T. C. DUNGAN, one of the leading members of the Holt County bar, was born April 3, 1840 at Colerain, Belmont County, Ohio. His father was B. Ellis DUNGAN and his mother's maiden name was Sarah S. FOX, a daughter of Josiah FOX, an Englishman who immigrated to America and was for a time naval constructor at Washington. Mr. DUNGAN'S parents were both of Quaker descent and were early residents of Ohio.

Mr. DUNGAN attended the common schools and afterward attended an academy at Ashland County, Ohio. Classes were suspended when the Civil War broke out. He taught school for a time in Belmont County, Ohio and, for a short time, was in an Ohio regiment of the Union Army. His formal study of law began in 1865 and he was admitted to the bar September 12, 1868.

He immediately came to Oregon, Holt County, Missouri and opened a law office in partnership with Thomas J. Hawthorne who came with Mr. DUNGAN from Ohio. Thomas H. Parrish was also a member of the law firm which maintained offices in both Oregon and Rockport. Mr. DUNGAN'S partnership terminated in 1867. In 1869 he formed a partnership with William R. KELLY which continued until July, 1871, from which time Mr. DUNGAN has engaged in practice by himself.

He was appointed county attorney in 1868, and served that office several years. When the 29th Judicial District was formed, he was chosen circuit attorney in a special election held in April, 1871 and served until Jan., 1872. He then served two years as prosecuting attorney, an office he was elected to in Nov., 1871. He has always supported the Republican party. He is the possessor of a complete set of abstracts, the compilation of which he began in 1866, and has performed a large share of real estate transactions in the county.

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas Map, Holt County, MO., p.34

Submitted by Dave Roberts, Lyon County, Kentucky, former Holt County resident.