Nelson, "Corporation," Arrow Rock Township

Encircled on the east south and west by the Missouri Pacific Railroad
Land owners (indv. lot owners not given) Landmarks given

Bradford , Mrs. L. M. Presbyterian Church
Baker, John M.-------Public School Baptist Church
Carter, S. H. Christian Church
Bell & Bunkhead Meth. Epis. Church
Reiskamp. C. Bank
Nelson, D. S. & L. M. Hotel
Bush, W. D. Opera House
Sappington, C. W. African Church
Champion, W. H.
Cooper, T. E
Woodbridge, J. L. North to South (beg in West)
Harvey, J. A. Baker St.
Marr, John Main St.
Bruner, R. Garnett St.
Sappington, J. C.
McAllister, T. A.
Finley, J. F. East to West (beg in North)
Butler, J. 5th St.
Thornton, H. 4th St.
Reynolds, W. M. 3rd St.
Lakue, H. B. 2nd St.
Green, H. 1st St.
Bartee, C.
George, B.
Speece, L.
Morris, Milton
Green, Jas.
Thorp, R. B.
McAllister Bros.
Shafner, W. M.
Williams, H.
Shoat, W.
Vandeave, J. M.
Garnett, E. V.
Alexander Bros.----Livery
Payne, Geo. R. -----Grist Mill
Williamson, Jno.
Taylor, T.
Baker, J.
Burden & Chipley

Napton-Salt Fort Township

Tichenor, Mrs. L. E. Blacksmith Shop
Baptist Church Property Post Office
Leininger, Phil Depot, Elevator
Graves, A. J. Mo. Pacific Railroad
Adkisson, B. W.

N to S (beg in West)
Murrell Ave.
Fisher Ave.

E to W (beg. In No.)
Tichenor Ave.
Tichenor St.
Front St.
Leininger Ave.

Blue Lick - "Liberty & Salt Fork Townships"

No land owners given
Post Office

N to S
1st St.
2nd St. 3rd St.

E to W.
Bluff St. (off Swope to SW)
Swope St.
Walker Ave.

Herndon -Liberty Township

Fenwick, W. H. Feed Mill
Taylor, W. M. Presbyterian Church
Huff, W. A. Hotel
Huff, V. C. Post Office
Riggins, Mrs.
Hill, W. B. N to S
Wheeler, J. F. Marshall St.
Herndon, E. S.
Taylor, R.
Huston, J. F. E to W
Keith, R. Brownsville St.
Taylor, Wm. A.
Jessie Stevens

Saline City - Clay Township

McClain, Annie & Matilda Meth. Epis. Church
Thornton, Isaac Little Rock Post Office
Schawb, J. M.
Lembrock, C. F. Missouri River
2 Warehouses

N to S (beg at West)
4th St.
3rd St.
2nd St.
1st St.

E to W (beg at N.)
Oak St.
Lewis St.
Main St.
4 St. w/o names

Shackelford--Marshall Township

Thompson, C. J. Chicago & Alton Railroad
Flynn, M. C. Stockyard
Sheridan, William Depo
Post Office
Baptist Church
Catholic Church

N to S. (beg in West)
2nd St.
Brownsville St.

E to W (beg. In N)
James St.
Washington St.
Lafayette St.


(2 maps west part, east part)-Chicago & Alton Railroad
(No landmarks worth mentioning are shown and no real differences in the streets)

West part East part
Godman, W. C. Wetlack, J. T. Beaver, A.
Tipping, J. A. Morris, J. G. Cannady, A.
Boyd, Samuel Davis, J. B. Williams, M. W.
Ming, J. W. Parish, W. E. Williams, Math.
Voorhees, E. T. Page, C. G. McGuffy, J.
Bruce, Mrs. E. J. Walker, W. M. Randolf
Wilson, M. E. Jacoby, Eliz. Jackson, Roger
Newell, W. S. Lewis Duggins, D. D.
Fife Lewis, T. Garrard, Mrs. M. P.
Payne, R. Ewell, P. Cameron, J. H.
White Conway, J. T.
Clay Sappington, B. Lankford, George W.
Mead Van Anglin, A. S. Jenkins, J. S.
Chaffee, W. H. Michaels Jones, M. T.
Chaffee, M. C. Lacy, T. W. Conway, J. M.
Potter, S. T. Fulkerson, W. J. Graves, A. J.
Smith, Jacob Harris, H. H. Hall, H. C.
Low, R. Brown Nuckles, R.
Striker, I O. Clay, H. Cunningham, Isaac
Sparks, R. Merkins, L. E. Scott, C. K.
Booth, C. C. Young, George Van Anglin, A. S.
Hunter, T. J. Williams, R. E. Haynes, A. J.
Walker, W. M. Rainey, T. C. Miller, J. G.
Fletcher, M. A. Lee, W. P.
Althouse, C. Allenberg, A.
Sharp, G. Fitzgerald
Alison, Will H. Irvine, S. P. & N. J.
Gower, J. W. Irvine, Nannie
Herring, J. H. Brisley, C.
Heskett, D. H. Franklin, P. H.
Armentrout, P. C. Petry,Charles
Dawes, J. J. Seargeant, W. E.
Brown Est., S. Rose Bros.
Odell, C. F. Thomas, N.

Arrow Rock- Arrow Rock Township

Map Scale is 300 ft to the inch., the Missouri River bank is shown 1 ½ inch from Water St. = 450 ft.

Along 2nd St. outside city limit
(beg at No.)
Huston & Brown
Chase, J.
Banks, R.
African M. E. Church
Huston, C.
Falls, C.
Martin, T.
Tate, T.
Roberson, N.

Land owners - indv. lot owners not given
Goetz, Phil Lincoln Lodges-6th St. at N. City Limit
Bradford, L. M. - African Public School Hall-6th & Morgan NW corner
Taylor, I. African Baptist Ch.-High St. bet 7th & 8th
Brown J. J. No. side of St.
Eppins, J. M. E. Church-High & 6th NE corner
Ancell, W. H. Baptist Church-High & 2nd NE corner
Hickerson, F. M. Public School-Main & 8th NE corner
Hood, J. T. P. Presbyterian Ch.-Main & 7th NW corner
Bowles, J. Livery - Main & 2nd NW corner
Williams, B. Hotel "Old Tavern"-Main & 3rd SW corner
Brown Est, J. (3rd continues southward out of town)
Brown, A. Bank & P. O., Main St. (across from Hotel)
Cole, P. Christian Ch. Main bet 7th & 8th So. Side St.
Holt, George City Jail shown at S. end of 2nd St.
Moehle, H.
Morris, T. B. N to S (beg. In West)
Bingham, Jacob 10th to 1st Streets
McClelland, R. W. Water Street
Edwards, T.
Lawless, D.
Cane, Mr. E to W (beg in North)
Stapp, Mrs. E. Morgan St.
Sites, J. P. High St.
Brooks, L. Main St.
Brown, I. Van Buren St.
Thompson, Mrs. C. - Big Spring Clay St.
Helen Quick

Gilliam-Corporation, Cambridge Twp.

Gilliam, Harry Public School
Gilliam, W. T. African Baptist Church
Gilliam, F. H. Meth. Epis. Church
Biglow Hotel NE corner Main & Elevator
McAffee, M. Bank SE corner Bartlett & Main
Wooldridge, Jas. Baptist Church
Cooper, D. D. Jail NE corner Railroad St. & Frankfort St.
Logan, G. M. North & across from
Cheatham, M. C. Gilliam Tile Works
Cheatham, Ben Depot
Smith, M.
Gensuer, Jos. N to S (beg. In West)
Brown, Wm. West St.
Rickman, J. W. Pond St.
Elevator Ave.
Bartlett St.
Frankfort St.
East Ave.
Cambridge St.

E to W (beg. In North)
North St.
Central Ave.
Main St.
Railroad St.
Chicago & Alton R. R.
No St. names in W. T. Gilliam’s Add.

Slater-Cambridge Township

Nunies, M. ½ mi. Race track
Baker Jr., J. Chicago & Alton Railroad
Willis, G. Oil tanks
Seebeck, A. L. Flour Mill, Elevator
Eubank, R. B. Hotel
Vaughan, Mrs. L. L. Depot & Freight Depot
Rector & Rich Stockyards
Satstonstall Round Houses
Davis, F. Slater & Gilliam Tile Co.
Cooval, W. Jail-2nd lot E. of Main on Front St.
Strother, W. Electric Light Works-Front & Main
Graves, J. 3 Livery’s, 2 Banks, Post Office
Ford, J. Green House
Col. Baptist Church
Christian Church
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Catholic Church
Meth. Epis. Church South
Baptist Church
A. M. E. Church
African Meth. Epis. Church

Grand Pass-Grand Pass Township

Pfleger, C. Missouri Pacific Railroad
Palmer, W. N. 2 Springs
Grand Pass Spring
Tank, Depot
Stock Yard
Post Office
2 Hotels
Lumber Yard
Grand Pass Church & Cemetery
Christian Church
Baptist Church
Public School
Palmer Cobb’s Addition

N to S. (beg. In W.)
McReynolds St.
Gilham Ave.
Baskin Ave.

E to W (beg in No.)
Front St.
1st to 5th Streets

Laynesville-Grand Pass Township

N to S.
Surbaugh Ave.

E to W (beg in N.)
Ruxton Ave.
Main St.

Miami-Corporation-Miami Township

Ferril, J. J. Ferry Landing
Thomas, Cynthia 4 Wharfs
Thorp, James 2 warehouses
Graves, Emily Flour Mill
Vaughn, T. David Spring
Seibert, Conrad Rock "Qt." Quarry
Redd, Ed. African Church
Bristoe, Jos. Water Tank
Davis, Geo. City Hall
Bell, W. M. Hotel, 2 Livery’s
Taylor, G. T. Lumberyard
Lampkin Bank, Post Office
Myers, Isaac Old Graveyard E end of 3rd St.
Wheeler, W. H. Colored Church
Bure, J. H. Baptist Church
Weare, G. W. Meth. Epis. Church
Waldon, Rosa Christian Church
Buckner, Lewis Colored Cemetery
Williams, S. W. I. O. O. F. Cemetery
Golden Cemetery (Baptist)
Fristoe, J. D.
Myers, L. A.
Hawkins, Jno. A. N to S (beg in W)
Peterman, M. No St. names "Bell’s West Add."
Hagenbuchner Heirs, M. public School
Dunlap, J. N. High St.
Hooper, John Main St.
Carpenter, H. D. Miami, St.
Guthrie Heirs, John
Sohn, Chas. E to W (beg @ River)
Uzzell, T. J. Water St.
Kile, Mrs. Commerce St.
Pate, Mary 3rd St.
Smith, Thos. Mechanic St.
Bell, Wm. M. 2 more w/o names
Hughes, J. T. J.

New Frankfort-Cambridge Township

Skinner, J. W. Levee
Ayres Est., B. F. Ferry Landing
Blume, H. Catholic Church
Public Square
2 African Schools
Market Place
Post Office
Public School
Evan Ch.

N to S. (beg in W.)
Brunswick St.
Miami St.
Lexington St.
Havana St.
Prairie St.
Nebraska St.
Kansas St.
Madison St.
Liberty St.
Columbia St.
Wisconsin St.
Frankfurt St.
Gwinn St.
Milwaukee St.
Main St.
St. Louis St.
Missouri St.
Commercial St.
Bremer St.
Hamburg St.
Chicago St.
Marshall St.
Glasgow St.
Cambridge St.

E to W (beg in N)
Webster St.
Clay St.
Jackson St.
Franklin St.
Lafayette St.
Jefferson St.
Washington St.
Grand Ave.
Paine St.
Humboldt St.
Goethe St.
Schiller St.
Tell St.
Mozart St.
Haydn St.

Norton-Miami Township

M E Church
Post Office
Chicago & Alton Railroad

N to S (beg. In W)
Main St.
Glasgow Ave.
Petra Ave.

E to W (beg in N)
3rd St.
2nd St.
North Railroad St.

Cambridge-Cambridge Township

Murdock, George
Woolbridge, W. D. Missouri River
Brown, W. H.
Neff, J. T. Public School
Beading, Mrs. M E Church
Young, Mrs Post Office.

N to S. (beg in W.)
3 Sts. w/o names
Church St.
Second St.
First St.

E to W. (beg. In N.)
2 Sts. W/o names
Main St.