Prepared and submitted by Daisy Samples Andersen.

Consent for marriages Carter Co., Missouri 1890 to 1891
(Typed as they were written without spelling corrections)
Anything with * is a note from transcribber

Jay 2,-90  To R.L.Coleman
Dear Sir
 William and my girl wants to get married. 
I have no objection. Let him have licens

No Date (marriage was in 1891)*
Dear Sir,
William Short and my girl wants to get married.
I have no objections.  Let him have licens.
R. P. Lowthers

January 6th 1891:
This is to show that I am wiling that lisence may be granted to
 John Smith to marry daughter Mary Alice Hanger. 
-- M. J. Hanger
Witness by John Hanger an I.B. Parker

Jan. 7, 1891  McDonald, Mo. 
 Mr. J. McGee
Dear Sir Mr. Hefran his my consent to marry my daughter 
Sarah Jane McGonnigal age 16 years 
his mark X Edward McGonnigal 
attest W.L. Kinnard, D.C. Davis

Jan.28, 1891  To the circuit clerk of Carter Co. Mo.
 You are hereby authorized to issue marrige license to 
Alexander F. Shoulders and Virginia E. Klenn?
 all of Carter Co. Mo. and this shall be your warrent for the same
 James A. Gills.

Jan. 31, 1891  Hunter Mo.
Dear Sir please record the inclosed at once
 yours Sol. Conford

Feb. 13, 1891 To the circuite clerk of Carter Co. Mo.
You will pleas grant marage licence to William Leadbetter 
and M.E. Hunt by our consent and oblige.
Alfred Hunt and Lucettie Hunt.

Feb. 18, 1890  Millsprings Mo.  Robert Coleman
Dear Sir  Will you please send marriage 
licence for Lawson Hughs and Lusteller Coleman, 
Lawson Hughs is 29 years old and Lusteller Coleman is 20 years old.
I am personaly acquainted with the parties
send by registered mail to Millsprings and oblige 
yours E.H. Haney

May 14, 1891  Grandin Mo.
Bro. James McGld - Bro. and friend
this is to certify that the lady Mr. Collins is going to get married
to is over eighteen.  So will you please remender me 
in granting his lisens.
 - - Elder James A. Carter

May 25 1891  Grandin Carter Co., Mo  To the County of Carter County.  
This is to sertify that I have this day agreed to let
Mr. T.M. Smith take my daughter Mahuldia Arminttlie Fowler and
he agrees to marry her soon.
She is groan she was sixteen years old the 11th day of last April 
her father is dead has been dead six years and there is not any one
making any complaints against it you will please let
Mr. T.M. Smith have his license 
Oblige Respect
 X Mrs Rodia Ann George  attest: TM Smith

Grandin , Mo. No Date
now all men that I Wm G Gunter of the County of Carter 
hav given and do give my concent to the mareg of 
Albina Gunter and Francis H Brannon.

May 25 1891
I certify that Wm G Gunter the father of Albina Gunter and 
acknowledg his williness to the  mareg of the above name
parties this May 25, AD 1891
A B Hensley Justice of the Peace

June 17, 1891 
Written on paper from Elsinore Lumber Company Carter County Mo.
Mr. James M. McGhee
Dear Sir and Friends  
Enclosed find one dollar for which please send a marriage license for
John F. McCabe to Miss Jennie Bowman both of this place. 
All parties have agreed and the parties are both of age and
no discenting voices.
Yours very respectfully
 Robert H. Evens 

June 23, 1891  Elsinore
Mr. James McGhee,
I have enclose your one dollar for which please send a marriage to
Henry Whitaker to Mrs. Sarah A. Tucker. 
The parties are both over age and line in this county. 
Send the license to M. Henry Whitaker Ellsinore Mo.
Yours very respect 
Robert Evens

July 1st 1891  
Mr. James McGhee Clerk of Carter County Mo.
This is to certify that we give our concent for
Nathan R. Tinsley and Cordie Henson to be joined
in the Holy bonds of matrimony if  they wish: 
witness our hand I.J. Tinsley, Martha A. Tinsley

Aug. 20, 1891
Mr. Clerk of the Court 
you can grant Berry Ijames his lisen for he is
22 years of age an I have no objection
Yours ever  Olive? Ijames

Aug. 28, 1891   Millsprings Mo.  E. Robertson
This is certify by the asent of Martha J. Smith she has agreed to
get married to the said Oliver Sagastian.  She is over the age of 18 years
Martha J. Smith  Oliver's mother Martha gives consent

Sep. 9, 1891  Robert L. Coleman
Dear Sir, 
This is to certify that I have given my consent to my dater 
Lillie Robertson marrying H.A. Sweeney

Sep. 19, 1891 Mr. R.L. Coleman
Give George his paper for I think everything is strictly on the square.
Yours Truley  John M. Brame

Oct. 31, 1891  Millsprings, Mo.  R.L. Coleman
Dear Sir,
Please find inclosed fee for marriage license for 
Joseph H. Dimond 26 years old 
and Alice Boyer who is 20 years old. 
Please return same to my address by registerd mail as soon as posible.
Yours Truly,
E.H. Haney

Nov. 24, 1891  Jimmies Heyes
Dear Sir, 
Give Charly Buchannan licens for him and my daughter Dora to marry.
F.M. Rodgers

Dec. 21, 1891  Ellsinore Mo.  
To Mr.R.L Coleman Circuit Clerk Van Buren MO.
Dear Sir,
Enclosed please find one dollar for which sen me a marriage license for 
James Asiesman to Miss Cosa Lure both of this place.  
They are both of lawful ages and no objections to their marriage in 
any way an not related.
Yours very respect,
Robert Evens

Dec. 26, 1891  De Beque, Colo.  
To Whom Concerned,
This is to certify that I did give my consent willingly to the marriage 
of my daughter Jenne and Willie Chilton.
W.H. Crandell
Dec. 27, 1891
We her by give concent to the mairage of 
Mr. Morgan Magness and Dosia Isabell Gossett
B.G. Gossett
attest W.H. Warf Morgan?

Dec. 30th, 1891 At home
Mr. J. McKee County Clerk Van Buren Carter Co Mo.
James T. Vandyke has our consent, and free will to marry 
our daughter Sarah J. Foster
--Joseph H. Foster and Eliza E. Foster

Carter County Marriage Consent Letters 1892

(typed as were written without correcting spelling) Jan. 26, 1892 Mr. County Clerk, Pleas let Bairer have marraige license for J.F. Bristol he is 21 years old. I am all the parent he has and he has no gardeen and I am willing for him to marry Yours Truly Miss Mariar X her mark L. Bristol No Date State of Mo., County of Carter To the clerk of said county authorized to grant license. This is to certify that we the under signed consent and agree that our daughter Anna E. Clyburn to be married to Andrew McGhee of Wayne Co. Mo. Levi Clyburn, Margaret Clyburn parents Witness George Clyburn No Date (See above) To the Clerk of Carter County, authorized to grant license this is to certify I the under signed assent and agree that you may grant him licence to be married to Anna E. Clyburn of Carter County Mo Mrs. C.C. Hassel -- parent witness George Clyburn *(marriage date 17 Feb 1892) No Date, application filed 17 March 1892 Plese let William Pogue have his lisans Annie I. Fort rate by J.B. Fort (can't read the rest) *(marriage date 20 March 1892 book B page 68) March 30, 1892 Written on a L.L. Brown Paper Company Memoranda Van Buren Mo. To R.L. Coleman Circuit Clerk This certifies that I give my consent to the marriage of my son Henry Griffin to Ella Weldon signed William Griffin April 13, 1892 Written on Pheonix Insurance Company , Hartford CT, Tornado Dept. paper Ellsinore, R.L. Coleman Van Buren Mo Dear Sir, Me a licenes for marriey of J.Y. Steavens and Annie Hill boath of Ellsinore Carter County Mo. who upon oath says that he J.Y. Steavens is over the age of 21 years and said Annie Hill says she is over the age of 18. Sworn before me this April 13 1892 -- J.B. Gooch J.G. April 21, 1892 To the Clerk of Carter County This is to suritfy to you that I gave my consent for George Clyburn and Missouri Johnston to marry. H.D. Johnston May 11, 1892 To the Circute Cleark at Van Buren Mo. This is to certify that we the pearence of Matilda Turnbough has willingly gaven up and concented to the marriage of Matilda Turnbough and William E. Brinkley. You are heare by orthorised to grant him lisans fore the purpose above stated. Mr. & Mrs. Harm Turnbough father and mother of the above named girl age 17 years. May 14, 1892 Ellsinore Mo. R.L. Coleman Van Buren Dear Sir Pleas send one marriage licence to Lane Secrees and Jossie Hardin of Carter County Mo. The girl is under 18 years old but here parents has given their consent to said marriage. Your Respectfuly J.B. Gooch May 23, 1892 Ellsinore Carter County Mo. This is to certify that I the mother of Jossie Hardin have given my concent to the marreige of Jossie and Lane Secreese. Mary E. Longbottom July 11, 1892 Grandin Carter County, To County Cleark of Carter County Please let J.R. Wallis have my marage licens as wee are boath of age and ther ant now objector on earther side the lady ant gat now parants and I am twenty two years old and the lady is eighteen years old. Yours Truly J.W. Crollay Miss Lulie Hopkins witness by S.F. Cornell July 25, 1892 Written on paper from office of R.L. Coleman Circuit Clerk and Recorder for Carter County This is to certify that I am the aunt of Annie Rodgers and am willing for her to and her father and mother being dead, give my consent ofr her, Annie Rodgers to marry S.M. Casey Dora Green is willing. Aug. 2, 1892 I here sertifie that I give my concent for Mr. Will Hutchins to aftor licenes at my concent for Lizzie Fiort daughter of J.B. Fiort. *(License says W.S. Hutchings to Lizzie Fort Aug. 2, 1892) Aug. 8, 1892 This is to certify that the under signed have given thair concent to the marage of thar daughter Miss Mary Alice Clark to James Norries? Joel? G. Clark and Mrs. Clark *(married 29 Sep 1892) Sep. 6, 1892 Greenville P.O. Carter County Mo. I the father of said Miss Anna Kindle do sirtify that she is her own woman being 19 years of age and can do just as she pleases and all will be right to grant lisence for her marriage. A.J. Kindle Witness T.F. Street *(License says Annie Kindle to Thom F. Street) Sep. 7, 1892 Colemanville You will please let Elmer have marriege licens P.G. Drake *(marriage license has Elmer Drake to Willie Sweazea) Oct. 21, 1892 R.L. Coleman Van Buren Mo. This is to certify that Eligah Barree and Sarah Barree is willing for Tim Tinsley and Jammie Barree to bee joined in the holy bonds of matrimony if they choose. Eligah Barree X Sarah Barree X witness T.R. Tinsley Oct. 26, 1892 Mr. McGee, This is to sertify that we Mr. and Mrs. Green the grand parence of Mary Maryetta Bucey has given hir to James F. Green as we hase raised her. Mr. and Mrs. Green this girl was 15 the 4th of last August. *(Marriage License says Marietta Bucey) Nov. 1st, 1892 R.L. Coleman Van Buren Mo. Dear sir pleas send me a marriage license for John M. Dawson and Harriet Elizabeth Norman age 58 and 57. Respectfuly, J.B. Gooch. The fee has been paid but it being silver could not send mail will send it to you by first oppertunity Yours J.B. Gooch $1.00 Nov. 2, 1892 This is to certifie that I Loucinda Whiticer is the mother of Sarah E. Edington and John Whiticer her step father and we gave her in marge to William Parsons before witnesses for which we demand licince. Mr. McGhee please send the licence right away they want to marry next Sunday. I will be responnsible that you are safe in doing so. Mr. Parsons is his own guardian and has neither father or mother and lacks but two months being of age there is no danger. -- WW Smith. Please direct to mee. W.W. Smith Elsiinoree Mo. Nov. 11, 1892 This is to certify that I am willing for my son Lewis Rutledge to marry Rosa Lemmix. Jar Rutledge Dec. 24, 1892 Mr. James M. McGhee if you pleasse give to R.J. Morlan marriage licenes for William Lee Morlan 20 years of age and Manny Condray 17 years of age. From Fidlo Condray X his mark Tenasee Condray X her mark Dec. 26, 1892 Peggy Carter County Mo Mr. Robert Coalman Sir, I want you to send me licens to marry Belle Lee 24 years of age William Orrick 25 years of age. So I will inclose $1.00. So as I condt come I will refure you to Al Pruett who will write you a fewe lines in this letter. Send by return mail. Robert Coleman is hur now both of these partys is _____? time and it is all right -- Allen Pruett