Date of Death: Apr 1910
Subject: Richard, Martin, Dennis & Earl Hardin
Source: Holt County Sentinel, 29 Apr 1910, p. 1

Surely the cup of sorrow of Charles Hardin and wife is more than filled. Their family lives in Andrew county, near the Iron Bridge.  The death messenger came to this humble home, and within 48 hours had taken from them their four sons, Richard, aged 19, who died Monday morning; Sunday night, Mart aged 15; Sunday afternoon Dennis, aged 14, and Earl, Sunday morning, aged 10.  All of these children were attacked with measles, and in each case pneumonia developed, and with all the best of care and physicians, it seemed that the disease made such rapid work, that nothing could possible save them.

The funeral services were held Monday afternoon, and the four bodies were buried side by side at Fillmore.