Liberty Township was one of the last localities settled in Holt County, and the general character of its improvements is rather above the average. A few settlers, however, located in an early day in the southern portion of the township, when the same was included in Benton Township. Probably the first of these was Robert K. Ross, of Tennessee, still (1882) living in the place. He settled in what is now known as Ross' Grove on the northeast quarter of section 7, township 62, range 38, near the waters of Squaw Creek, four and a half miles due north of Mound City.

Among those who settled in the neighborhood about this time, or shortly after, came William Gady, John Clinger, from Indiana; Mrs. Sarah Stockwell, Henry French, Chris Shultz, and Adam Avery, all from Indiana. Samuel Nay, from Illinois, settled within the present limits of the township about 1846. Tinsley Dickey, from the same state, also came about that period. William Beauchamp, from Kentucky, settled there in 1850. Five years after, Fount. Donan, from Kentucky, settled in the neighborhood. John Hindman and Hiram Lawrence, from Ohio, were also among the earlier settlers. J. Glick, from Virginia, settled there in i860. Henry Miller, from Illinois, came in 1864, and William G. Mclntyre, ex-sheriff of the county, settled in Liberty Township about 1867.

Of late years, attracted by the superior excellence of its lands, the territory of this township has rapidly settled up with an enterprising and intelligent class of citizens. The streams on public highways are all crossed by excellent bridges, and good school houses are found in every district. Attention is also directed to the culture of fruit, for the superior excellence of which Holt County is so justly noted, and the day seems not far distant when every farm in Liberty Township will have, as in other districts of the county, its bearing orchard.

Source: The History of Holt and Atchison Counties, Missouri; 1882