Date of Death: 29 Aug 1852
Subject: Sarah (Stevenson) Elliott
Source: Savannah Sentinel, Saturday, September 4, 1852, p. 2

Died-- On Sabbath the 29th of August, at about 1 o'clock, at the family residence, Mrs. Sarah Elliott, consort of Mr. Robert Elliott of this county. The deceased was born in Woodford county Ky., March 25th 1794.

In the year 1825 she attached herself to the Presbyterian Church, at Pisgala Woodford county. Her profession has been adorned by a life of consistent piety and Godly conversation. And though her death was so sudden and instantaneous that no opportunity was afforded to her to leave a testimony in her last moments of the consolation and support of religion-- Yet such was her renunciation of self dependence-- such was her complete reliance upon Christ-- such the calmness and resignation with which she awaited death during several weeks preceding the vent when she was admonished that her time was short and that her departure might be sudden, that her friends enjoy a delightful and unshaken confidence that she now rests in those blessed mansions which Christ has prepared for them that love him. By this sudden death, the church is deprived of one of its oldest, most beloved and respected members; and a large circle of friends and acquaintances deprived of the society and fellowship of one of its most valued branches.

The church, the family and friends will bow in cheerful resignation to this stroke of the Divine hand, since we know the Lord doeth all things well; and "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."