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Before 1850 -- Lemuel D. SEGO moved from Kentucky to Missouri in the late 1830s, settling first in Daviess County (Source: The Charles Blackley Family of Knoxville, Tennessee, 1991), then moving to Gentry County before 1850 (Source: 1850 Federal Census). Lemuel and his wife Elizabeth Blakely had 11 known children:

  • Emily Margurite, b. 1825, m. Henry Harrison Akes
  • Granville, b. 1827, m. Almira Shoemaker
  • Mary Ann, b. 1829, m. Jonathan Chenoweth
  • James, b. 183?, m. Martha ??
  • Almeda Jane, b. 1834, m. John Patton
  • Permelia, b. ca 1836, m. Eli Colvin
  • Margaret, b. ca 1840, m. Branch Simpson
  • Elizabeth, b. ca 1844
  • Jessie B., b. ca 1848
  • Valinda, b. ca 1850
  • Francis Marion, b. 1852, m. Laura Ellen Jones.

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