Jan. 30.

At the home of his parents in Barnard, Mo., Bruce, the little child of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Larrabee departed this life on Thursday, January 26, aged almost two years. This is indeed a sad blow to the father and mother and gladly would we console them if we could, but words of ours are too feeble to carry consolation to their aching hearts; but though the little voice is stilled, no more pattering of little feet to be heard in that home, his life will live on in your hearts and what a sacred thought it will be to you in years to come to think of the sunshine his brief life brought to your home and to remember that he lived to love and be loved by those who will ever cherish his pure sweet memory.

The little one was laid to rest in the Whitesville cemetry [sic], Friday afternoon, by the side of his little sister, of whom the sad parents were bereft several years ago.

His voice on earth you will hear no more,
But he will call to you from above,
You will hear his voice and better be
Because of your darling's love.