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Clarksdale Cemetery
Washington Township
Township 58, Range 33, Section 23
DeKalb County, Missouri

Clarksdale Cemetery is located approximately one mile northwest of the town of Clarksdale. From Clarksdale, from Hwy 6/31, go west on State Route P 3/4 mile to Bray Road, a gravel road on the north, or right, side. This will be as you come over the top of a hill and is easy to miss. Go north on Bray Road 1/2 mile and turn right, east, onto Wamsley Road. As you come around the jog in the road the cemetery is right there on the north, or left, side of the road. It is easily visible with a dirt track that runs around the east side of the cemetery.

Credits: Kelly Alvarado submitted the photographs for this cemetery.

(Trachsel), Irene M. (1905-1990)
Barber, John Thomas (1856-1933)
Benton, Sarah (1844-1920)
Boyer, Thomas (1850-1925)
Brown, Grant U. (1868-1932)
Brown, Unknown (1910-1910)
Dalton, Minnie Adaline (1880-1954)
Hines, Millie May (1882-1967)
Judson, J. Arlie (1889-1955)
Judson, Urbane Taylor (1851-1915)
Ketchem, Joseph (1840-1927)
Ketchum, William Tilden (1876-1953)
Means, Sophia (1878-1941)
Nogle, Anna (1859-1940)
Pankau, Benjamin Joseph (1889-1962)
Pulley, Carlos D. (1869-1963)
Pulley, Genevra Ann (1858-1931)
Pulley, Kara J. (1863-1915)
Pulley, Settie (1875-1958)
Trachsel, Oscar Albert (1902-1966)
Waller, Eldred Joseph "Ed" (1922-1985)