Long Branch Christian Church Cemetery
Rochester Township Section 29
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah, take US Business 71 east on State Route E 3.5 miles to SR D, then south on SR D for 3 miles to CR 312, east on CR 312 (which becomes 311), to Long Branch Church and cemetery.

Notes: Reportedly, African-American burials from St. Joseph were made "near the fence" of Long Branch Cemetery. There are no markers of these burials.

Credits: These pictures were taken by Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2006. (c) THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

(Etchison), Mary C. (1859-1893)
(Etchison), Pearl (1898-1959)
Addington, John Nathan (1860-1951)
Burgan, Nancy E. (1822-1898)
Bush, Carlin Eugene (1946-2017)
Etchison, Busey (1894-1900)
Etchison, Carl (1891-1900)
Etchison, Clarence (1893-1973)
Etchison, Isaac Granville (1848-1924)
Etchison, James B. (1813-1908)
Etchison, Jesse Albert (1871-1933)
Etchison, John Riley (1856-1920)
Etchison, Osa Doad (1860-1925)
Etchison, Stephen D. (1866-1950)
Etchison, Thomas Benton (1852-1923)
Etchison, Walter Dennis (1845-1930)
Kelsey, Margaret L. (1846-1923)
King, Melvina J. (1861-1884)
McCauley, Mary Elizabeth (1932-2020)
Newburn, Sarah Bell (1866-1907)
Nold, Harold Leon (1931-2018)
Partridge, Nellie Maud (1886-1966)
Williams, Jennie Belle (1874-1956)
Name Photograph(s)
Long Branch Cemetery 000a 000c 000d 281B2
Historic photo of Long Branch Church, shared by Ryan Munger photo

Also reportedly buried here, but no tombstones found in 2005-2007:

Albertson, Charles Z.
Augustine, June Editha
Appleby, Delbert Ermal, d. Sep 6 2016
Beeler, Lula
Beeler, Margaret Jane (McDorman), d. Dec 15 1925
Breit, Charles Frederick
Breit, Charles Henry
Breit, Gertrude Frances
Breit, Matilda Jane (Leach)
Carl, James D. (unmarked)+
Carl, Mary (Osborn) (unmarked)+
Cassell, Hattie E.
Combs, Minnie (Sauders)
Craig, Mary E.
Craig, Sarah F.
Dudley, Dixie Lorraine (Kennedy) d. Aug. 4, 2013
Etchison, Isaac Granville
Etchison, Jesse Albert
Etchison, John Riley+
Feagan, Charley W.
Felton, Rachael
Fimple, Julius Peyton+
Finchum, Dorothy Frances
Findley, Benjamin Franklin*
Fox, Bessie
Fox, Lee L. Fox, Orla
Fox, Thirza
Fox, William A.
Gamble, Cora (Jackson)*, d. January 14, 1913
George, Walter
Gnuschke, William J.
Greeson, Malinda Eveline
Hailey, Iva
Hale, Mabel (Kelsey)
Hall, Samuel Charles
Hensley, Byron Allen
Hensley, Delmer Ray
Hensley, George, d. Aug 29 1925
Hoffman, Joseph
Hower, Shirley Ann
Hyde, Mrs. Sally
Jackson, Fred* d. 14 April 1914
Jackson, Katie (Beshears)* d. May 4, 1917
Kelsey, Charles Edward
Kelsey, Mary Eva (Newton)+
Kinman, Martha (Wright)
Kramer, Arrie May
Limbrick, Lizzie (Beshears)*
Limerick, James*
Marsh, Mrs. Margaret
Maughmer, William A.+
McCool, Daniel W.
McGlothlan, George M.
McGregor, infant
Miller, infant of Albert
Morgan, Charles Franklin
Moore, infant son of William & Elsie
Morrow, Mrs. Nancy
Musick, infant of J. H.
Newburn, Louisa
Newburn, Warner Leeds
Parker, Audry
Parker, Howard
Pettijohn, Letia Elizabeth
Pfleiderer, Roxie Maxine (Maughmer) Watkins, died Apr. 10, 2008
Poulsgrove, Martin Luther+, d. Nov 21 1906
Reddick, Joseph S.+
Reddick, Nancy
Reece, Eddie Lee
Reiley, William Arville/Orville
Roberts, Susie C. (Clore)+, d. Oct 23 1919
Roberts, W. A.
Sagers, James Claude
Snowden, Elizabeth
Spence, Katie*
Spense, Dennis William*
Stephens, Melve (or Alva J.)
Stephens, Ora F.
Stephens, Perry B.
Stephens, William C.
Swink, M. Elizabeth
Talbot, Clifford Elmer
Varbel, Doras
Webb, infant of William
White, Cleota
Wilson, Minnie M. (Sagers)
Wright, John
Wright, Mary (Roberts)+


Section 1
North of the Long Branch Church
Beginning in
Southeast Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
0 Not in clear rows 001-006
1 North to south 007-015
2 South to north 016B, 017, 037, 018-030 303B, 304B
3 North to south 031-038
4 South to north 039-054B
5 North to south 055-058, 295B, 059-069
6 South to north 070-091
7 South to north 092B-100, 305B
8 North to south 101-112
9 North to south 113-126B, 306B, 296B, 127-131, 297B, 298B, 132-135
10 South to north 136B-148
11 North to south 149-158B, 302, 159B-163, 307B, 164B-171, 309B, 172, 308B
Section 2
East of the Long Branch Church
Beginning in
Far Eastern End
Direction of Row Photographs
0 Alone 001B
1 002-004Bb, 302B-304B, 005
2 006b-020
3 021-024
4 025-034
5 035-046Ba
6 305B, 306B, 047B-060B
7 062B-069Ba, 307B-310B, 072B-075B, 301B, 076B-087Ba
8 088B-094Bb, 299B, 095-110B
9 111B-128
10 129-140, 311B, 141B-155
11 156B-179
12 180-204, 300B
13 205-236B
14 237B-251Bb
15 252B-263B
16 264B-286B
17 287B-294B