These pictures were taken by Joe & Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2006. © THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

* Indicates African-Americans
+ Indicates obituary available

Section 2
This section is east of the Long Branch Church

Name Inscription/Notes Photograph(s)
Addington, John N. John N. Addington
Aug. 8, 1860
Jan. 17, 1951
Addington, Lucy Lucy Addington
aged 16 Ms
Addington, Sarah B. Sarah B. Addington
Aug. 5, 1866
Apr. 21, 1907
Akin, Elizabeth Elizabeth Akin
Born May. 23, 1…8
Died Sep. 30, 1876
271B 272B
Albertson, Permelia Permelia Albertson
Died Jan. 22, 1865
Aged 47 years
Here where the silent marble weeps
A friend, a wife, a mother sleeps
A heart within whose sacred cell
The peaceful virtues loved to dwell.
081B 081Ba
Andrus, Bessie Our Baby Bessie Andrus
Born Aug. 19, 1913
Died Jan 13, 1917
A little time on earth she spent
Till God for her his angels sent.
Andrus, John W. John W. Andrus
Sept. 19, 1876
May 25, 1925
Avery, Benjamin F. Sacred to the memory of
Benj. F. Avery
Died May 9, 1880
Aged 34 Ys 5 Ms 24 Ds
114B 115B
Avery, Polly M. Polly M. Avery
Died June 21, 1906
Aged 61 years
Barada, Delilah+ (north)
Delilah Barada
Born July 4, 1821
Died Mar. 21, 1891
Tis sweet to die when, gone before,
The loved one of my heart,
My angel son crys “Mother, come,
we never more shall part."
264B 265B
Barada, John O. John O. Barada
Born Jan. 25, 1855
Died Nov. 26, 1880
Aged 25 Y's 10 M's
Gone but not forgotten.
266B 267
Beeler, Charles H. Chas. H. Beeler
Died Mar. 11, 1862
Aged 77 yrs
[Stone was being reset 2005]
059 060B
Beeler, Charles N. (north)
In memory of Chas. N. Beeler
Died Nov. 13, 1887
Aged 47 Yr 3 Mo 17 days
Private Co. L. 1 Regt. M. S. M.
I shall meet the loved who have gone before
And joyfully sweet will the meeting be
When over the river, the peaceful river,
The angels of death shall carry me.
121B 124B 123B
Beeler, James Garfield James Garfield Beeler
May 23, 1881
Sept. 22, 1942
Beeler, Margaret Margaret
dau. of C. N. & M. J. Beeler
Died Aug. 20, 1875
Aged 11 Mo's 9 Days
Suffer little children to come unto me
and forbid them not, for
of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Beeler, Martha Martha
wife of C. H. Beeler
Died Apr. 1, 1856
Aged 52 yrs
059 061B
Beeler, Mary M. (west)
Mary M.
dau. of Chas. N. & Margaret J. Beeler
Died Apr. 2, 1888
Aged 19 Yr 6 Mo 19 days
"Come unto me all ye that labor and
are heavy laden and I will give you rest."
Matt. 9 Chap. 28 vr.
When we see a precious blossom.
That we tended with such care.
Rudely taken from our bosom
How our aching hearts dispair.
121B 122B 122Ba 124Ba
Beeler, Ollie Belle Ollie Belle
dau. of Chas. & M. J. Beeler
died Aug. 21, 1872
aged 10 M 3 D
Suffer little children to come to me and forbid
them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.
Blain, Lafayette Lafayette Blain
Died April 25, 1899
Aged 64 years
Gates ajar
At rest
Blaine, Elizabeth (west)
Elizabeth Blaine
Died Sep. 23, 1857
Aged 13 years
158 159
Blaine, J. C. (north)
J. C. Blaine
Died Nov. 14, 1888
Aged 78 years
The sweet rememberances of the just
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust
158 159 160B 161B
Blaine, Simon J. (west)
Simon J. Blaine
Died June 16, 1855
Aged 6 years
158 159
Bostwick, John F. 1883-1948 178
Cordry, Mary E. Mary E. Cordry
Born Jan. 10, 1859
Died Jan. 29, 1887
Craig, Abbey E. Abbey E.
wife of Wesley P. Craig
Died Feb. 7, 1865
Aged 41 y'rs 4 mo's 28 d
Blessed are the dead, who die in the Lord
from henceforth: yea, saith the Spirit;
that they may rest from their labours;
and their works do follow them.
Revelation 14 Chapter 13 Verse
253B 253Ba 254
Craig, Riley Riley
son of W. P. & A. E. Craig
Died June 6, 1882
Aged 22 Yrs 11 Mos 27 Dys
No pain, no grief, no anxious fear,
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here.
Christ is my hope.
257 258 259
Craig, Wesley P. Wesley P. Craig
Died July 3, 1897
Aged 74 years
Joined the Christian Church at the age of 17 years
255B 256B
Daily, Julia E. Julia E.
daughter of W. A. & M. E. Daily
Died Sept. 3, 1868
Aged 1 yr 4 ms 6 ds
Ere sin could blight or sorrows fade
Death came with friendly care,
The opening bud to heaven conveyed
And bade it bloom forever there.
252B 252Ba
Daniels, Effie Goodman 1879-1964 019
Davis, infant Infant son of S. & M. Davis
Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.
240 243B
Davis, Jimmie H. Jimmie H.
son of Stephen & Mary Davis
died 1870
aged 8 Ms
Davis, Mary Mary
wife of Stephen Davis
Died Jan. 30, 1926
Aged 93 Yrs 6 Mos & 3 Ds
240 241B 241Ba
Davis, Stephen Stephen Davis
Died Dec. 21, 1894
Aged 71 Y'rs 10 Mo's & 17 D's
Lonely the house and sad the hours
Since our dear one has gone
But o, a brighter home than ours
In heaven is now his own.
240 242B 242Ba 242Bb
DeVault, Dorothy C. 1835-1909 174 176B
DeVault, Hazel Hazel
wife of Malvin DeVault
Nov. 28, 1894
Oct. 12, 1920
176B 177B
DeVault, John 1835-1888 174 176B
Dorrell, D. F. (west)
D. F. Dorrell
son of Wm. & Polly Dorrell
Born Nov. 11, 1855
died Oct. 11, 1856
aged 11 m
verse illegible
068B 069Ba
Dorrell, Eliza (south)
Eliza A.
dau. of Wm. & Polly Dorrell
Born Oct. 11, 1834
Died Nov. 10, 1858
Aged 24 y 28 d
verse illegible
068B 069B
Dorrell, James Tilford James Tilford
son of J. W. & J. J. Dorrell
Born Aug. 31, 1874
Died Aug. 14, 1875
Aged 11 m 14 d
verse illegible
Dorrell, Lizzie Lizzie
daughter of W. & P. Dorrell
Died Mar. 10, 1891
Aged 50 Y 10 M 12 D
Darling, we miss thee
076B 077B
Dorrell, Polly Polly
wife of Wm. Dorrell
born Oct. 15, 1810
died Dec. 13, 1864
aged 53 ys 9 ms 28 ds
307B 308B 309B 310B
Dorrell, William illegible verse
William Dorrell
Died Feb. 17, 1885
Aged 77 Yrs 1 Mo 13 D's
Cease dear children, cease your weeping
Above the spot where I am sleeping
My time was short, and blessed be he
That called me to eternity
074B 074B1 074B2 075B 301B
Doty, Daniel 1854-1931 155
Etchison, Busey 143B
Etchison, Carl 143B
Etchison, Clarence 1893-19 uncarved 126
Etchison, Emily Emily Etchison Mother
Etchison, Henry C. Etchison
Married Sept. 23, 1920
Henry C.
Feb. 11, 1897
Mar. 24, 1973
Etchison, infant Infant daughter
of T. B. & M. E. Etchison
Died Dec. 4, 1896
Etchison, James James Etchison
born Feb. 8, 1813
died Mar. 23, 1908
aged 95 yrs 1 mon 15 dys
Remember, friends, as you pass by,
That all mankind are born to die
Then let your cares on Christ be cast
That you may dwell with him at last.
133B 133Ba
Etchison, Jennie B. Etchison
Jennie B.
Apr. 26, 1874
Oct. 24, 1956
Blessed are they that mourn
for they shall be comforted.
127B 128
Etchison, Johnie W. Johnie W.
son of J. F. & S. C. Etchison
Died Aug. 10, 1879
Aged 1 Y 3 M 20 D
139B 140
Etchison, Lettie S. Lettie S. Etchison
daughter of James & Nancy Etchison
died Mar. 2, 1859
aged 3 yrs 11 mos
Etchison, Mary C. Mary C.
wife of T. B. Etchison
Died April 18, 1893
Aged 34 yrs 1 mo 28 ds
Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.
173 173B
Etchison, Monte L. Monte L. Etchison
Sept. 17, 1936
Nov. 18, 1990
Etchison, Myrtle M. Etchison
Married Sept. 23, 1920
Myrtle M.
Aug. 15, 1903
Dec. 17, 1983
Etchison, Nancy E. Nancy E. Etchison
born March 27, 1822
died Dec. 24, 1898
aged 76 yrs 8 mos 24 ds
As you are now so once was I
That all mankind are born to die
As I am now soon you will be
Prepare for death and follow me.
133Ba 134B
Etchison, Nellie Maude 311B
Etchison, Orton At rest
Orton's grave
son of W. D. & M. L. Etchison
Died Jan. 26, 1891
Aged 14 ys 12 ds
Sleep on sweet boy and take thy rest
God called you home. He thought it best.
135B 136B
Etchison, Osa Doad 1860-1925 142B
Etchison, Pearl 1897-1959 126
Etchison, Sanford D. Sanford D. Etchison
son of James & Nancy Etchison
was born Oct. 11, 1857
Died Oct. 2, 1882
Aged 25 y 11 m 9 d
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.
137B 138B 138Ba
Etchison, Stephen D. Etchison
Stephen D.
July 4, 1866
Apr. 23, 1950
Blessed are they that mourn
for they shall be comforted.
127B 128
Etchison, Thomas Benton 1852-1923 175B
Figgins, James James Figgins
Died Aug. 3, 1881
Aged 57 Y 9 M 7 D
046B 046Ba
Fimple, Rhoda Gone home
wife of Robert S. Fimple
Died Jan. 11, 1872
Aged 33 y 11 m 7 d's
262B 263B
Fox, Abram W. Abram W.
son of Thomas & Celia Fox
Born April 7, 1843
Died Nov. 7, 1862
Aged 19 y 7 m
101B 101Ba
Fox, Alice Ann Alice Ann
daughter of Thomas & Celia Fox
Died Nov. 8, 1858
Aged 1 yr 2 mo's 28 d's
Fox, Angie L. Fox
Angie L. his wife
Aug. 24, 1862 - Dec. 29, 1949
Fox, Celia Celia
Wife of Elder Tho. Fox
Died Dec. 1, 1879
Aged 53 years 9 Mo 13 d's
[two stones]
Dearest mother thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But 'tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.
095 096 098B 098Ba
Fox, Columbus F. Columbus F. Fox
Aug. 17, 1862 - Sept. 19, 1884
Fox, infant Infant son of Thomas & Celia Fox
Died Apr. 20, 1848
Aged 1 mo 16 da
Fox, Iva E. Iva E. dau. of C. F. & A. L. Fox
Nov. 22, 1881 - July 23, 1884
Fox, John L. John L.
son of W. A. & Nellie Fox
Born Dec. 30, 1891
Died Oct. 7, 1894
088B 089B
Fox, John S. John S.
son of Thomas & Celia Fox
Died Jan. 4, 1856
Aged 10 yrs 11 ms 15 dys
Fox, Mary M. Dorrell Mary M. Dorrell
wife of Thos. Fox
Jan. 10, 1839
Feb. 8, 1913
Gone but not forgotten
Fox, Pearl B. 1886-1890 090
Fox, Ransom N. Ransom N.
son of Thomas & Celia Fox
Died Nov. 12, 1855
Aged 1 yr 9 mo 16 dy
We have loved them on earth
We will meet them in heaven
Fox, Thomas Elder Thomas Fox
Died April 16, 1891
Aged 74 years 11 mo 20 d's
095 299B
Fox, Tommy A. 1898-1902 091B
Gabbert, James M.+ James M.
son of John & Liditha Gabbert
Born Nov. 4, 1844
Died Jan. 20, 1889
Aged 44 y 2 m 16 d
My husband is gone
He lies beneath the sod
Dear Father tho’ we miss you much
We know you rest with God.
285B 285Ba 285Bb
Gabbert, James, Jr. 1881-1904 282
Gabbert, Jennie R. Jennie R.
dau. of James & Ruth Gabbert
died Mar. 3, 1901
aged 11 Ys 5 Mo 21 Ds
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep;
From which none ever wake to weep.
283B 284B
George, Fanny K. Fanny K.
dau. of I. N. & M. E. George
died Apr. 24, 1889
Aged 3 Ys 14 Ds
Like spring’s first flower she passed away,
Mid innocence and bloom;
An angel now in a brighter world
Far, far beyond the tomb.
067B1 067B2
George, infant Infant son of Curtes & Maud George
born Oct 23, 1900
died Nov. 27, 1900
George, Mary K. (south)
Mary K.
dau. of I. N. & M. E. George
Born May 3, 1878
Died June 22, 1882
Our Babies
Our children are gone
They lie beneath the sod
Dear babies tho we miss you much
We know you rest with God.
107B 108Ba
George, Olive B. (north)
Olive B.
dau. of I. N. & M. F. George
Born Dec. 20, 1870
Died Sept. 21, 1871
Our Babies
Our children are gone
They lie beneath the sod
Dear babies tho we miss you much
We know you rest with God.
108B 108Ba
George, Walter A. Walter A.
son of A. & C. George
Died May 1, 1886
Aged 8 y & 8 m
Goodman, J. P. J. P. Goodman
died Feb. 5, 1904
Aged 38 y'rs 2 mo's 7 d'ys
Goodman, Joseph Joseph Goodman
born Mar. 3, 1815
died Feb. 4, 1900
At rest
Goodman, Joseph P. 1873-1933 018
Goodman, Sarah E Sarah E.
wife of W. J. Goodman
Mar. 25, 1853 - Aug. 8, 1904
Goodman, Thomas L. Son Thomas L. Goodman
Goodman, William J Entered into eternal rest
William J. Goodman
born Aug. 13, 1848
died June 21, 1917
Graves, Abner Abner Graves
Died Aug. 10, 1895
Aged 86 y's 8 m's
We miss thee from our home dear,
We miss thee from thy place;
A shadow o’er our life is cast
We miss the sunshine of thy face.
We miss thy kind and willing hand
Thy fond and earnest care
Our home is dark with out thee
We miss thee everywhere.
211B 212 214B
Graves, Catherine Catherine
Wife of Abner Graves
May 30, 1821
Nov. 6, 1902
One by one earth's ties art broken
As we see our love decay,
And the hopes we fondly cherished
Brighten but to pass away.
One by one our hopes grow brighter
As we near the shining shore
For we know across the river
Wait's the loved ones gone before.
211B 212 213B
Gray, Lizzie A. B. Lizzie A. B.
dau. of Geo. & Lillie Gray
Died Aug. 10, 1884
Aged 1 y, 26 ds
Gum, Catharine 1820-1908 198 199 200
Gum, James F. 1858-1859 198 199 200
Gum, John R. 1856-1879 198 199 200
Gum, Lemuel B. 1818-1883 198 199 200
Gum, Rachel 1853-1881 198 199 200
Harris, Henry Henry
son of B. F. & Annie Harris
born Apr. 13, 1888
died Sept. 30, 1902
No painful reflections rise
His morn- it dawned so blest
And ere a cloud had dimmed the skies
Sweet lamb, he was at rest.
042B 043B 044B
Hartman, Sarah C. Sarah C.
wife of Wm. R. Hartman
Died Feb. 13, 1884
Aged 36 years
260B 261B
Hobson, Thomas Thomas Hobson
Died July 22, 1889
Aged 93 y 5 m 4 d
Our father is gone
He lies beneath the sod
Dear father tho’ we miss you much
We know you rest with God.
Father of Mary Davis
239 239B
Hoffman, Lydia Graves Lydia Graves Hoffman
Oct. 5, 1852
Dec. 6, 1936
Holt, Ada M. (south)
Ada M. Holt
Sept. 10, 1895
Sept. 10, 1895
Holt, Alta F. (north)
Alta F. Holt
June 18, 1902
Jan. 15, 1903
Holt, Charles M. 1868-1950 287B
Holt, Elva I. Osborn (west)
Elva I. Holt
dau. of George & Susan Osborn
and wife of C. W. Holt
July 2, 1869 - Feb. 14, 1907
Holt, James Clinton (north)
James Clinton Holt
Aug. 28, 1906
Nov. 26, 1906
Hopkins, Elizabeth Elizabeth
wife of J. W. Hopkins
Died Aug. 31, 1867
Aged 36 ys 7 ms 16 ds
Sleep quietly, thou lovely one.
In my Flesh shall I see God
for myself and not another.
251B 251Ba 251Bb
Hopkins, Sarah Sarah Hopkins
mother of J. W. Hopkins
Died Aug. 30, 1869
In her 92nd year
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord,
from henceforth--Yea, saith the Spirit,
they may rest from their labors and
their works do follow them.
249B 250B
Jeffries, Clifford Clifford
son of T. H. & Mary Jeffries
Died Sept. 8, 1888
Aged 1 y'r 6 m's 3 d's
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
027B1 027B2
Jeffries, Elmer O. Jeffries
Elmer O. - son
May 29, 1888 - Nov. 6, 1895
028 028B1 028B2
Jeffries, Ina Jeffries
Ina- daughter
Mar. 19, 1885 - Dec. 17, 1895
028 028B1 028B2
Jeffries, Mary L. Jeffries
Mary L. his wife
Jan. 21, 1847 - Nov. 26, 1929
028 028B1 028B2
Jeffries, T. H. T. H. Jeffries
Aug. 17, 1847
Feb. 28, 1916
028 028B1 028B2
Johnson, infant 1881 198 199 200
Johnson, infant 1882 198 199 200
Johnson, Sarah Gum 1861-1882 198 199 200
Jones, Jonathan S. 1831-1895 039
Jones, Rebecca C. 1844-1929 039
Kelsey, Amanda M. (south)
Amanda M.
wife of John Kelsey
Died Dec. 12, 1893
Aged 70 y 2 m 6 d
Our mother and father are gone
They lie beneath the sod
Dear parents tho' we miss you much
We hope you rest with God.
Gates Ajar Mother's grave
029B 031B 032
Kelsey, John (north)
John Kelsey
Born Dec. 9, 1822
killed on Battlefield July 4, 1863 at Helena, Ark.
A member of Co. C. 35 Mo. Vol. Infy
Our mother and father are gone
They lie beneath the sod
Dear parents tho' we miss you much
We hope you rest with God.
029B 030B 032
Kessel, Rachael Humphrey 1848-1921 205B 205Ba
Kincaid, Mary Mary H/M.
dau. of Finley & Margaret Kincaid
Died May 3, 1865
Aged 6 yrs 8 mos 1 day
Though born to suffer and to die
From grief and woe my soul shall fly,
Bright angels shall convey me home,
My Savior smiles and bids me come.
147B 148B 148Ba
Kline, infant infant son of J. W. & Dora E. Kline
Died April 6, 1888
Aged 7 days
Lannear, Henry L.* (west)
Henry L.
Died Feb. 11, 1880
aged 7 Ms
Children of Pleasant & Mary Lannear
047B 049B
Lannear, infant* (south)
Infant son
died 1878
Children of Pleasant & Mary Lannear
047B 048B
Lannear, Thomas* (east)
Died Mar. 1, 1872
Aged 9 m 3 d
Children of Pleasant & Mary Lannear
047B 047Ba
Lennear, ___ (possibly Delphia*) 305B 306B
Lybrook, Bobbie Bobbie
son of B. & A. J. Lybrook
Died Oct. 13, 1872
aged 4 days
132B 132B1
Martin, Elizabeth (west)
Elizabeth Martin
Died April 1855
Aged 20 years
158 159
Maughmer, Martha F. Martha E.
dau. of Benj. & Catharine L. Maughmer
Born July 14, 1852
Died Oct. 29, 1860
Not lost, blest thought
But gone before
Where we shall meet
Maughmer, Mary M Mary M.
dau. of Benj. & Catharine J. Maughmer
Born May 19, 1850
Died Nov. 18, 1860
Farewell [sweet] precious flower
… hour …
057B 057Ba
Maxwell, Julia F. Julia F. Maxwell
Died Jan. 26, 1865
Aged 8 y'rs 11 mos 26 d's
McDorman, Abner 1817-1863 056
McDorman, Herald Herald
son of T. & J. McDorman
Nov. 18, 1892 - Mar. 9, 1893
McDorman, infant infant son of T. & J. McDorman
died Dec. 22, 1888
McDorman, Julia A. Julia A. McDorman
Aged 18 y & 11 m
Blessed are the dead
Which die in the Lord.
Stotts & Thurtell [monument company]
Savannah Mo.
063B1 063B2
McDorman, Sophia 1815-1907 056
McDormand, Amanda L. (west)
Amanda L.
wife of Z. T. McDormand
Died Nov. 2, 1882
in her 27 year
052 054B
McDormand, Julia G. (south)
Julia G.
dau. of Z. T. & A. L. McDormand
Died Dec. 7, 1876
Aged 3 Mo 5 D
052 053B
McDormand, William A. William A.
son of Z. T. & A. L. McDormand
Died Sept. 27, 1883
Aged 10 Y 15 D
052 055B
McElwain, Effie R. (west)
Effie R.
wife of J. R. McElwain
Died Feb. 10, 1895
Aged 17 y 10 m 20 d
I know thou hast gone where
Thy forehead is starred
With the beauty that dwells in thy soul
Where the light of its loveliness cannot be marred
Nor in grief be sent back from its goal.
207B 208 209
McElwain, Luella E. My wife Luella E.
wife of J. R. McElwain
Died Aug. 8, 1886
Aged 19 Y 10 M 8 D
My wife is gone
She lies beneath the sod
Dear Luella tho' I miss you much
I know you rest with God.
040B 041B
Miller, Allen D.+ Allen D. Miller
Born May 10, 1807
Died Aug. 12, 1874
215B 216
Miller, Christiana K. Christiana K. Miller
died June 28, 1905
aged 63 Yrs 5 Mos 14 Ds
Miller, Clarence E. Clarence E. Miller
June 26, 1886
Oct. 15, 1918
Gone home
009B 009Ba
Miller, Frederick T.+ Frederick T. Miller
died May 7, 1898
aged 67 Yrs 1 Mo 18 Ds
Miller, Georgia Georgia Miller
Born Nov. 16, 1860
Died Jan. 28, 1887
Miller, infant infant son of J. O. & Eva Miller
Died Dec. 16, 1909
Miller, infant Infant son
born Nov. 6, 1860
died Apr. 5, 1861
Children of A. D. & M. J. Miller
Miller, John H. John H. Miller
Oct. 20, 1900
Aug. 28, 1901
Miller, Joseph C. Joseph C.
son of W. K. & Louisa Miller
born Jan. 29, 1880
died Dec. 9, 1895
Our darling one has left us
A loving voice is stilled
A vacant place is in our home
Which never can be filled.
010B 011B 011Ba
Miller, Louisa (north)
Louisa Miller
Born Aug. 17, 1839
Died Nov. 20, 1900
Tis a mother God did love her
For he took her to His home
She is an angel bright and happy
Waiting for the rest to come.
012 012B
Miller, Mary J. Mary J. Miller
Born Aug. 22, 1822
Miller, Maude E. Miller
Gone home
Maude E.
aged 6 Y 4 M
009B 009Ba
Miller, Melvina J. King Melvina J.
wife of J. D. Miller
and dau. of Elias & Amanda M. King
Died Sept. 14, 1884
Aged 22 y 11 m 29 d
I know thou hast gone to the house of rest.
Then why should my soul be so sad?
I know thou hast gone where the weary are blest
And the mourner looks up and is glad
Where love is put off in the land of its birth
The strain it had withered in this
and Hope the sweet singer that gladdened
the earth
Lies asleep on the bosom of bliss.
219B 220B 220B1
Miller, Nannie Nannie
born Feb. 6, 1856
died Dec. 25, 1864
Children of A. D. & M. J. Miller
Miller, Sarah F. Sarah F.
born Aug. 14, 1847
died Oct. 17, 1851
Children of A. D. & M. J. Miller
Miller, William K. (west)
William K. Miller
Born July 11, 1840
Died Nov. 7, 1899
Farewell dear wife and children all
I must pass on, my roll is called
Tis the voice of Jesus, oh how sweet
His hand to clasp, his face to meet.
013 013B
Misner, John W. John W. Misner
Died Mar. 13, 1897
Aged 52 yrs 3 mo 9 d's
He died as he lived- a Christian.
202 203B 201B
Misner, Marium A. Marium A.
wife of John W. Misner
Died Apr. 24, 1892
Aged 41 Ys 5 Mo 20 Ds
Her end was peace
202 204 300B
Morgan, Charles F.+ 1863-1922 037
Morgan, Harley 1900-1969 035
Morgan, Ida Elizabeth+ Ida Elizabeth
dau. of C. F. & L. B. Morgan
Nov. 5, 1904
Aug. 9, 1905
Precious darling thou hast left us
Left us, yes, for evermore.
But we hope to meet our loved one
On that bright and happy shore.
Morgan, infant Infant dau.
born & died July 25, 1902
Children of G. E. & S. E. Morgan
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
033B 034B
Morgan, James E. James E.
born Dec. 12, 1900
died Dec. 31, 1900
Children of G. E. & S. E. Morgan
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
033B 034B
Morgan, John W. 1898-1962 036B
Morgan, Lizzie A. 1873-1954 022
Morgan, Lucy B. 1880-1943 037
Morgan, Nancy M. Nancy M.
dau. of W. M. & L. A. Morgan
Died Nov. 16, 1898
Aged 1 mo 29 ds
Dearest loved one we have laid thee
In thy peaceful grave's embrace
But thy memory will be cherished
Till we see thy heavenly face.
023B 023Ba 023Bb
Morgan, Walker M. 1867-1930 022
Newton, Lucinda Newton
Lucinda his wife
Born Aug. 18, 1830
Died Dec. 11, 1900
Newton, Thomas Thomas Newton
Born Oct. 31, 1829
Died July 2, 1905
Osborn, Andrew W. Andrew W. Osborn
born Nov. 1, 1836
died July 28, 1925
Gone but not forgotten.
Osborn, Eliza A. Eliza A. his wife
born Jan. 18, 1849
died June 28, 1916
Gone but not forgotten
Osborn, John John Osborn
Born Aug. 17, 1795
Died Apr. 26, 1877
Osborn, Margaret Margaret
wife of John Osborn
Born Nov. 8, 1800
Died Jan. 19, 1868
Osborn, May Belle May Belle
daughter of Andrew & Eliza Osborn
Died Feb. 4, 1887
Aged 5 m 28 d's
We loved this tender little one
and would have wished her stay,
But let her Father’s will be done,
She shines in endless day.
Osborn, Milo A. 1834-1908 270B
Osborn, Nancy Myrtle Nancy Myrtle Osborn
born Oct. 4, 1887
died Apr. 28, 1896
Now kiss me, dear parents! the angels await;
The Savior is smiling from yonder bright gate,
I go from thy bosom this heaven of love,
To rest in the arms of my savior above.
292 293 293B
Parker, Daniel K. (south)
Daniel K. Parker
Died Oct. 2, 1889
Aged 76 yrs 21 d's
They steer'th their course to the same quiet shore
Not parted long and now to part no more
Huffman & Hartley Savannah, Mo.
275 277B 277Ba
Parker, infant Infant son of F. M. & N. Parker
Died Feb. 5, 1873
Aged 8 d's
Suffer little children to come unto me
For of such is the kingdom of heaven.
248B 248Ba
Parker, James James Parker
Died Oct. 27, 1882
in the 73rd year of his age.
244B 245B
Parker, Lydia Lydia Parker
Born June 4, 1787
Died Mar. 15, 1858
Parker, Sarah (north)
wife of D. K. Parker
Died Aug. 19, 1888
Aged 69 y's 8 m's 2 d's
Sweet is the sleep our mother takes
'Till in Christ Jesus she awakes
275 276B 276Ba
Parker, Sarah D. Sarah D
wife of Jas. Parker
Died Mar. 22, 1881
In her 66th year
246B 247B
Peters, Edward M. 1860-1941 180
Peters, Jesse I. Jesse I.
son of E. M. & Ollie Peters
died May 7, 1897
aged 1 mo 4 d's
Peters, Ollie F. Ollie F. Peters
wife of E. M. Peters
Born July 7, 1865
Died April 3, 1897
Peters, Orvil M. Orvil M.
infant son of E. M. & Ollie F. Peters
died Dec. 4, 1896
Reddick, Frances (east)
wife of J. S. Reddick
Died Oct. 3, 1869
Aged 31 yrs 23 dys
Reddick, Franklin N Sleep on sweet babe And take thy rest
God called thee home, He thought it best.
Franklin N.
son of William F. & Martha A. Reddick
born Aug. 5, 1880
died Aug. 8, 1881
aged 1 Y 3 D
170B 171B
Reddick, infant (west)
Infant son of W. F. & M. A. Reddick
Born Jany. 16, 1879
Died Jany. 16, 1879
Dear babe, thou art gone,
from earth's fond embrace
To meet the saviour in the skies
168B 168B1
Reddick, Lily Belle (west)
Lily Belle
daughter of J. S. & F. Reddick
Died Oct. 3, 1869
Aged 19 days
165B 166B
Reddick, Nellie M. (east)
Nellie M.
dau. of J. M. & A. Reddick
Died Jany. 15, 1873
Aged 1 m 12 d
Reiley, Annie M. Annie M. Reiley
Wife of William Reiley
Born Dec. 26, 1832
Died Feb. 8, 1896
Mother's sufferings now are ended
She nothing but joy will know
For she's in the arms of Jesus
Wearing robes as white as snow
004B 004Ba 302B 303B
Reiley, Frank Resting till the resurrection morn
Frank Reiley
Feb. 18, 1867 - Nov. 26, 1921
Reiley, infant Resting till the resurrection morn
Our infant
Reiley, Marie E. Resting till the resurrection morn
Marie E. Reiley
Mar. 9, 1901 - Oct. 23, 1918
Reiley, Mary C. Miller Resting till the resurrection morn
his wife Mary C. Miller
Oct. 26, 1867 - uncarved
Reiley, William William Reiley
Born Mar. 6, 1828
Died Sept. 1, 1882
He was a father kind and dear
A faithful friend is buried here
In love he lived, in peace he died
His life was asked but God denied
004B 004Bb 302B 304B
Ritchey, Elam M. 1840-1931 236B
Ritchey, Elizabeth 1849-1936 236B
Roberts, Elizabeth Elizabeth
wife of Zacariah Roberts
Born Jan. 1, 1824
Died July 8, 1879
And though her body lies asleep
Our favorite is not dead
She rises from dark death's bright birth
With joy upon her head.
Roberts, Samuel Ensworth Samuel Ensworth
son of W. C. & S. C. Roberts
Died July 24, 1884
Aged 1 yr 8 m's 1 day
verse illegible
085B 085Ba
Roberts, William Wm. Roberts
Died Nov. 2 1870
Aged 19 years
Blessed are they who die in the Lord.
Roberts, William C. Sacred to the memory of Father
W. M. C. Roberts
Died Apr. 17, 1898
Aged 72 Yrs 4 Mo's 8 D'ys
Farewell, dear Father, sweet thy rest.
Weary with years and worn
with pain. Farewell til in some happy place
we shall behold thy face again.
Tis ours to miss thee all our years
And tender memories of thee keep
Thine in the Lord to rest, for so
He giveth his beloved sleep.
082B 083B 084B
Rowland, Margaret E. Peace, Perfect Peace
Margaret E.
wife of James Rowland
died Oct. 2, 1903
aged 53 Y 7 M 8 D
Smith, Catharine Wright Sacred to the memory of Catharine
wife of John Smith
and daughter of Jordan & Barbara
born Apr. 15, 1824
died Sept. 28, 1850
aged 26 y 5 m 14 d
Remember my friends as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me.
106B 106Ba
Smith, infant Our children
Babe infant son
Born May 4, 1891
Died May 9, 1891
Aged 5 ds
J. W. & M. E. Smith
Smith, John L. John L. Smith
Died Dec. 9, 1894
Aged 76 y 1 m 13 d
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Smith, Louie Edson Our children
Louie Edson
Born June 9, 1883
Died Nov. 30, 1891
Aged 8 yrs 5 mo 20 ds
J. W. & M. E. Smith
Smith, Mamie Elsie Our children
Mamie Elsie
Born Nov. 25, 1887
Died Aug. 14, 1888
Aged 8 mos 20 ds
J. W. & M. E. Smith
Smith, Mary A. Sacred to the memory of Mary A.
wife of John L. Smith
Born Feb. 3, 1833
Died May 2, 1877
Smith, Mary F. Mary F.
Wife of J. L. Smith
Died uncarved
Snowden, B. B. Snowden
Died Dec. 16, 1860
Aged 71 y 1 m 16 d
194B 196B
Snowden, Eva Eva
dau. of W. & N. A. Snowden
Born Feb. 24, 1874
Died Apr. 30, 1874
Snowden, H. Clay 1830-1905 185B
Snowden, Helen M. Helen M.
dau. of B. and E. Snowden
Died Nov. 3, 1873
Aged 32 y 1 m 27 d
194B 195B
Snowden, infant (side)
infant dau.
Oct. 22, 1878
Nov. 24, 1878
Snowden, infant Infant dau. of H. C. & N. J. Snowden
born & died Aug. 10, 1867
Snowden, Jonathan Jonathan Snowden
Dec. 20, 1831 - Jan. 29, 1909
Snowden, Leonard W. (side)
Leonard W.
Nov. 12, 1869
Sep. 27, 1877
Snowden, Martha Martha Snowden
June 17, 1837
June 23, 1902
Snowden, Mary E. Mary E. his wife
May 17, 1839 - June 14, 1882
Snowden, Minnie (side)
July 23, 1871
Mar. 26, 1887
Snowden, Nancy J. 1834-1903 185B
Snowden, Perry (front)
Perry Snowden
Sep. 22, 1839 - Mar. 14, 1914
186 187
Snowden, Rebecca (front)
his wife Rebecca
May 1, 1851 - July 29, 1929
186 187
Snowden, Sarah R. Sarah R.
daughter of H. C. & N. J. Snowden
Born July 16, 1857
Died Oct. 4, 1863
Suffer little children
to come unto me and forbid
them not for of such
is the kingdom of Heaven.
Snowden, William M. 1865-1939 185B 184
Spence, Denis* Denis her son
died Feb. 17, 1919
aged 70 yrs
Spence, Fannie* Fannie Spence
died Apr. 27, 1907
aged 90 yrs
Stanley, Florentine L. Doty 1863-1940 155
Stephen, J. B. J. B. Stephen
Died Jany. 1, 1901
Aged 82 Yrs 5 Mos 19 Ds
But is he dead, no he lives
His happy spirit flies
To heaven above and there receives
The long expected prize
152B 153B 154B
Stephen, Louisa (south)
wife of John B. Stephen
Died Jan. 24, 1888
Aged 61 ys 6 ms 13 ds
149B 151B
Stephen, Rosa (west)
dau. of J. B. & L. Stephen
Died Dec. 15, 1866
Sleep on sweet Rosa and take thy rest
God called thee home
He thought it best
In death’s cold arms lies sleeping here
A daughter perfect, a companion dear
In love she lived in peace she died
Her life was asked but was denied.
149B 150B 150Ba 150Bb
Stout, Adeline Adeline Stout
Died Sept. 16, 1949
Aged 83 Y 3 M 18 D
228 232
Stout, Apthia L. 1838-1923 235
Stout, Blanche 1891-1966
Married Dec. 24, 1911
233 234
Stout, Chester Chester A.
son of J. M. & Addie Stout
Died Oct. 18, 1895
Aged 8 Y 10 M 3 D
228 230
Stout, Elizabeth Elizabeth Stout
Born Feb. 8, 1816
Died Jan. 19, 1899
Aged 82 Y 11 Mo 20 Ds
She was a tender Mother here,
And in her life the Lord did fear.
We trust our loss will be her gain
And that with Christ she’s gone to reign.
[In memory of] our Father and Mother
224B 225B 226B
Stout, Elmer Elmer Stout
Died Sep. 16, 1890
Aged 3 M 12 D
228 231
Stout, Everett 1890-1978
Married Dec. 24, 1911
233 234
Stout, Irvin Irvin Stout
Died Aug. 22, 1897
Aged 1 Y 10 M 25 D
228 229
Stout, James James Stout
Died July 2, 1928
Aged 73 Y 7 M 22 D
228 232
Stout, Thomas Thomas Stout
Born Dec. 25, 1810
Died Oct. 10, 1887
Behold a tender Father's gone
A much loved partner’s fled;
He’s gone to his eternal home,
To number with the dead.
[In memory of] our Father and Mother
224B 227B 227Ba
Stout, William 1844-1920
G. A. R.
Strock, Cassie Cassie
dau. of J. M. & Alice Strock
Died July 15, 1883
Aged 1 Yr 3 Mo 28 Ds
Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.
Sullwold, Marvin R. Sullwold
Marvin R.
Oct. 31, 1907
Apr. 17, 1979
Wed Sept. 7, 1935
Sullwold, Pauline B. Sullwold
Pauline B.
Apr. 18, 1912
May 4, 2003
Wed Sept. 7, 1935
Tomlinson, Elizabeth N. Mother Elizabeth N. Tomlinson
Jan. 31, 1895
Dec. 12, 1977
unknown [broken stone]

Aug 1…, 18…
Aged 2 y'rs 3 mo's 26 d's
Vance, Wanda Lee Wanda Lee Vance
born Nov. 17, 1933
died June 26, 1996
Vanschoiack, John Lovell Erected by his little sisters
John Lovell Vanschoiack
Vanschoiack, Liditha (west)
wife of Martin Vanschoiack
Died Feb. 13, 1904
Aged 76 Ys 24 Ds
Our mother here lies under ground
The dearest friend we ever found
But through the Lord’s unbounded love
We’ll meet again in realms above.
278B 279B
Vanschoiack, Martin+ (west)
Martin Vanschoiack
Born Feb. 9, 1820
Died Jan. 20, 1889
Aged 68 Y 11 M 11 D
My husband is gone,
He lies beneath the sod;
Dear Father tho’ we miss you much
We know you rest with God.
280B 281B
Warren, Cornelia A. F. In memory of Cornelia A. F. Warren
Died Apr. 4, 1848
Aged 9 y's 13 d's
Warren, John H. C. In memory of John H. C. Warren
Died Apr. 29, 1865
Aged 22 y's 10 m's 10 d's
He fell a martyr for his country.
White, Frances F. White
Frances F.
Mar. 19, 1913
Dec. 18, 2003
White, Harvey S. White
Harvey S.
Aug. 17, 1921
Aug. 1, 1984
Wright, Ann 1838-1921 079B
Wright, Barbara (south)
wife of Elder J. Wright
Died Feby. 6, 1878;
Aged 87 Ys 13 Ds
Dearest mother thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But 'tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.
096 097B 098Ba
Wright, Cordie E. (north)
Cordie E. Wright
Died Sept. 5, 1884
Aged 4 Y 11 M 28 D
Children of Jesse & Elizabeth Wright
093B 094Ba
Wright, Jordan Elder Jordan Wright
Died April 9, 1865
Aged 69 Ys 2 Mo 22 Ds
Gone Home
Wright, Julius W. Julius W.
son of Jesse F. & Elizabeth Wright
aged 9 mos & 26 dys
Beautiful, lovely,
He was but given,
A fair bud to earth To blossom in Heaven
Wright, Lynden P. (south)
Lynden P. Wright
Died Jan. 23, 1884
Aged 12 Y 6 M 16 D
Children of Jesse & Elizabeth Wright
093B 094Bb
Wright, M. Edna (west)
M. Edna Wright
Died Apr. 22, 1884
Aged 14 Y 6 M 14 D
Children of Jesse & Elizabeth Wright
093B 094B
Wright, Thomas Thomas Wright
Died April 6, 1898
Aged 79 y's 4 mo 4 d's
Wright, William D. 1845-1936 118
Zimmerman, infant infant Zimmerman
May 14, 1922