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The following marriage licenses have been issued by the recorder during the past month:

Name Residence Name Residence
W. D. McKinney Cedar Valley Margaret Stamphill Cedar Valley
Wm. F. Holt Marmaros Nevada Johnson Forsythe
John L. Gibson Swan Mary Sperlin Swan
George W. Brawner Cedar Creek Dora McCourtney Cedar Creek
Jasper N. Compton Branson Sarah Lewallen Branson
L. C. Carter Kissee Mills R. A. Ward Kissee Mills
R. W. Bingham Kirbyville Dorinda White Kirbyville
Thomas Wood Bradleyville Matilda D. Earey Bradleyville
H. S. Ayres Protem Rosa C. Sturgin Kissee Mills
Samuel T. Madden Greenleaf Lucinda Whitaker Bradleyville
Jasper Hawkins Protem Kansas Hooser Protem
Albert M. Lewis Swan Fannie M. Johnson Bradleyville
Taney County Republican, 5 December 1895, p. 3.