Vicki Piper has offered to do look-ups from the book History of Saline County published by the Saline County Historical Society in 1967, which contains quite a few biographies. The following is a list of the names that have biographies:

Adams, George
Akeman, Peter
Ash, William Francis

Baker, Geo. W.
Baker, Noah
Baker, William
Barr, Thomas
Bauer, Conrad
Bell, William Mitchell
Belwood, James
Boatright, Leslie Green
Brandon, John C.
Brown, John W.
Brown, J. Warner
Brown, James
Brown, A.F.
Bronnfield, Wilford S.

Casebolt, Dr. Milton P.
Castle, Frank
Clark, Charles
Clement, William
Clyde, Joseph
Calvin, George
Cowan, Royal W.
Cromley, William
Curd Family

Davis, George
Davis, James R.
Deal, Milton
Donnell, Wm.
Dyer, I.G.

Edmonds, T.S.
Egan, J.C.
Elsea, E.E.
Evans, Robert
Ezell, John B.

Fulkerson, J.P. and E.H.
Fulton, John H.C.

Garst, Benjamin F.
Gauldin, Martin Augustine
George, Edmond
Goodwin, James

Hall, William
Hanley, A.H.
Hansbros, W.E.
Harvey, Major T.H.
Herring, John H.
Homery, Van (Bass)
Houston, Sherman P.
Hutcherson, William
Huston, Joseph
Hurt, Ossemus

Jones, John Beauchamp
Jones, Charles Wallington
Joplin, Milton

Keithley, Jacob Carter
Kiehl, B.W.
Kiehl, Otto
Kiehl, Dr. Elmer R.

Lawless, Dr. Charles L.
Lunbeck, Isaac
Lyon, Eli Frakes

Mallman, William
Maples, J.C.
Markes, Jacob
Marshall, Joe
Marshall, Wm.
McClelland, Samuel
McRoberts, A.J. and A.H.
McNeely, William
Mikels, Thomas B.
Montgomery, George
Mull, John

Naeglin, Charles E.
Newell, W.S.
Newell, Newman H.

O’Keefe, William
Orr, James
Orr, A.H.

Palmer, William Beverly
Parks, Ambrose
Patterson, Joseph B.
Pearson, O.B.
Pile, Minnie
Pile, Samuel D.

Ransberger, Robert
Robertson, A.G.

Sailor, Betsy Ann
Sappington, Dr. John R.
Salt Springs Who’s Who
Schepers, William
Sellers, William
Shackelford, Thomas
Simmons, William Oren
Starts, Commodore

Thomas, Jim
Thomas, Morris
Thompson, Michael
Thompson, C.F. James
Tobin, James A.
Townsend, S.A.H.
Tussey, Rueben

VanArsdale, Ray

Wade, T.C.
Warren, Dr. James
Weinrich, William V.
Wilson, S.T.
Wilson, T.R.
Winslow, Henry
Witcher, Caleb

Yancey, D.L.
Yancey, Maj. Gen’l Ralph
Yeager, Lenton
Younger, Charles