Date of Death: 11 Sep 1921
Subject: Rush McBeath
Source: St. Joseph Observer, 17 Sep 1921

Sunday noon Everett Kirk and George Ables, two neighbor boys, were at the home of Mr. Rush McBeath in Flag Springs, and he complained of not feeling well. The neighbors noticed Monday morning that his door was open, which was unusual. In the afternoon these young men went to the house and found that the hogs had broken down the fence and that a rat terrier dog was keeping guard and preventing the hogs from going into the house where the dog’s master, Mr. McBeath, was lying dead on the floor. The evidence seemed to indicate that death had come Sunday evening while sitting in his chair, from which he had fallen on his face. He was frugal and had worked hard all his life and he leaves two hundred acres of land and notes and bonds.- Savannah Reporter