The County sites are back up. And here I was thinking no one ever uses them since Monica and Justin are the only contributors. But lo and behold, they are out there. Who knew.

The underlying problem hasn't been resolved. So if you find dead links or things that don't work, just use the back button.

Feature Name Place Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Abundant Life Fellowship Church church 363535N 0931407W Hollister
Ada locale 364632N 0925419W Bradleyville
Alexander Park park 363807N 0931326W Branson
Ameera (historical) populated place 364601N 0930541W Garrison
Antioch (historical) church 364646N 0931535W Spokane
Antioch School (historical) school 364648N 0931536W Spokane
AT&T Micro Wave Tower tower 363343N 0931532W Table Rock Dam
Ava Ranger District forest 364510N 0925300W Bradleyville
Baird Mountain summit 363459N 0931732W Table Rock Dam
Bald Knob Church church 363611N 0930107W Mincy
Bald Knob School (historical) school 363604N 0930106W Mincy
Barger Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Barger Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Barger School (historical) school 364543N 0924735W Brownbranch
Bay Creek stream Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bay Creek (historical), Township of civil Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bear Cave Hollow valley 363311N 0924747W Protem
Bear Creek stream 363140N 0930615W Mincy
Bear Creek stream 364347N 0931146W Branson
Beaver Creek stream 363818N 0930224W Forsyth
Beaver Creek Public Use Area park 363822N 0930237W Forsyth
Beaver Creek Public Use Area park 363836N 0930156W Forsyth
Beaver, Township of civil 364353N 0925204W Protem NE
Bee Creek stream 363035N 0930345W Mincy
Bee Creek stream 363050N 0930143W Mincy
Bee Creek stream 364027N 0931203W Branson
Bee Creek Cemetery cemetery 363123N 0930507W Mincy
Bee Creek School North (historical) school 364025N 0931342W Branson
Bee Creek School South (historical) school 363123N 0930514W Mincy
Bethel Cemetery cemetery 364808N 0924800W Brownbranch
Bethel Church church 364730N 0924703W Brownbranch
Big Cedar Hollow valley 363215N 0931738W Table Rock Dam
Big Creek stream 362730N 0924411W Cotter NW
Big Creek School (historical) school 363309N 0924742W Protem
Big Creek, Township of civil 363215N 0925106W Protem
Big Hollow valley 363717N 0931242W Hollister
Bilyew Creek stream Unknown Unknown Unknown
Blackjack Knob summit 363536N 0924947W Protem
Blair Branch stream 362932N 0931740W Denver
Blair Branch stream 362932N 0931736W Denver
Blair Cemetery cemetery 363958N 0925332W Hilda
Blair Cemetery cemetery 364651N 0925336W Bradleyville
Blair Ridge ridge 363941N 0925449W Hilda
Blue Creek stream 364715N 0930332W Garrison
Bluff locale 364807N 0931049W Day
Bonner Ridge ridge 363443N 0924824W Protem
Bookout Branch stream 363632N 0930531W Mincy
Booth Cemetery cemetery 363130N 0930553W Mincy
Borrow Pit mine 363553N 0931751W Table Rock Dam
Boston Center Community Building locale 364407N 0931628W Garber
Boston Ferry Natural History Area park 364130N 0931155W Branson
Bradleyville populated place 364701N 0925429W Bradleyville
Branson populated place 363837N 0931306W Branson
Branson City Cemetery cemetery 363847N 0931259W Branson
Branson Hills Church church 364112N 0931303W Branson
Branson Junior High School school 363957N 0931310W Branson
Branson Memorial Airport airport 363839N 0931650W Garber
Branson Middle School school 363832N 0931317W Branson
Branson Post Office post office 363828N 0931258W Branson
Branson Public Library building 363835N 0931312W Branson
Branson School school 363824N 0931317W Branson
Branson Senior High School school 363957N 0931306W Branson
Branson, Township of civil 363914N 0931500W Garber
Bray Cemetery cemetery 364348N 0925241W Hilda
Bray Hollow valley 364133N 0925133W Protem NE
Bright Elbow Ranch Landing Field airport 363050N 0925618W Protem SW
Bright Hollow valley 364849N 0931038W Day
Brink Hollow valley 364340N 0925249W Hilda
Brittain Cemetery cemetery 363802N 0930219W Forsyth
Brown Branch stream 364735N 0925023W Brownbranch
Brown Cemetery cemetery 363814N 0925944W Hilda
Brown Hollow valley 363241N 0924733W Protem
Brown School (historical) school 363817N 0925944W Hilda
Brownbranch populated place 364740N 0924950W Brownbranch
Brownbranch School (historical) school 364737N 0924951W Brownbranch
Brush Creek stream 363115N 0931845W Table Rock Dam
Brush Creek Church (historical) church 363112N 0931850W >Table Rock Dam
Brush Creek School (historical) school 363355N 0931750W Table Rock Dam
Brushy Creek stream 364321N 0925740W Hilda
Bryant School (historical) school 363814N 0925522W Hilda
Buck Creek stream 362901N 0924721W Peel
Buck Creek stream 362903N 0924723W Peel
Buck Hollow valley 363404N 0925611W Protem SW
Bull Creek stream 364146N 0930958W Branson
Bull Creek populated place 364254N 0931212W Branson
Bull Shoals Lake reservoir 362155N 0923429W Cotter
Buttram Hollow valley 364223N 0924417W Thornfield
Camp Izaak Walton (historical) locale Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cane Creek stream 364107N 0925904W Hilda
Caney Creek stream 364747N 0924953W Brownbranch
Caney Hollow valley 364140N 0924356W Thornfield
Cantwell Park park 363849N 0931344W Branson
Cardwell Hollow valley 363359N 0925607W Protem SW
Cardwell Ridge ridge 363553N 0925433W Protem SW
Casey Cemetery cemetery 364218N 0930552W Forsyth
Cedar Creek stream 363724N 0930129W Mincy
Cedar Creek Cemetery cemetery 363401N 0925949W Protem SW
Cedar Creek, Township of civil 363432N 0930010W Mincy
Cedar Grove School school 364351N 0930612W Forsyth
Cedar Grove School (historical) school 364352N 0930612W Forsyth
Cedar Hollow valley 363016N 0924623W Protem
Cedar Hollow valley 364249N 0931741W Garber
Cedar Springs School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cedar Valley valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cedar Valley (historical) populated place 363224N 0931731W Table Rock Dam
Cedar Valley Cemetery cemetery 363438N 0931426W Hollister
Cedar Valley Church church 363437N 0931428W Hollister
Cedar Valley Church (historical) church 363353N 0931745W Table Rock Dam
Cedar Valley Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cedar Valley School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cedarcreek populated place 363444N 0925951W Protem SW
Chapel of the Ozarks church 363848N 0925944W Hilda
Chula Vista summit Unknown Unknown Unknown
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church 364111N 0931307W Branson
Clark Cemetery cemetery 364537N 0925046W Brownbranch
Clayton Hollow valley 364758N 0925430W Bradleyville
Clayton Ridge ridge 364143N 0924800W Protem NE
Clemens Hollow valley 363037N 0925518W Protem SW
Clevinger Branch stream 363329N 0931734W Table Rock Dam
Clevinger Hollow valley 363324N 0931725W Table Rock Dam
Coalpit Hollow valley 363420N 0931241W Hollister
Cobles Cemetery cemetery 363352N 0930118W Mincy
Coffee Ridge ridge 363103N 0924619W Protem
Coffin Spring spring Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cole Spring Hollow valley 363005N 0931740W Table Rock Dam
Compton Ridge ridge 363829N 0931852W Garber
Compton Spring Hollow valley 363713N 0930111W Mincy
Conner Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cook Hollow valley 364849N 0931107W Day
Coon Creek stream 363823N 0931239W Branson
Cooper Creek stream 363717N 0931444W Hollister
Coy Bald summit 364054N 0925715W Hilda
Dabbs Creek stream 363726N 0925922W Protem SW
Dann Cemetery cemetery 364747N 0924925W Brownbranch
Day populated place 364847N 0931437W Day
Dean Cemetery cemetery 364737N 0924959W Brownbranch
Deer Cove bay 362943N 0925628W Diamond City
Deer Cove bay 362952N 0925634W Diamond City
Deer Lick Hollow valley 364322N 0931751W Garber
Devils Den valley 364125N 0925714W Hilda
Devils Pool spring 363201N 0931625W Table Rock Dam
Dewey Bald summit 363918N 0931745W Garber
Dewey Bald Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dewey Grove School (historical) school 364040N 0931631W Garber
Dick Branch stream 364659N 0925240W Bradleyville
Dickens populated place 364339N 0930250W Forsyth
Dickens Cemetery cemetery 364347N 0930229W Forsyth
Dickens School school Unknown Unknown Forsyth
Dit Cemetery cemetery 363628N 0924816W Protem
Dobbs Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Drury Refuge park 363357N 0930434W Mincy
Dry Branch stream 364647N 0931531W Spokane
Dry Hollow valley 363323N 0925610W Protem SW
Dry Hollow valley 363752N 0930146W Forsyth
East Fork Big Creek stream 363516N 0924642W Protem
East Fork Roark Creek stream 364130N 0931806W Garber
East View Post Office (historical) post office 364350N 0924640W Protem NE
Eastview (historical) populated place 364350N 0924640W Protem NE
Eastview School (historical) school 364232N 0924726W Protem NE
Edgewater Beach populated place 363941N 0930830W Branson
Edley Cemetery cemetery 363813N 0925402W Hilda
Edwards Cemetery cemetery 363756N 0930732W Branson
Edwards Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eiserman Street Park park 363925N 0931303W Branson
Elbow Creek stream 363003N 0925547W Protem SW
Eldridge Cemetery cemetery 364511N 0925147W Brownbranch
Ellison Cemetery cemetery 363705N 0931318W Hollister
Elm Hollow valley 363109N 0925940W Protem SW
Emory Creek stream 364330N 0931228W Branson
Epps Park park 363822N 0931303W Branson
Eslic Hollow valley 363154N 0924712W Protem
Evangelical Free Church church 363827N 0931107W Branson
Fairview populated place 363816N 0925131W Protem NE
Faith Assembly of God Church church 364257N 0930729W Forsyth
Fall Creek stream 363639N 0931630W Table Rock Dam
Flag locale 363606N 0931751W Table Rock Dam
Flag (historical) populated place 363606N 0931751W Table Rock Dam
Flag School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Flint Hill School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Forsyth populated place 364106N 0930711W Forsyth
Forsyth Cemetery cemetery 364126N 0930613W Forsyth
Forsyth Church of God church 363953N 0930550W Forsyth
Forsyth Public Schools school 364143N 0930703W Forsyth
Forsyth United Methodist Church church 364239N 0930727W Forsyth
Four Spring Hollow valley 362944N 0925305W Diamond City
Fox Creek stream 363130N 0930549W Mincy
Fox Creek Hollow valley 363131N 0930550W Mincy
Free Jack Spring spring Unknown Unknown Unknown
Friendship Church church 363756N 0931029W Branson
Garber populated place 364130N 0931756W Garber
Garber School (historical) school 364149N 0931723W Garber
Gettman Hollow valley 364457N 0931015W Branson
Gieske Hill summit Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gimlin Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Girten Hollow valley 363356N 0925748W Protem SW
Glory School (historical) school 363114N 0930114W Mincy
Gobbler Knob Cemetery cemetery 363642N 0931103W Hollister
Gobblers Knob School (historical) school 363644N 0931108W Hollister
Goetz Ridge ridge 363709N 0924936W Protem
Goldsbarry Hollow valley 363605N 0924613W Protem
Goodnight Hollow valley 364709N 0931031W Day
Granny Hole basin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Grant Cemetery cemetery 364249N 0930150W Forsyth
Gravelly Hollow valley 364803N 0931053W Day
Gray Branch stream 363610N 0930511W Mincy
Gray Hollow valley 363828N 0924641W Protem NE
Greenleaf Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gretna populated place 363937N 0931604W Garber
Gretna Cemetery cemetery 363938N 0931602W Garber
Groom locale 363328N 0925937W Protem SW
Gum Hollow valley 363227N 0924728W Protem
Guthrie Cemetery cemetery 364533N 0924803W Brownbranch
Hampton Hollow valley 363325N 0924742W Protem
Hankins Cemetery cemetery 363330N 0925318W Protem SW
Hankins Hollow valley 363559N 0925500W Protem SW
Happy Hollow valley 363552N 0931229W Hollister
Haworth Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Helphrey Cemetery cemetery 364503N 0930153W Garrison
Helphrey Hill summit 364535N 0930131W Garrison
Helphry School (historical) school 364540N 0930143W Garrison
Helster School (historical) school 363057N 0924854W Protem
Henson Hollow valley 363430N 0924700W Protem
Hercules populated place 364227N 0925222W Protem NE
Hercules Glades Wilderness forest 364129N 0925536W Hilda
Hercules Lookout Tower tower 364105N 0925257W Hilda
Hickory Grove School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hilda populated place 363949N 0925855W Hilda
Hilda Lookout Tower tower 363838N 0925844W Hilda
Hill Crest Baptist Church church 363722N 0931128W Hollister
Hill Top Lookout Tower tower 364626N 0930804W Day
Hilltop School (historical) school 364558N 0930801W Day
Hodge Hollow valley 364749N 0930355W Garrison
Hogan Creek stream 363443N 0930344W Mincy
Hollister populated place 363716N 0931255W Hollister
Hollister Campground locale 363116N 0931814W Table Rock Dam
Hollister Junior High School school 363718N 0931135W Hollister
Hollister Lookout Tower (historical) tower 363342N 0931536W Table Rock Dam
Hollister Senior High School school 363718N 0931135W Hollister
Hollow Creek stream 364708N 0931614W Spokane
Hoosier Branch stream 363256N 0925232W Protem SW
Hoot Owl Hollow valley 364234N 0925839W Hilda
Horsehoe Bend bend 363023N 0925854W Protem SW
Houseman Creek stream 364241N 0930557W Forsyth
Howard Cemetery cemetery 364207N 0930840W Branson
Hughes Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hurricane Creek stream 364848N 0931621W Spokane
Hurricane Hollow valley 364853N 0931621W Spokane
Indian Point Public Use Area park 363750N 0932055W Garber
Inspiration Point cape 364006N 0931836W Garber
Irma populated place 364445N 0931652W Garber
Iron Mountain summit Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ironside Ridge ridge 363816N 0925302W Hilda
Ironside School (historical) school 363813N 0925229W Protem NE
Ironside School (historical) school 364409N 0931148W Branson
Jackson Hollow valley 364631N 0931424W Day
Jakes Branch stream 363341N 0931816W Table Rock Dam
Jasper, Township of civil 364451N 0931112W Branson
Jim Lane Cabin locale 363902N 0931722W Garber
Jody locale 364012N 0925307W Hilda
Joe Hollow valley 364650N 0925424W Bradleyville
John Hollow valley 363728N 0930044W Mincy
Johnson Bald summit 364005N 0925857W Hilda
Johnson Bluff cliff 363805N 0930342W Forsyth
Johnson Cemetery cemetery 364001N 0925939W Hilda
Johnson Hollow valley 363032N 0925200W Protem
Johnson School (historical) school 364000N 0925938W Hilda
Kentucky Hollow valley 364654N 0925252W Bradleyville
Kentucky Hollow School (historical) school 364554N 0925202W Brownbranch
Kickapoo Camp (historical) locale Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kingdom Hall church 363828N 0931120W Branson
Kings Branch stream Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kirbyville populated place 363723N 0930950W Hollister
Kirbyville School school 363121N 0930950W Hollister
Kissee Mills populated place 364101N 0930259W Forsyth
Kissee Mills Cemetery cemetery 364033N 0930300W Forsyth
Kissee Mills Church church 364031N 0930258W Forsyth
Kissee Mills Public Use Area park 364022N 0930128W Forsyth
Kissee Mills School (historical) school 364040N 0930129W Forsyth
KLFC-FM (Branson) tower 363753N 0931815W Garber
KOMC-AM (Branson) tower 363712N 0931240W Hollister
KRZK-FM (Branson) tower 363824N 0931431W Branson
KSOZ Radio Tower tower 363345N 0931533W Table Rock Dam
KSOZ-FM (Point Lookout) tower 363344N 0931535W Table Rock Dam
KSOZ-FM (Point Lookout) tower 363640N 0931429W Hollister
Kuggaho Camp (historical) locale Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lake Taneycomo reservoir 363930N 0930730W Branson
Lake Taneycomo reservoir 363932N 0930727W Forsyth
Lakes Country Planning Region area 375231N 0930731W Preston
Layton Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lewallen Cemetery cemetery 363746N 0931644W Garber
Liberty School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lick Branch stream 364550N 0931113W Day
Lime Kiln Mountain summit 363838N 0925844W Hilda
Limekiln Hollow valley 364315N 0931740W Garber
Little Beaver Creek stream 364721N 0925412W Bradleyville
Little Brown Branch stream 364749N 0925042W Brownbranch
Little Buck Creek stream 362923N 0924712W Peel
Little Buck Creek stream 362924N 0924720W Peel
Little Cedar Hollow valley 363007N 0924704W Protem
Little Cedar Hollow valley 363011N 0931728W Table Rock Dam
Little Mincy Creek stream 363410N 0930534W Mincy
Logan Cemetery cemetery 363658N 0931507W Table Rock Dam
Lone Pilgrim Cemetery cemetery 364308N 0925943W Hilda
Lone Pilgrim School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lone Star Church church 364641N 0930539W Garrison
Lone Tree Mountain summit 363337N 0925846W Protem SW
Long Beach populated place 364226N 0930747W Branson
Long Creek stream 363555N 0931855W Table Rock Dam
Long Creek stream 363556N 0931856W Table Rock Dam
Long Creek stream 364112N 0925851W Hilda
Long Creek Park park 363114N 0931815W Table Rock Dam
Long Creek Public Use Area park 363713N 0931815W Table Rock Dam
Long Hollow valley 363109N 0931853W Table Rock Dam
Longs Ferry (historical) crossing 362952N 0925525W Diamond City
Lottie Lawless Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lower Pilot Knob summit 364220N 0925727W Hilda
M Graham Clark Airport airport 363723N 0931320W Hollister
Mail Hollow valley 363623N 0924807W Protem
Main Orchard Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mang Field park 363843N 0931250W Branson
Maple Hollow valley 363125N 0931757W Table Rock Dam
Mark Twain School school 363540N 0925047W Protem
Mathis Hollow valley 364612N 0931032W Day
Max Creek stream 364123N 0930041W Forsyth
Mays Bend bend 363715N 0930333W Mincy
Mays Bluff cliff 363720N 0930351W Mincy
Mc Gill Hollow valley 363035N 0930725W Mincy
McAdoo Creek stream 364252N 0925229W Protem NE
McCarty Church church 363218N 0930138W Mincy
McClurg populated place 364704N 0924629W Brownbranch
McDonald Lake reservoir 364024N 0931612W Garber
McFarland (historical) populated place 364238N 0930520W Forsyth
McGill Hollow valley 363033N 0930727W Mincy
McGill Hollow valley 363035N 0930727W Mincy
Meadow Middleton School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Meadows Church church 364755N 0931045W Day
Meadows School (historical) school 364801N 0931048W Day
Melba School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Melva populated place 363437N 0931243W Hollister
Merriam Woods populated place 364250N 0930942W Branson
Merritt Cemetery cemetery 363312N 0925049W Protem
Middleton Church church 364758N 0930059W Garrison
Middleton Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mildred populated place 363813N 0930557W Forsyth
Mill Trail Ridge ridge 363538N 0925353W Protem SW
Mills Branch stream 363016N 0931806W Table Rock Dam
Mills Hollow valley 364106N 0931712W Garber
Mincy populated place 363351N 0930636W Mincy
Mincy Cemetery cemetery 363404N 0930637W Mincy
Mincy Creek stream 363254N 0930354W Mincy
Mincy Full Gospel Church church 363504N 0930900W Hollister
Mincy Public Hunting Area locale 363233N 0930620W Mincy
Mincy School (historical) school 363354N 0930622W Mincy
Mincy Wildlife Area park 363247N 0930747W Hollister
Misty Meadows Airport airport 363500N 0930610W Mincy
Montgomery Hollow valley 364137N 0925008W Protem NE
Moonshine Beach beach 363624N 0931853W Table Rock Dam
Moonshine Beach locale 363624N 0931842W Table Rock Dam
Moore Hollow valley 363348N 0924833W Protem
Mopping Branch stream 364340N 0925252W Hilda
Mores Branch stream 364328N 0925605W Hilda
Morris Hollow valley 363501N 0924635W Protem
Mount Branson Christian Church church 363845N 0931146W Branson
Mount Olive Church church 363714N 0930435W Mincy
Mountain Grove Cemetery cemetery 364129N 0930814W Branson
Mountain Grove School school 364142N 0930856W Branson
Mountain View School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mud Socket School House (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Murder Rock summit Unknown Unknown Unknown
Murley Hollow valley 363414N 0924728W Protem
Mutton Hollow valley 363902N 0931838W Garber
Nance populated place 363639N 0924800W Protem
Nance School (historical) school 363637N 0924811W Protem
Nancy locale 364528N 0925046W Brownbranch
Nash Cemetery cemetery 364602N 0931329W Day
Needmore Store (historical) locale Unknown Unknown Unknown
New Machion Church church 364344N 0925542W Hilda
New Vision Church church 364223N 0930304W Forsyth
Newton (historical), Township of civil Unknown Unknown Unknown
North Beach Park park 363852N 0931250W Branson
North Emory Creek stream 364332N 0931247W Branson
North Hollow valley 364337N 0925535W Hilda
North Prong Cane Creek stream 363804N 0925538W Hilda
Oak Grove Church (historical) church 363942N 0931043W Branson
Oak Grove School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oak Ridge Church church 364804N 0931337W Day
Oak Ridge School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oakmont populated place 363157N 0931642W Table Rock Dam
Oasis (historical) populated place 363219N 0931758W Table Rock Dam
Oasis Bluff cliff 363222N 0931803W Table Rock Dam
Old Branson School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Old Matts Cabin locale 364004N 0931831W Garber
Oliver, Township of civil 363711N 0931246W Hollister
Osaka Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Owens Spring spring 363314N 0924755W Protem
Ozark Beach populated place 363932N 0930819W Branson
Ozark Beach Dam dam 363930N 0930730W Branson
Ozark Beach Dam dam 363933N 0930727W Forsyth
Ozark Mountain Church church 364344N 0931037W Branson
Ozarks area 365500N 0920100W Dyestone Mountain
Ozarks Memorial Park cemetery 363840N 0931129W Branson
Palmer Cemetery cemetery 364716N 0924734W Brownbranch
Parnell Park park 363912N 0931300W Branson
Patrick Hollow valley 363621N 0924839W Protem
Patterson Cemetery cemetery 364503N 0925645W Bradleyville
Pees Hollow valley 364314N 0925353W Hilda
Peg Leg Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peg Leg Point summit Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pelham Hollow valley 363233N 0925221W Protem
Pelham Ridge ridge 364359N 0924728W Protem NE
Pelham School (historical) school 363430N 0925104W Protem
Persimmon Creek stream Unknown Unknown Unknown
Persimmon Hollow valley 363226N 0931828W Table Rock Dam
Persimmon Hollow valley 363913N 0925736W Hilda
Pet Hollow valley 363813N 0924653W Protem NE
Pignut Hollow valley 364709N 0931617W Spokane
Pine Hollow valley 362944N 0924527W Peel
Pine Top Cemetery cemetery 363712N 0930938W Hollister
Pine Top School school 363142N 0930952W Hollister
Piney Creek stream 363405N 0930253W Mincy
Pinnacle summit 364350N 0924645W Protem NE
Pleasant Hill Church church 363930N 0930605W Forsyth
Pleasant Hill School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pleasant Shade Church church 364606N 0931154W Day
Pleasant Shade School (historical) school 364550N 0931045W Day
Poague Hollow valley 364804N 0930043W Garrison
Point Lookout locale 363703N 0931421W Hollister
Pole Hollow valley 364101N 0925455W Hilda
Poor Joe Bald summit 363222N 0925730W Protem SW
Poor Joe Hollow valley 363144N 0925626W Protem SW
Possum Trot (historical) populated place Unknown Unknown Unknown
Powers Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Powersite populated place 363920N 0930716W Forsyth
Presbyterian Hill Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Protem populated place 363144N 0925131W Protem
Racetrack Ridge ridge 363609N 0924953W Protem
Ragsdale Cemetery cemetery 364259N 0930554W Forsyth
Ray Cemetery cemetery 363010N 0925604W Protem SW
Red Bluff cliff 363102N 0931747W Table Rock Dam
Renshaw Cemetery cemetery 364155N 0931023W Branson
Reuter School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rhodes School (historical) school 363448N 0925614W Protem SW
Ridgedale populated place 363014N 0931325W Hollister
Ridgedale Church church 363046N 0931346W Hollister
Ridgedale Church (historical) church 363143N 0931453W Hollister
Ridgedale School (historical) school 363139N 0931453W Hollister
Risley Hollow valley 362945N 0925119W Peel
Risley Hollow valley 362946N 0925121W Peel
River Run Public Use Area park 364021N 0930631W Forsyth
River Run Public Use Area park 364028N 0930645W Forsyth
River View Bible Baptists Church church 364302N 0930729W Forsyth
Riverview School (historical) school 364259N 0930730W Branson
Roark Creek stream 363904N 0931254W Branson
Roberts Cemetery cemetery 363847N 0925712W Hilda
Rock Spring spring 363917N 0924647W Protem NE
Rockaway Beach populated place 364157N 0930935W Branson
Rockwood Hills Lake reservoir 364006N 0931436W Branson
Rockwood Hills Lake Dam dam 364006N 0931436W Branson
Roller Cemetery cemetery 364714N 0925853W Bradleyville
Roller Hollow valley 364523N 0925606W Bradleyville
Roller Hollow School school 364715N 0925835W Bradleyville
Rueter populated place 363630N 0925208W Protem
Ruth and Paul Hennings State Forest forest 364019N 0931740W Garber
Ruthey Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Saint James Church church 363732N 0930820W Branson
Sand Ridge ridge 363802N 0925653W Hilda
Schoolhouse Spring spring 363304N 0924737W Protem
Scott, Township of civil 363350N 0930650W Mincy
Seaton Cemetery cemetery 364658N 0931552W Spokane
Shadow Rock cliff 364120N 0930543W Forsyth
Shadow Rock Public Use Area park 364105N 0930605W Forsyth
Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery locale 363551N 0931800W Table Rock Dam
Shepherd of the Hills Historical Society Dam dam 364024N 0931612W Garber
Shepherd of the Hills Homestead building 364001N 0931821W Garber
Shepherd of the Hills State Fish Hatchery locale 363554N 0931800W Table Rock Dam
Sherd Cemetery cemetery 364708N 0925143W Brownbranch
Shoal Creek stream 362820N 0925132W Peel
Shoal Creek stream 362821N 0925131W Peel
Short Creek stream 363654N 0931545W Table Rock Dam
Short Hollow valley 363915N 0924617W Protem NE
Silo Hollow valley 364137N 0925136W Protem NE
Silver Creek stream 364016N 0930707W Forsyth
Silver Creek stream 364212N 0930858W Branson
Silver Creek Lake lake 364233N 0930927W Branson
Skaggs Community Hospital hospital 363903N 0931315W Branson
Skeeterville (historical) populated place Unknown Unknown Unknown
Skeeterville School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Skyline Church church 363630N 0931749W Table Rock Dam
Slough Hollow valley 363940N 0930054W Forsyth
Snap Balds summit 363818N 0931029W Branson
Snapp Cemetery cemetery 364043N 0930606W Forsyth
Someday Ranch Airport airport 363418N 0930212W Mincy
South Emory Creek stream 364333N 0931306W Branson
State Line Cove bay 362948N 0925934W Diamond City
Stout Creek stream 364429N 0930520W Forsyth
Sunny Side School (historical) school 363117N 0925710W Protem SW
Sunset Park park 363807N 0931337W Branson
Swan populated place 364743N 0930345W Garrison
Swan Cemetery cemetery 364758N 0930355W Garrison
Swan Creek stream 364057N 0930619W Forsyth
Swan, Township of civil 364202N 0930503W Forsyth
Sycamore Log Church church 364048N 0931620W Garber
Table Rock summit 363529N 0931648W Table Rock Dam
Table Rock populated place 363617N 0931755W Table Rock Dam
Table Rock Dam dam 363542N 0931836W Table Rock Dam
Table Rock Heliport airport 363818N 0931643W Garber
Table Rock Lake reservoir 363544N 0931838W Table Rock Dam
Table Rock State Park park 363455N 0931823W Table Rock Dam
Table Rock State Park park 363515N 0931836W Table Rock Dam
Taney County civil 363900N 0930300W Forsyth
Taneycomo Country Club locale 364301N 0930714W Forsyth
Taneyville populated place 364429N 0930203W Forsyth
Taneyville School school 364415N 0930205W Forsyth
Taneyville Union Chapel church 364421N 0930212W Forsyth
Tanglewood Chapel church 363706N 0931917W Table Rock Dam
Tantrough Hollow valley 364702N 0931021W Day
Tennyson Hollow valley 363748N 0924932W Protem NE
Terry Hollow valley 363930N 0924605W Protem NE
The School of the Ozarks school 363703N 0931421W Hollister
This Gospel Tabernacle church 364435N 0931627W Garber
Thornton Hollow valley 363107N 0925828W Protem SW
Thorp Creek stream 363315N 0931226W Hollister
Three Johns School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tidwell Post Office (historical) post office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Trigger Creek stream 363557N 0930629W Mincy
Tumbling Creek stream 363301N 0924741W Protem
Turkey Creek stream 363801N 0931301W Branson
Turkey Creek stream 363802N 0931300W Branson
Turnbull Hollow valley 362911N 0924925W Peel
Turnbull Hollow valley 362911N 0924921W Peel
Twin Springs spring 363332N 0924735W Protem
Union Church church 363519N 0924723W Protem
Union Hill School (historical) school 364516N 0925720W Bradleyville
Upper Pilot Knob summit 364214N 0925601W Hilda
Vanzandt Cemetery cemetery 363659N 0930942W Hollister
Victor Church church 364257N 0931347W Branson
Walker Hills range 364918N 0925135W Brownbranch
Walnut Shade populated place 364357N 0931136W Branson
Walnut Shade Cemetery cemetery 364411N 0931147W Branson
Walnut Shade Post Office post office 364407N 0931143W Branson
Walnut Shade School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Warren Hollow valley 364751N 0930103W Garrison
Waterfall Hollow valley 364252N 0931747W Garber
Wayside Post Office (historical) post office 364730N 0925908W Bradleyville
Weatherman Hollow valley Unknown Unknown Unknown
West Fork Bear Creek stream 364659N 0931603W Spokane
West Fork Big Creek stream 363516N 0924642W Protem
West Fork Roark Creek stream 364130N 0931806W Garber
Western Ozarks area 381501N 0933001W Leesville
Whitaker Cemetery cemetery 364643N 0925239W Bradleyville
White Oak Hollow valley 363102N 0925946W Protem SW
White Oak School (historical) school 363525N 0930501W Mincy
White River stream 335705N 0910453W Montgomery Island
White River Association Church Camp locale 364219N 0930303W Forsyth
White River Hills area 363729N 0943729W South West City
Who'd a Tho't it School (historical) school Unknown Unknown Unknown
Whorton Cemetery cemetery 363622N 0931233W Hollister
Wilderness Road Spring spring Unknown Unknown Unknown
Wilson School (historical) school 363916N 0930243W Forsyth
Winkle Creek stream 364005N 0930145W Forsyth
Wisdom Hollow valley 363851N 0930404W Forsyth
Wolf Cemetery cemetery 363500N 0925038W Protem
Wolf Creek stream 363730N 0930152W Mincy
Wolf Hollow valley 363302N 0930404W Mincy
Wolfpen Ridge ridge 363039N 0924631W Protem
Woodard Launching Area park 363556N 0930559W Mincy
Woods Hollow valley 363109N 0925834W Protem SW
Wyman Church church 363642N 0925444W Protem SW

The above information was extracted from the online GNIS database maintained by the US Governement.