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Before 1860 -- Leander Whitfield Jones and his wife Elizabeth (Potter) Jones arrived in Gentry County prior to 1860 and settled in the far NE part of the county. Leander Jones had the following children:

  • Ann Melissa Jones b. 1831 m1. Jeptha Rickman m2. Tommy Dwyer
  • Wilson Wesley Jones b. 1833 d. 1853
  • Susan Elizabeth Jones b. 1836 m1. Hiram Henderson m2. Bill Persinger
  • Sarah Adaline Jones b. 1839 m. John V. VanHoosier
  • Mary Jane Jones b. 1841 d. about 1859
  • John W.D.L.F Jones b. 1843 m. Rebecca Davis
  • Marvel M. Jones b. 1845 m. Mary Jane Steele
  • Ruena Mahala Jones b. 1847 m. Tom Allen
  • Bashabe Beldeiva Jones b. 1849 m. Charles Harden
  • Leander Washington Jones b. 1855 m. Purlina Cooper
  • Alice Ellen C. Jones b. 1857 m. Lewis Nash
  • Alexander Doniphan Jones b. 1861 m. Sarah "Bettie" Weathermon
  • Martha E. Jones b. 1863 m. Edmund Ford

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