The following information is from a small notebook kept by Arter Kissee at the time he performed these marriages. (The first marriage listed was performed by J. A. Thomas.) The book was donated by Arter's great grandson, Samuel, in March 2007 to the genealogy collection of the public library in Forsyth and a copy of these pages was provided so they could be made available for access online. The notebook documents marriages taking place at Kissee Mills in Taney county between 1908 and 1919.

Groom's Name Groom's Residence Bride's Name Bride's Residence License Date Marriage Date Witnesses Image
J. W. Gillmore Taney co. Sarah E. Keithley Taney co. 5 Feb 1908 5 Feb 1908 J. M. Thomas
J. F. Stuart
Page 1
W. R. Green Taney co. Miss Lillie Davidson Taney co. 24 Sep 1913 24 Sep 1913 Page 2
Harvey E. Gillmore Greene co. Daisy Staton? Kissee Mills 11 Jul 1914 12 Jul 1914 Bessie Beeler
J. W. Beeler
Page 3
Polk Wyatt Kissee Mills Laura Grant Kissee Mills 3 Aug 1915 4 Aug 1915 Mrs. Lillie Hunt
Miss Edith Kissee
Page 4
Charley Adington Taney co. Arabella McKenzie Taney co. 27 Jan 1916 27 Jan 1916 E. E. Beeler
Stella Beeler
Page 5
Frank Tate Taney co. Bertha S. Wyatt Taney co. 14 Oct 1916 14 Oct 1916 Edith Kissee
Charley Kissee
Page 6
B. H. Wyatt Taney co. Margarett Hampton Taney co. 4 Apr 1917 4 Apr 1917 John L. Hampton
Minnie Hampton
Page 7
H. C. Holland Hilda Bettie Mosley Hilda 19 Sep 1918 21 Sep 1918 Florence Holland
Delia Thurman
Page 8
Lemuel Kissee Taney co. Edith Williams Taney co. 24 Mar 1919 24 Mar 1919 S. C. Kissee
Elsie Williams
Page 9

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