DATE: 04 Jan 2000
NAME: Kama Morrison
I'm hoping you can help me. Im looking for information regarding the Frazier and Pouge Families. Specifically, James L Whitney b. approx 1860 who married (April 9, 1907) Artamissa Frazier b. approx 1861 Artamissa had 3 children from a previous marriage. Oscar "Butch" Frazier born in 1893 Augustus Frazier born in approx 1895 John Frazier born approx 1901 My Great- Grandfather Oscar "Butch" Frazier married Sarah Jane Pouge born in 1893 They had three children Juanita Elizabeth b. 1919 married James L. Hendrickson d. 1991 Fredia Jack Oscar Frazier was said to be a barber in Van Buran. He and Sarah lived in a little white house on I believe Oliver street. The house was destroyed in 1998. If there is any information regarding any of my family members, please email me at Thanks, Kama Morrison

DATE: 04 Jan. 2000
NAME:Connie Downs
I am looking for members of the EDDINGTON family that may have possibly lived in MO. I have info on others that lived in Illinois and Arkansas. I am told that there are a number of EDDINGTONS buried in the Harmony "Barefoot" Cemetery in Carter County, MO. Would like to obtain a list of them and pursue any connection they might have with my lines. Also looking for info on Andrew Jackson STONE (born c. 1860, Fayette Co., IL) who lived in Fayette Co., IL at the time of his wife's death in 1890. Since they were both only 30 yrs. old, we assume he relocated and probably had another family, but can find no trace of him in IL. Any help would be deeply appreciated. We know nothing of his life and death after this point. Please contact me regarding EDDINGTONS or STONES via e-mail at:
DATE: 09 January 2000
NAME:Molly Hainey
I am looking for any information about Andrew Doles MCSPADDEN, nickname Doc. He was born 10/15/1863, married Fannie Maude DIRICKSON died 10/11/1930, buried in Carter Co. He was a circuit judge for Carter Co. Molly Hainey
DATE: 10 January 2000
NAME:Neal Romine
James & Mattie{Madey} Brownlow These are GGrandparents of my wife's. They are listed in the 1910 census in Carter Co. Both died in the area 1911-1914. Children were sent to Atchison, Ks on Orphan train during that time frame. James worked in either a mill or mine in the area of the Current river, if this will help.The State Archieves Claims to have no record of their deaths. Would appreciate any assistance you have to offer. If you need a fee for searching, please advise and will send. Thanks again. Neal Romine
DATE: 16 January 2000
NAME: Gloria Hursey
In the Carter Co., MO. marriage records there are 2 BARNES marriages that I don't have them listed in my data, yet. I have several John BARNES with no spouse listed, and this marriage to Ages MCCULLOUGH is more than likely one of those. I don't have a Simon V. BARNES in my family tree, yet. SOURCE: Carter Co., MO. Marriages - Book E
BARNES, John M Agnes MCCULLOUGH 08 Sep 1918 105
BARNES, Simon V Ocie ASBERRY 05 Feb 1925 352
Can anyone tell me who the parents of these BARNES were? Thanks for any help. Please email me direct. It will be very much appreciated. Gloria (Birlew) Hursey
DATE: 25 January 2000
NAME: Mary
Missiouri S. Barton -m- William O. Powell about 1912 to 1914.I'm guessing because of the kidds. She did have some problems with carrying and lost a couple.Her parents would be Joseph ( Joel ) Carl Barton _ m_Katie. Did girls have to get married in the county they were born in , in MO ? Joesph's father is supposed to be Joel -m- Missiouri., But his death certificate has Hiland on it.By chance have you seen Joel with an middle name? My Joesph didn't use Joesph very often it seems.His parents must have been undecided what call him. Jasper, Joel or Joseph!!!! Do you have a marriage and or children too for John Harrison Barton the oldest son b 1879 of Joel? I haven't done much research in your county cause I tought that Joseph belong to the Barton's out of MorganCo ILL. . Thank you again for any help you maybe able to give. Mary
DATE: 27 January 2000
NAME: Heidi Cromeens
Looking for any info on Nancy Eva Price. She was born about 1863 in Mo. and I believe that she married a HOPE in the late 1870's or early 1880's. She then married John E. JONAS in Carter Co. on January 11, 1885. I would like to find out if PRICE was really her maiden name or if it was HOPE. The is a huge brick wall for me, and I'd appreciate any help available. Thank You, Heidi Cromeens
DATE: 29 January 2000
NAME: Andie Crowley
CROWLEY, searching for Crowley lines descendant from Charles F Crowley b. 1850 married Narcissus GRESHAM B.1842. Relatives are still living in/around Ellsinore, MO and I am in contact with them. Need help as to where he came from before becoming a Rev for the church in the area. An old story states that there were three brothers who came to the area, all preachers and each took a neighboring town with different churches; Ellsinore, Grandin/Garwood/??? Please contact Andrea Crowley Weymouth 1353 Washington County Line Road, Marissa 62221 or email at Thank you.
DATE: 01 Feb. 2000
NAME: Robert Hoopes
Looking for information (ages) of James Morris and Hattie Kennedy, and was wondering if they would be included in the Carter County Marriage records. They are listed as being in the following: Carter County Missouri Marriage Book "b" 1890 - 1898 page 188 James Morris to Hattie Kennedy, consent of bride's father 18 Oct. 1895. Anyone know how old Hattie was?

DATE: 27 Feb. 2000
I am looking for someone who would be willing to lookup a couple of marriages in Carter Co. in the time period of 1855 to 1860. Do you know of anyone that does volunteer look ups or do you know where I may find marriages for this time period. I am specifically looking for a marriage of Missouri (Mary) Robertson to a Sterns and then a marriage of Mary E. Sterns to an R. Sweazea. If you know how I may find this information please let me know. Thanks.
DATE: 27 Feb. 2000
NAME: Isabella Clark
I am looking for information on Laura Ann (?RICHARDS?) CRANDELL who I believe was born in KY circa 1870 but married James Nathaniel CLARK on 2-14-1884 in Carter Co. Laura was the adopted daughter of John T. CRANDELL, I am told that she was indian. I am searching for any information on Laura before she was adopted. I have come to my brick wall, any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance, Isabella (Touhill) Clark
DATE: 01 March 2000
NAME: Teresa
Henry Alphanso(Fonz) George Washington Tilley Eliza or Elyza (Walker) Tilley m1 Wood - m2 Tilley known children to Eliza are: Tilley, William A.(Arthur) M born Feb. 1892, age 8, Missouri son Tilley, Amyee or Amy E. F born May 1894, age 6, Missouri daughter Tilley, Sarah E. (Ethel) F born Oct. 1890, age 3, Missouri daughter Tilley, Sherly E. M born Dec. 1898, age 1, Missouri son Wood, Thomas R. M born Aug. 1889, age 11, Missouri step-son Wood, Martha E. F born Mar 1886, age 14, Missouri step-daughter Would like to know the name of the Wood children's father . This information is taken from the 1900, Mo. census of Blackriver Twnshp. Wayne county.. anyone having any information please contact Thank you. Teresa
DATE: 01 March 2000
NAME: Pat Lord Stechalin
I am researching th Lord family, any and all Lords. They came from TN and lived in various counties of MO. Have much info on the Lords and willing to share. Pat Lord Stechalin
DATE: 24 March 2000
NAME: Paula
I am looking for descendants of Pinkney Lee Griffin, Taylor Griffin, and older brother John Griffin that lived in Carter County about 1890. The Griffin brothers came from Trigg County Kentucky, and migrated to Carter County. John Griffin married a Richmond, and I believe he was buried in Poco Hollow Cemetery. Daniel Emmons came from Lawrence County TN in the 1830's, and settled in Ripley County, but his wife Caladonia (Callie) Scott's parents lived in Carter in 1900. as well as her step siblings Dennis Solomon Scott, and Mollie Scott but she married a man by the last name of Barbor. Thanks Paula
DATE: 04 April 2000
NAME: Pat Norman
Needing help with my Provance in Carter Co. MO. 1900 Census. Johnson township there is a W.H. Provance born 1865. Wife Emila H. b.1864 and son Carlos. Also in Carter Co. MO. Carter township there is a Otis Provance born 1871. Wife Nellie born 1875 and two daughters Opal born 1895 and Alma born 1893. Would anyone know who these Provance are? Wondering what connection if there is one to my John Daniel Provance in 1900 Census in Jackson township, Carter Co.MO. born 1859 and his brother William Provance born 1858 Also in 1900 Census Jackson township,Carter Co.MO. Would appreciate any inf. on these Provance's. Thank You. Pat Norman
DATE: 05 May 2000
NAME: Barbara Fulton
I am searching for Reva Baty who lived in Van Buren in the 1940's. She perhaps married Arthur Geoffray. Please send responses to Barbara Fulton,
DATE: 28 April 2000
NAME: Cynthia Knollhoff
John(Jack) H. Spratley, m/Hettie Morris. Children, John H, Lilly Loretta, Nealy, Chloe. Have info on children and on Hettie. Any clue on John? Carter Co. census says he is from Pa. Where/when was he and Hettie married? Who are his parents? Misc. infor suggests also that Hettie's mother, Martha Lorene Huff was an Osage indian that her father Joshua Morris met while running trading post? Any truth to this? I am Daughter-in-law of Chloe and John Jordan's only living daughter, Lelah Merle. Am looking for this for her. She is now 77. Also on her Fathers side, Benjamin F. Jordan and Martha Alice Farmer. Cannot find info on their parents and siblings. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
DATE: 21 May 2000
NAME: Harold Gosnell
GOSNELL Carter Co., Mo. 1880-1900 went to Shannon Co., abt 1900. On to Louisiana IN 1903. wilson In Carter County abt 1880-1900 on to Shannon Co., about 1900. Some went to Texas and some to Lousiana Thanks: Harold Gosnell
DATE: 26 May 2000
Does anyone know anything about a CLOYD REESE? He is in a picture with my Dad, Art Emmons.....dated 1928. Anxious to hear.....Kay Emmons Hale
DATE: 04 June 2000
NAMES: Susan & Damien Aragon
Looking for information on Couple James N. Thomas who married Alice Allen 14 June 1895, Carter Co., MO. They maybe the James Nelson Thomas(d. ca 1911, in St Louis) and Mary Alice Allen (d/ of Thomas Allen and Rebecca Nancy McClain) I have been looking for. My James Thomas and Alice (Allen) Thomas had the following children: Essie b. 1898; Bessie "Betty"(b. 1900 d. 1996 in St. Louis), m1 Bill Crane, m2 Fred Howard, Thelma "Noggie", m1 Frank Dwyer, m2 Tommy Lane; Thomas Everett(1904-1909); Dolly (b. 1909 in St. Louis), m1 John Andresen, m2 Fred Barge. Thanks Damien & Susan Aragon
DATE: 05 June 2000
NAME:Bobbie Wilhite
Hello, My name is Bobbie Wilhite, and I am searching for any information on my Great, Great Gramdfather, Mathias Gossett Judy. I do not know when or where he died, but the Kansas archives suggested that he may have moved back to Missouri after 1886. They have no record of him after that year, and seemed to think he may have moved back to Missouri. Where do I go from here if I have NO idea on his whereabouts? I do know he was born March 14,1833, and that is just about all. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Bobbie Wilhite
DATE: 09 June 2000
NAME: Paula
I was wondering if you had any information on a smalpox out break around Carter Co. sometime between 1910 and 1920? I had a grandfather his name was Andrew Moore (Bn.1847 in ILL.) that past away after coming down with Small Pox. There was a member of the family that wasfined for crossing the carnteen line. I was wondering if something like that would have been kept some where on file or wa it that big of a deal back then? After he died he was wrapped up in a white sheet and taken out and burried. Where we don't know and what year we don't know. All we do know is that he was on the 1910 census in Reynolds Co. but now I have lost the whole family. i found the married son Fred in Ripley but not his mother (Jane nor his son Charlie). I thought maybe if you had an idea of about when the out break was and when it ended it would give me some idea of when he past away. I have checked with Oregan, Ripley, and Reynolds and they don't have anything on record of having smal pox. But a lady fron Reynolds told me that Carter Co. did. So if you could please help me or guide me in the direction of someone that maybe able to, I'd be very greatful. Sincerely; Paula
DATE: 11 June 2000
NAME: Marilyn
My great grandparents were Henry Cloninger and Amanda Fagga, married Oct. 1, 1868 in Carter County. Does anyone know who Amanda's parents were or where she was born? I have lots of info on the Cloninger side that I would be happy to share. Sincerely, Marilyn Cloinger Hartin
DATE: 28 July 2000
NAME: Pauline
JOHNSON, John M. and wife, Sarah Emmaline Winningham, lived in Carter County in 1914. My aunt, CALDWELL, Mathilda Rosetta was born on their farm on Feb. 8, 1914. John is buried in Carter County. Could anyone find the cemetery that he's buried in. He died November 4, 1926. His wife moved to Ripley Co. to live with my grandparents, CALDWELL, Lewis A. and JOHNSON, Martha E. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Pauline Caldwell Baganoff
DATE: 08 August 2000
NAME: Susan Trent
House--not sure of first name--look for a son by the name of Thomas Thank you Susan Trent
DATE: 13 August 2000
NAME: Polly
AMERICA EPPERSON b. 1830 Mo. children: HARMON EPPERSON MARY EPPERSON b. 1861Mo. d. 1946 m. WILLIAM ANDREW SWIGERT b. 1855 d. 1931 both are buried in Grandin Cemt. BETTY EPPERSON b. 1874 Mo. d.1943 La. m. JAMES T. STONE b.1871 Mo. BETTY and JAMES had 9 children , 4 of which were b. in Carter Co. Mo. I would be so grateful for any help on this family thank you,polly
DATE: 16 August 2000
NAME:Tricia DeMoss
Looking for William and Roda Davis family who lived in Carter Co.Mo. at least by 1860. Was still there 1870. William was born abt. 1805, in Tennessee. I believe Roda was 2nd wife. William had following children: Berryman or Benjamin., John Riley, Allen (married into Dildine family)., Hardin (married into Gardner family).
DATE: 20 August 2000
NAME:No Name
Seeking descendants of James LITTLE (b. Alabama 1855?) and Mary JONES, who lived in Carter County around 1900. Their son David LITTLE and his wife Ola are buried at the Gresham Cemetery near Ellsinore. Son of David might have been Andrew W. LITTLE who is also buried at Gresham, along with his wife Myra Harris. Andrew and Myra both died in a car accident on 5/27/90. I am Mike Little, a descendant of this family's upline living in California.
DATE: 31 August 2000
NAME: Rose
Seeking information on Joseph William Farrow. He and his family were residents of Grandin, Carter County, MO in 1902 when he and a Marion Gunn had a political duel on the main street of town concerning politics. He was married to Deborah "Dee" Derieux and they had 8 children, namely: Thornton, Madge, Mettie, Sidney, Nellie, Whit, Florence and Bill. I have a marriage for Thornton. Madge & Mettie are known to have died young. Nothing is known about Sidney, Nellie, or Florence. Whit and Bill moved to California. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Rose Heritage Thank you, Debra LaVonne
DATE: 01 September 2000
Looking for any information on GGrandmother. Was told she was of Native American descent. Mattie Berthel Yates b. 1890 MO d. 1968 OK Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Debra LaVonne
DATE: 06 September 2000
NAME: Pamela
Would like to contact desc. of the following family: Henry Wise BLANCHARD m. 5 Aug 1883 Ripley Co. to Delitha Jane PAYNE. Her mother, Ellen FREEMAN, gave consent. Ellen may have been Sarah Ellen GARTON who m. to Melvin PAYNE in 1866 Ripley Co. or did S.E. die and Melvin remarry to Ellen McCULLOUGH (McCULLY) b. 1843 AL (found on the 1860 Ripley Co., MO census.) Appreciate any help at all. Pamela Geisler Smith, Gresham, OR
DATE: 08 September 2000
GRINDSTAFF, Mary married --- BAKER (first name not known). Family members think his name may have been Ernest or George, but we don't know for sure. BAKER and Mary had at least four children (all born in ARK. acc. to 1880 census): William, b. 1870/71; John, b. 1872/73; George E., b. 1885/86; Mary, b. 1878/79. Mary used the nickname Molly, married a Cyrus CARNEY or CARNES and lived in OK. In 1883 Mary Grindstaff BAKER married George Washington WILLIAMS in Carter co. MO, then moved to Oregon co.MO.
DATE: 08 September 2000
WILLIAMS, George Washington (b. 11 Jan. 1852 IND) mar. March 8, 1883 in Carter co. (2) to Mary Ellen (GRINDSTAFF- maiden name) BAKER. Their children included: Daniel Elija, b. 1883; Ruth Ellen, b. 1886; Andrew Jack, b. 1887; Lilly, b. 1889; Jesse Rubin, b. 1890; Quilissa, b. 1892; Lon Thomas, b. 1894, Charles Watson, b. 1896. All the children were born in Oregon co., MO. George's first wife may have been named Cynthia. George Washington, according to family stories, may have had four brothers one of whom was named Jesse. George's father's may have been Daniel or Thomas. Mother's maiden name may have been MCDONALD. We have no actual documents that may provide any clues as to his parentage. We're looking for his parents and his siblings. Sincerely, Rea Ann
DATE: 10 September 2000
NAME: Katy
I have my great great grandfather's, Willliam Pendleton, Certificate of Election for Constable in 1894 fro Jackson Township of Carter Co. Missouri and a letter of recommendation for his election from James Kirkland,11-3-1893. I'd be happy to post them on the Carter Co. sight, please let me know where would be the best spot. Katy
DATE: 10 September 2000
NAME: John Boyer
I'm looking for any relationship to Nathan R. Tinsley and Cordie Henson Married July 1, 1891, Carter Co. John A. Boyer
DATE: 12 September 2000
NAME:Marilyn Hartin
My greatparents, Henry Cloninger and Amanda Fagga were married in Carter County, MO 1 Oct. 1868. Would you have any suggestions for finding more about Amanda? I have used the search engine of several web sites, have census records after they were married, but have not been able to find parents for her. Thanks for any directions you might be able to provide. Sincerely, Marilyn Cloinger Hartin
DATE: 23 September 2000
NAME:Fred Cosgrove
COLLINS, Joseph (b IN 1844) appears on the 1900 Carter County MO Census with wife Nancy J. and daughter Josie L. He appears on the 1910 Carter County Census with sister-in-law Emma TUCKER, daughter Mollie COLLINS and grand children Pearl, Clyde, Luin and Loyd HOWARD. Would appreciate any information on any of this family. Fred Cosgrove
DATE: 25 September 2000 & 01, 12, 16Oct. 2000
NAME: Denise Tipton
TIPTON Whalin (Walin) Move to Carter Co from Louisville Ky. Wife Lucy born Ky.Need Father or Mother name.Thanks I'm trying to find Samuel Harvey Isaac Tipton. WHALIN TIPTON and SAMUEL TIPTON were his sons. WHALIN TIPPIN born in KY md LUCY GREEN from KY. THey are buied at Good Hope Cemetery in Carter Co. Whalin children were: IRON, WILLIAM, LASHIEY, JESSE. Willing to share my Tipton information with anyone that is reseaching Tipton's I'm looking for information on a EMMA or EMMY TIPTON b.abt 1910. She md ___ BARNES of Carter Co. Emmy is buried a Mill Spring Cemetery. Emmy is the dau of Whalin Tipton and Lucy Green. I would appreciate all the help you can give me. Thanks Denise Tipton Does anyone have any information on Samuel TIPTON or Wheelen TIPTON of Grandin,Carter Co. MO. Their family came from Ky. in the 1880 to Mo. Father name Samuel Harvey Isaac TIPTON md 2 times Zannie FOWLER, later Adalay Fowler (could this be Adia ROY) Samuel Tipton was Sheriff in Grandin in 1906. Wheelen TIPTON and Lucy Green was md in 1898 THeir children are: Aron Tipton md Alice Jones both buried at Good Hope Cemetery Grandin
DATE: 02 October 2000
All information on any and all descendants of William Washburn in Carter County. Especially interested in stories, copies of papers, and records. I have information to share with anyone who wished to know more. Family names include Harrison, Brandon, Garrett, Lowery, and Clousing. I look forward to sharing information. Thanks and good luck with your search. - Joseph
DATE: 08 October 2000
NAME: Deborah
Am looking for info on my Grandfather Tonie STRINGER, born CURRENT RIVER, MO, Sept. 19, 1899. Mother Rose (possibly WESTON), Father James STRINGER. Sometime prior to 1917, Tonie ended up in LOUISIANA, where he enlisted in US Army at age 17 at Jackson Barracks. Was in WWI, stayed in Army until his death in 1931 at Plattsburgh Barracks, Plattsburgh, NY of appendicitis. Married my Gmother Florence Edna Armstrong in Plattsburgh, NY. 3 Daughters, Thelma, Rose Mary (my mother), and Patricia. Possibly had a much younger sister, Dorothy and possible Uncle Antoine. If you know of this family, please email me at My mother was only 4 when he died, and contact with his family was lost. I have hit a brick wall. Thanks
DATE: 21 October 2000
NAME: Donna
My Ancestor was Nelson R. Parke who was born in NY in 1823. He married Elizabeth West and moved to DeKalb Co IL. There are living there in the 1860/1870 DeKalb Co IL census. I was searching the land patents on GLO's website and found a patent for: Nelson R. Parke of DeKalb CO IL for 319 acres of land in Carter Co MO 9-1-1859. They didn't move there so I'm wondering what happened to this patent. Another option is that this might be my Nelson's uncle who was also named Nelson R. Any help would be much appreciated to find this mystery. Donna Carpenter
DATE: 05 November 2000
NAME: Lynda
I am searching for my family roots and I need some help. My grandfather was Gilbert Hansford Farris, he married my grandmother Claudie Marlin on March 28th. 1923 in Van Buren, Carter Co., Mo. They were not married to many years but did have two son's together. They were Gilbert Lee and Claude Vernon Farris. I never did know any of the Farris's and would love to find some of my lost family. If you have any information about Gilbert Hansford or any of his family please get in touch with me. Thanks Lynda " Farris " Garrett
DATE: 09 November 2000
NAME: Pat Noble
My grandparents lived in Ellsinore, MO., county of Carter. Edward Chilcutt b. 1897, d. 1933. Beatrice Chilcutt Walton Maiden Name-Harwell b. July 1900 d. 1935. They died when my mother was a child. Need any information, please. Trying to find grave plots in Chapel Hill Cemetery also.