1883; Zora, born in November, 1884; Leo. born in March, 1887, and one child that died in infancy. Anna Feineman became the wife of G. B. Frisch on the 12th of April, 1882, and they have now four children: Herman, born January 23, 1883; Laurence, born October 24, 1884; Walter, born September 24, 1886, and Alice, born August 24, 1888.

History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri, Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889.