Date of Death: 31 May 1921
Subject: William A. Morrow
Source: St. Joseph Observer, 4 Jun 1921

When the night clerk at James Roach's hotel, the Saxton, 213 Francis street, at about 1 o'clock Wednesday morning detected the odor of gas escaping from a room occupied by William A. Morrow, a laborer, who recently came here from Rosendale, Mo., he forced an entrance and found the body of Morrow lying on the bed. Life had been extinct for some time. Before he turned on the gas jet and lay down to die Morrow had stuffed all of the cracks in the doors and windows with rags. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Morrow, reside at Rosendale and they took the body home. Morrow had registered there Sunday under the name of C. E. White.