Robyn Smith recently submitted the following:

I have been researching Amelia County roots (enslaved) for many years now. I recently ran across some original journals owned by Joshua Chaffin, who was a sheriff of Amelia in the early 1800s.

One of the journals contained names and birthdates of slaves, some showing multiple generations. Information like this, especially the timeframe covered (1700s-early 1800s) for enslaved laborers is rare & virtually priceless for those doing genealogical research in this area.

I transcribed the data from the ledger, and hope that you will post the information on your USGENWEB website for Amelia County. I am attaching a PDF file, which you could offer as a download, and also a text file, if you want to cut and paste the data directly into a link on the site so that search engines can pick it up.

Slave Records listed by Joshua Chaffin

Slave Records listed by Joshua Chaffin, sheriff, of Amelia County, VA; Transcribed by Robyn Smith (, 12/2009

Source: Joshua Chaffin Ledgers, Special Collections, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Note: There are several books that were owned by Joshua Chaffin in this collection. A few are obviously ledgers from a store, and one had assorted lists of slaves, birthdates, prices, etc. It is difficult to tell who the slaves were owned by, although it is probable some were owned by Joshua himself. In some places, I could not adequately make out the word; I placed an asterisk next to names and dates that were difficult to make out. I have also added commas to increase readability. Many of these names are grouped together, especially mothers and their children, making reconstruction of families possible for those with Amelia County enslaved roots. For those who believe their ancestors are represented, the originals should be consulted.

Randolph born
Phebe, born Sept, 1798
William her son born July 7, 1817
Washington Branch, born Sept 24, 1819
Arthur Randolph born April 8, 1822
Jack Randolph, born 1824 [appears to have the notation 'deceased' by his name]
Daniel Booker born March 1827

Elizabeth, born 1831
Doct* Finey born June 22, 1834

Richard Booker slaves ages
Henry born 1802
Phebe his wife born 1806
Amy her daughter born 1822
Richard her son born 1824
Julius her son born 1826

John B Chaffin

Jordan the blacksmith born 1805, $200*
Daniel son of Chaina born August 1799, $500
Saul of Capell* Born 1806, Sale $450
Dick [son of*] Murira born 1801, $450
Robert [Beadle's sale] born 1808, $500
John Tabb Townes* born 1800, $480

Robey born August 9, 1815
Betty born January 15, 1831

Dick Hays
Hannah born Nov, 1800
Polly Hays her daughter born Aug 9, 1815
Natt Hays her son born May 20, 1820
Clarasa [her daughter] born January, 1822
Richard [her son] born December, 1824
Marianna [her daughter] born April, 1826
Tedd* [no dates given]

Polly Hays of Hannah born August 9, 1815
Paty* of Polly born January 1831
Haver* of Polly born Oct, 1832
Leander born the 8 of November [cannot make out year]

Cyntha born April 1800*
Peyton her son born January, 1825
William Edward born January 17, 1827
James born 1829
Davy born [1831*]
Martha born 1834

Clarissa born 1783
Phebe born September 1792*
Hannah born November 1800
Cintha Ford born April 1803

Fields* of Little Fanny
Born November 28, 1811*
Betty Harris of Little Fannie* born March 13, 1814*
Departed this life July 1815
Polle Hayes of Hannah born August 9, 1815
Marth Ann of Fanne born March 11, 1816
Richard of Phebe born April 9, 1816-deceased shortly after
Elizabeth of Hannah born May 4, 1817 -died 1820
William of Phebe born July 7, 1817
Pigge* and Susan of Fanne born June 30, 1818
Chapa* of Hannah born November 24, 1818

Washington Branch of Phebe born about 2 o clock on Frydey the 24th of September in 1819
Nat Hays of Hannah born 20th May 1820
Arthur Randolph of Phebe born 8th April 1822
Clarisa of Hannah born January, 1822
Note: this group (starting with Washington) is a repeat of the first family listed

Jinney supposed to be born...sold and died
Calzor supposed to be born...sold and died*
Frank was born April 1754
Jacks was born Sept 1761
Enos was born April 1759
Winney supposed to be born 1754
Vilot supposed to be born 1769
Barnett was born November 1769
Sarah was born September 1770
Fields of Enos born June 24, 1775
Ludlar* of Enos born February 25, 1777
Hanah of Enos born November 11, 1778
York* of Enos born August 10, 1780
Tom* of Enos born January* 1782
Luves of Enos born 1784
Abba of Enos born 1786
Mason of Enos born September 16, 1789
Fanney of Enos born July 29, 1792
Hartville Hunt of Winney born July 1786
Piggy Giles of Winney born April 30, 1788
Salle Westonpage* of Winney born July 3, 1790
Senaca* of Sarah born September 14, 1788
Lawson of Sarah born September 27, 1790
Martain* of Sarah born December 29, 1792
Jack Jarril of Winne born January 17, 1793
Lezy of Sarah born March 5, 1795
Nelson of Enos born March 2, 1795
Paryene* of Winny born April 17, 1795
Edward of Enos born December 1796
Angeli of Winney born September 15, 1798*
Dinaa of Enos born December 25, 1800
Molley Scott born November 16, 1784
Judith of Molley born April* 1800
Julious of Molley born May 1802

Note: On this last page of slaves, there are notations about several that were given to Betse Ford, one given to John Chaffin, one given to Nancy Scott, one being sold to H. Dickerson, and notes of several deaths.