The first locality settled, in what is now Union Township, is also the oldest settlement in the northwest part of the county. It is known as Sharpe's Grove, and is a mile or two north of the present town of Craig. The grove includes six or seven square miles of timber, mostly in the bluffs, and, to this day (1882), abounds with wolves and wild turkeys. The timber of the grove, which has been growing and spreading ever since the first settlement of the county, is an item of considerable value in the same.

The original settlers of the grove were W. A. and Abraham Sharpe, who came from Bracken County, Kentucky, in the fall of 1841, and settled in their present homes in that locality. John Wise also came in the same year. Jacob Rugh came from Pennsylvania, in 1842, and settled in Sharpe's Grove. In the same year came Joseph Scott, Daniel Hoghan, and J. Kelso. Daniel David, of Indiana, now a prominent citizen of the town of Oregon, and Charles David, his son, a representative merchant of Craig, settled in what is now Union Township, in 1843. In the same year came Joseph Scott, Samuel Thompson and A. McDonald, who died many years ago. They also were among the earliest of those who settled in the grove.

Colonel Hughes and his son-in-law, Samuel Russell, were among the earliest settlers in the bottom region of the township. The first farm across Little Tarkio, near the bluff, was improved by Abner Norris, who' was among the earliest settlers of the county. Mr. Norris afterward moved to Iowa. J. B. Wright first settled in the bottom, but subsequently made his home in Sharpe's Grove. L. Dawson was also a very early settler. In 1844 also came George Heir, A. Hoppy, William Beaucamp and A. J. Williams; C. M. Guilliams, Alfred C. Taylor and C. C. Cunningham settled in the township in 1845.

Source: The History of Holt and Atchison Counties, Missouri; 1882