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1853 -- Benjamin L. SNEAD (b. 1802) and his wife Elocky W. arrived in Gentry County from Jefferson County, Tennessee, in 1853 and settled in Howard Township near the Lone Star community. Information on this family can be found in the library at Albany. Benjamin and Locky had the following children:

  • Sarah "Sally" Snead (b. 1826 Va.) m. George W. Lockhart
  • Josiah " Joe" Snead (b. 1828/29) m. Nancy Boulton
  • Micajah Snead (b. 1833) m. Lucinda Long
  • Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Snead (b. 1834) m. Bethiah Boulton
  • James Snead (b. 1837 TN) (never married)
  • Mary Snead (b.1838) m. William King
  • Rebecca Snead (b. 1850 TN) (never married)
  • Abby Snead (d. infancy)

Grover W. Snead