Vicki Piper has submitted a transcription of the Patrons Directory from the 1896 Saline County Atlas. The following is an abbreviated index of the names contained in the directory. The PDF contains additional information, including the business and section numbers for the entries.

"A lady named Miss Cecil Craig gave me a 1896 Saline Co. Atlas in the 1970's, (she knew I was interested in local history). She had worked for Wood and Huston Bank for years and years and had rescued it from the trash. The individual pages measure approx 15" by 19". Further troubling is that part of it is missing, been burned and a hole eaten out with an ink spill and its fragile."

Name Post Office Township
Adams, J. S. Marshall Marshall
Adkisson, Warren & Sons Marshall
Alexander Bros Nelson Arrow Rock
Alexander, J. & J. Napton Salt Fork
Alison, Will H. Marshall
Allen & Leonard Marshall
Allison, A. J. Marshall Clay
Alpers, R. Sweet Springs Liberty
Alspach, A. B. Koping Blackwater
Anderson, D. Marshall Marshall
Anderson, J. F. Sweet Springs
Armentrout, Lewis Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Ashurst, Jas. H. Sweet Springs
Ashurst, L. B. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Atkisson, B. W. Napton Salt Fork
Audsley, T. Miami Miami
Ayres, F. L. Slater
Baggarly & Fowler Slater
Bailey Bros. Slater
Bailey, J. J. Cretcher Liberty
Baker, J. Slater
Baker, W. H. Slater
Ballard, Richard Cretcher Liberty
Bank of Blackburn Blackburn Elmwood
Bank of Marshall Marshall
Bank of Saline Marshall
Bank of Slater Slater
Barks, J. M. Blackburn Elmwood
Barnes, Kemp Marshall
Barnett, C. Marshall Marshall
Bates, E. J. Fairville Miami
Bates, H. M. Miami Miami
Bates, W. M. Miami Miami
Beeson, R. W. Sweet Springs Liberty
Beeson, W. C. Cretcher Liberty
Bellamy, John M. Sweet Springs
Benbow, W. A. Gilliam Cambridge
Black, John R. Marshall Marshall
Black, W. H. Marshall
Blackburn Mercantile Co. Blackburn Elmwood
Blackburn, J. W. Blosser Miami
Blair Bros. Salt Springs Elmwood
Blosser, H. I. Blosser Grand Pass
Bockstetter, Henry Little Rock Clay
Bodenstab, Wm. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Boswell, F. M. Sweet Springs
Bourn, J. A. Marshall
Bowman, A. P. Sweet Springs
Boyd & Murrell Marshall
Boyd, F. W. Marshall
Boyden, J. F. Slater
Boyer, Jas. H. Marshall
Bradshaw, A. W. Miami Miami
Bradshaw, B. C. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Brady, S. E. Sweet Springs Liberty
Bramble, Geo. Hardeman Arrow Rock
Brandt, Chris. Emma Salt Pond
Bridges, C. W. Slater
Bright, Samuel Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Brightwell & Burks Slater
Brown, A. F. Malta Bend
Brown, Jos. Marshall Marshall
Brown, M. E. none Liberty
Brown, M. G. Sweet Springs
Brown, R. F. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Brown, Sam M. Slater Cambridge
Bruce, J. E. Marshall Marshall
Bulkley, C. S. Blackburn Elmwood
Burnett, E. E. Little Rock Clay
Burnett, Richard Herndon Liberty
Burruss, John & D. N. Miami Miami
Butler, Samuel Marshall Marshall
Butts, B. Slater Cambridge
Cabel, Mrs. C. R. Miami Miami
Cameron, Jerome, H. Marshall
Campbell, John Ayres Cambridge
Campbell, Robt. Jr. Marshall
Carmean, M. F. Elmwood Elmwood
Carroll, Daniel Marshall Marshall
Casebolt, A. J. Miami Miami
Casebolt, E. S. Miami Miami
Cayton, J. A. Sweet Springs
Chappell, Logan B. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Clause, W. M. Marshall Liberty
Clough, Robert Marshall Marshall
Cockrill, David Miami Miami
Colvert, E. F. Salt Springs Elmwood
Conaway, J. R. Nelson Blackwater
Cook, Aug. Sweet Springs Liberty
Corbett, G. H. Wanamaker Liberty
Corder, Leslie W. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Cort, A. B. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Cott, J. W. Gilliam Clay
Cott, J. W. Little Rock Clay
Coulter, J. H. Elmwood Elmwood
Cowan, R. W. Salt Springs Elmwood
Craig, Hugh Little Rock Arrow Rock
Craig, Stephen Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Crane, W. A. Sharon Cambridge
Cravens, J. G. Miami Miami
Creswell, T. B. Marshall Marshall
Cretcher, J. M. W. Cretcher Liberty
Crites, Henry Nelson Blackwater
Crouch, Henry Napton Arrow Rock
Crowder, W. N. Sweet Springs Liberty
Cundiff, T. D. S. Miami Miami
Cunningham, J. C. Koping Blackwater
Cunningham, J. G. Herndon Liberty
Curry, J. T. Cretcher Liberty
Daniel, J. W. Gilliam Cambridge
Dansby, Owen Marshall
Darby, John P. Ridge Prairie Blackwater
Davis, J. O. Miami Miami
Davis, R. B. Elmwood Elmwood
Davis, Samuel Marshall
Davis, Thomas J. Hardeman Arrow Rock
Dawes, E. W. Marshall
De Haven, Jas. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Deal, J. H. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Dean, Jos. Marshall Marshall
Deckard, A. V. Laynesville Grand Pass
Deerking, A. Blackburn Elmwood
DeGarmo Bros Marshall
Delap, J. L. Houstonia Liberty
Democrat News Printing Co. Marshall
Dennis, Bros. Napton Arrow Rock
Desmond, Dennis Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Detmer, J. H. Little Rock Clay
Dickason, C. W. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Dickerson, Leonard Cretcher Liberty
Dickerson, Pleasant Sweet Springs Liberty
Dickson, Joe R. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Dickson, T. H. B. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Dierker, Mrs. A. D. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Donnell, W. W. Wanamaker Liberty
Dooley & Sons Sweet Springs
Downs, John W. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Drake, W. H. Koping Blackwater
Dulaney, Landon Ayres Cambridge
Duncan, G. W. Gilliam Clay
Duncan, J. P. Gilliam Clay
Duncan, Jas. M. Little Rock Clay
Dunlap, John A. Miami Miami
Durrett, C. Marshall Arrow Rock
Durrett, David Orearville Clay
Durrett, Frank Marshall Marshall
Durrett, W. G. Orearville Clay
Dysart, J. P. Little Rock Clay
Dysart, J. T. Little Rock Clay
Dysart, W. C. Elmwood Elmwood
Earp, W. W. Waverly Grand Pass
Eastin, A. H. Miami Miami
Eberle, G. Laynesville Grand Pass
Eckhoff, John Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Eckhoff, Louis Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Edmonds & Grady Miami Miami
Edwards, R. B. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Ehlers, Wm. Sweet Springs
Elliott, Jos. P. Marshall Marshall
Ellis, Mrs. M. M. Koping Salt Fork
Ellyson, F. H. Sharon Miami
Elsea, F. R. & E. E. Salt Springs Elmwood
Engelage, L. Little Rock Clay
English, L. & C. Marshall
Ernst, John Grand Pass Grand Pass
Eubank, John F. Slater
Eubank, R. B. Slater Cambridge
Eversman, Mrs. M. A. E. Little Rock Clay
Eyers, F. A. Malta Bend
Farmers Savings Bank Marshall
Farmers' & Merchants Bank Slater
Fellars, G. W. Marshall Marshall
Field, C. E. Slater
Field, J. W. Slater Cambridge
Field, John W. Little Rock Clay
Field, Mrs. C. Gilliam Clay
Field, W. P. Little Rock Clay
Figins, J. F. Hardeman Arrow Rock
Finley, W. H. Ridge Prairie Blackwater
Fischer, Conrad Sweet Springs
Fischer, John Gilliam Cambridge
Fischer, Wm. Emma Salt Pond
Fisher & Hesket Marshall
Fisher, Jake H. Blue Lick Salt Fork
Fletcher, G. B. Ridge Prairie Blackwater
Fowler, W. G. Slater Cambridge
Francisco, Geo. M. Marshall
Francisco, Joe Blackburn Elmwood
Frizzell, R. G. Blackburn Elmwood
Fulkerson, E. H. Salt Springs Elmwood
Fulkerson, J. P. Salt Springs Elmwood
Fulton, C. E. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Funk, F. M. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Gaines, J. H. Marshall Clay
Galloway, G. H. Salt Springs Elmwood
Garrett, G. W. Ayres Cambridge
Garrett, Robt. Blue Lick Liberty
Gauldin, Martin Jr. Marshall
Gethart, H. Y. Nelson Arrow Rock
Giger, Jos. Gilliam Clay
Gilham, H. M. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Gillespie, A. W. Nelson Blackwater
Gilmer, G. W. Marshall Marshall
Gilmer, W. T. Marshall Arrow Rock
Givan, R. S. Herndon Liberty
Goggin, John L. Elmwood Elmwood
Goodman, Mrs. A. L. Gilliam Clay
Gower, W. C. Marshall
Grayson, W. A. J. Blosser Miami
Green, H. Marshall
Greene, R. E. Blackburn Elmwood
Greene, S. M. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Greenlease, C. C. Slater Clay
Grigsby, A. R. Marshall
Grimes, E. P. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Grother, Louis Sweet Springs
Guthrey, A. M. Fairville Miami
Guthrey, J. W. Fairville Miami
Gwinn, T. W. Marshall
Hall, T. B. Marshall Salt Fork
Halley, Jas. A. Elmwood Elmwood
Hamill, Joseph Shackelford Elmwood
Hamner, L. J. Miami Miami
Hancock, D. A. Blackburn Elmwood
Harbold, J. H. Cretcher Liberty
Hardin, J. I. Miami Miami
Harmon, Eli Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Harmon, W. R. & J. W. Herndon Liberty
Harper, G. W. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Hartley, J. T. Little Rock Clay
Hartman, Henry Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Harvey, E. Marshall Marshall
Harvey, R. L. Slater
Harvey, T. H. Marshall
Hatfield, B. T. Slater Cambridge
Hawkins, J. W. Miami Miami
Hawkins, M. B. New Frankfort Cambridge
Haynie, E. M. Fairville Miami
Heaper, Christ. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Heins, J. H. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Helwig, Peter Sweet Springs
Hemme, Louis Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Hensick, Jesse Little Rock Clay
Herider & Herider Slater
Herndon, C. W. Marshall
Herring, John H. Marshall Marshall
Heskett, J. W. Blosser Marshall
Hickman, C. H. Norton Marshall
Hickman, L. C. Slater Miami
Hicks, H. V. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Hill, C. Koping Blackwater
Hill, W. B. Herndon Liberty
Hill, W. M. Sweet Springs Liberty
Hillebrand, R. Malta Bend
Hitt, J. S. Blackburn Elmwood
Hocker, J. E. Marshall
Holmes, Rem Gilliam Cambridge
Holt, J. R. Slater Cambridge
Holtzclaw, W. J. Herndon Liberty
Hook, J. M. Cretcher Liberty
Hooper, C. B. Ridge Prairie Blackwater
Horgan, Mike Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Horner, J. A. New Frankfort Cambridge
Houston, J. P. & Sons Malta Bend Grand Pass
Howard, Hiram Marshall Marshall
Howery, J. G. & D Marshall Marshall
Hubbard, McC Sweet Springs
Huff, D. B. Gilliam Cambridge
Huff, W. A. Herndon Liberty
Hulen, F. P. Malta Bend
Hupp, Ormond Ayres Cambridge
Hurt & Wingfield Marshall
Hurt, W. H. Marshall
Huston, W. H. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Jackson, G. N. Miami Miami
Jackson, R. W. Koping Blackwater
Janneck, C. H. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Jeter, Geo. A. Ayres Cambridge
Jett Bros. Sharon Miami
Johnson, Henry Gilliam Clay
Johnson, Jos. A. Orearville Clay
Johnson, Mrs. P. Jane Little Rock Clay
Johnston, J. M. Fairville Miami
Johnston, S. H. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Jones, A. G. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Jones, J. T. Napton Salt Fork
Jungkuntz, G. H. Sweet Springs
Kapp, Harry F. Malta Bend
Keehart, H. E. Marshall Marshall
Keeth, M. Sweet Springs Liberty
Keeth, Richard Herndon Liberty
Kellams, Arthur Blue Lick Liberty
Kellett, Phil Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Kelley, E. M. Sweet Springs
Kerr, M. D. Gilliam Cambridge
Keuenhof, W. Slater
Keys, A. J. Hardeman Arrow Rock
Keys, J. W. Hardeman Arrow Rock
Kidd, Frank Marshall Marshall
Kiel, Chris Laynesville Grand Pass
Killion, John L. Sweet Springs Liberty
King, C. S. Herndon Liberty
King, June K. Marshall Salt Fork
King, Robt. Slater Clay
King, T. W. Marshall
King, Will R. Marshall Salt Fork
Kirk, J. R. Gilliam Cambridge
Kiser, Wm. Blosser Grand Pass
Kitchen, C. C. Sharon Cambridge
Kramer, Levi Waverly Grand Pass
Kratzer, John Napton Salt Fork
Krouse, Louis Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Kueker, A. Sweet Springs Liberty
Kuntz, L. Sweet Springs
LaCrosse Lumber Co. Marshall
Lacy, G. H. Marshall Marshall
Lail, F. M. Marshall Marshall
Lake, L. M. Marshall Marshall
Land, W. H. & sons Gilliam Cambridge
Lantz, W. R. Marshall
Larmann, Mathias Glasgow Clay
Leach, E. S. Marshall
Leaton, Wm. Napton Salt Fork
Lehmann, John Sweet Springs Liberty
Leimbrock, C. F. Little Rock Clay
Leiter, J. K. Marshall
Lemke, H. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Lewis, Add. C. Marshall
Lewis, Wm. M. Miami Miami
Liggett, Edwin Sweet Springs Liberty
Little, Geo. W. Laynesville Grand Pass
Logsdon, C. Marshall
Long, Jackson Slater Miami
Loper, James Waverly Grand Pass
Lunbeck, W. H. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Luse, Chas. W. Sweet Springs Liberty
Luse, Flemming Blue Lick Liberty
Lynch, Dennis Shackelford Marshall
Lynch, Jas. F. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Lynch, Samel & J. W. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Malter, Thos. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Marmaduke, M. M. Marshall
Matthes, F. R. New Frankfort Cambridge
Mayse, Mary Herndon Liberty
McAlister, A. D. Marshall
McCallister, Jas. T. Napton Salt Fork
McClelland, J. R. Hardeman Arrow Rock
McClelland, Wm. Salt Springs Elmwood
McDonough, T. Marshall
McGinnis, Sophia Houstonia Liberty
McMahan, R. J. Marshall
McMahan, W. H. C. Marshall Arrow Rock
McReynolds, J. N. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
McRoberts, A. H. Malta Bend Grand Pass
McRoberts, B. L. Blosser Grand Pass
Merry Bros. Marshall
Mertens, H. & H. W. Miami Miami
Mikels, T. B. Salt Springs Elmwood
Miller, A. J. Marshall
Miller, C. A. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Miller, F. D. Sweet Springs
Miller, G. W. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Miller, J. K. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Miller, John G. Marshall
Miller, O. J. Marshall
Miller, S. H. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Miller, Wm. Blackburn Elmwood
Miner, C. L. Marshall Marshall
Minor, J. T. Marshall Marshall
Mirtzwa, Anton New Frankfort Cambridge
Montgomery, W. N. Herndon Liberty
Moore, S. H. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Moreland, D. T. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Morrow, G. H. Marshall Marshall
Mullins, Jo. Miami Miami
Murrell, L. D. Napton Salt Fork
Myres, Barbara Glasgow Clay
Napton, W. B. Napton Salt Fork
Neal, Jas. H. Blackburn Elmwood
Neal, S. A. Sweet Springs Elmwood
Neer, J. L. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Neff, Isaac Hardeman Arrow Rock
Neff, J. F. Orearville Clay
Netherton, J. H. Gilliam Cambridge
Neubauer, E. C. Miami Miami
Newell, W. S. Marshall Marshall
Nickell, I. R. Little Rock Clay
Noble & Viley Marshall
Norvell, F. H. Gilliam Cambridge
Norvell, Thomas Ayres Cambridge
Nye, Geo. Laynesville Grand Pass
Nye, Wm. Malta Bend Grand Pass
O'Neill, M. E., & Stone, P. C. R. Marshall
Oliver, John L. Waverly Grand Pass
Oots, J. R. Slater Cambridge
Orear, F. H. Orearville Clay
Orear, Geo. N. Marshall
Orear, J. C. Slater Clay
Orear, Leslie Marshall
Orear, N. C. Orearville Clay
Orear, Wm. C. Orearville Clay
Oser, C. Marshall Marshall
Page & Mitchell Marshall
Page, E. R. Marshall
Page, Geo. W. Gilliam Clay
Palmer, W. N. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Parson's & Metcalf Blackburn Elmwood
Pate, A. J. Miami Miami
Pate, W. H. Marshall
Patterson, J. B. Mt. Leonard Grand Pass
Peak, P. L. Blackburn Elmwood
Pearson, Geo. F. Little Rock Clay
Peecher, A. Marshall
Pemberton, W. B. Norton Marshall
Peterman, Lawrence Sweet Springs Liberty
Peterman, M. Miami Miami
Petry, Chas. Marshall
Petry, Lewis Nelson Arrow Rock
Pfleger, Calvin Grand Pass Grand Pass
Phillips, J. R. Marshall
Phillips, L. T. Fairville Miami
Pile, S. D. Wanamaker Blackwater
Pile, S. L. Herndon Liberty
Piper, J. M. & Bros Marshall Marshall
Piper, Mrs. M. M. Little Rock Clay
Piper, Wm. Marshall
Pittman, J. F. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Pittman, John Chas. Miami Grand Pass
Poe, J. A. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Potter, A. C. Slater Clay
Potter, S. T. & son Marshall
Potter, Tasso D. Marshall Marshall
Powell, M. D. Gilliam Cambridge
Pragmann, Carl Emma Salt Pond
Price, Jefferson D. Blackburn Grand Pass
Price, M. D. Koping Blackwater
Prigmore, W. T. Sweet Springs
Prior, J. B. Shackelford Marshall
"Progress" Marshall
Purcell, W. Q. Malta Bend
Quigley, Mary A. Marshall
Quintin, Wm. Houstonia Liberty
Quisenberry, T. E. Slater
Ransberger Bros. Mt. Leonard Grand Pass
Ransberger, A. Salt Springs Elmwood
Ransberger, R. Salt Springs Elmwood
Ransberger, T. J. Mt. Leonard Grand Pass
Ray & Page Milling Co. Marshall
Rea, P. H. Implement Co. Marshall
Reavis & Prigmore Sweet Springs
Rector, Alf F. Marshall
Reid, Wm. Slater
Reidenback, Philip New Frankfort Cambridge
Reinwald, Henry Sweet Springs Liberty
Remhert, W. A. Sweet Springs
Renkins, Geo. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Reynolds & Sons Nelson Arrow Rock
Reynolds, J. C. Miami Miami
Reynolds, John G. Slater
Reynolds, Robt. M. Marshall
Rhoades, E. P. & Son Nelson Blackwater
Rhoades, G. R. Slater Cambridge
Rhoades, John T. Slater Cambridge
Richardson, Lewis Nelson Salt Fork
Richardson, R. H. Gilliam Cambridge
Rick & Rector Slater
Rieder, Jacob Orearville Clay
Riggins, Thomas M. Herndon Liberty
Ritchey, J. W. Nelson Blackwater
Ritchey, S. T. Ridge Prairie Blackwater
Ritter, H. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Robbens, A. J. Sweet Springs Liberty
Robertson, A. G. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Roepe Bros. Sweet Springs
Roscher, Lewis Jr. Marshall Liberty
Roscher, Louis Marshall Marshall
Rose & Buckner Marshall
Ross, H. R. L. Miami Miami
Ross, N. B. Slater Cambridge
Rozell, Cad Malta Bend
Ruppert, John Ayres Cambridge
Sadewhite, F. Marshall Marshall
Saltonstall, W. L. Slater Cambridge
Sandidge, D. M. & R. L. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Sappington, F. D. Nelson Arrow Rock
Sappington, J. C. Nelson Arrow Rock
Scarborough, S. R. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Schuster, Adam Houstonia Liberty
Scott & Miller, Myers, L. A. Manager Miami Miami
Scott L. W. Marshall
Scott, G. W. Miami Miami
Scott, I. L. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Scruggs, P. L. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Seargeant & Shepard Marshall
Seargeant, W. F. Marshall Marshall
Seibert, Geo. B. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Senter, W. F. Napton Salt Fork
Shackelford, Mrs. C. A. Koping Blackwater
Shepard, A. A. Malta Bend
Shepard, Thomas Gilliam Cambridge
Shouse, T. F. Koping Blackwater
Simmons & Lamb Elmwood Elmwood
Simmons, S. R. Salt Springs Elmwood
Sims, John W. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Sinnett, W. B. Slater Cambridge
Slusher, J. J. Malta Bend
Slusher, W. C. & Sons Malta Bend
Smith, Aug. Slater Cambridge
Smith, F. H. Sweet Springs
Smith, Geo. Napton Salt Fork
Smith, I. M. Herndon Liberty
Smith, J. D. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Smith, J. J. Sweet Springs
Smith, J. M. Napton Salt Fork
Smith, S. N. New Frankfort Cambridge
Smith, Wm. O. Miami Miami
Smoot, A. L. Marshall
Snoddy, W. A. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Solomon, Peter Marshall Marshall
Souder, F. M. Blue Lick Salt Fork
Spates, S. B. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Sphar & Gilpin Marshall Marshall
Spreitzer, Jas. Glasgow Clay
Stamm, Carl Marshall
Stedem, N. Marshall
Steele, W. H. Norton Miami
Steffen, Chas. Gilliam Clay
Stephens, C. E. Malta Bend
Stewart, A. B. Marshall
Stivers, Mrs. J. V. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Stone, G. T. Koping Blackwater
Stouffer, J. T. Napton Salt Fork
Stump, E. E. Napton Salt Fork
Sutton, Lewis Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Sweeney, Owen E. Marshall Marshall
Swisher, A. T. Marshall
Swisher, V. B. Norton Marshall
Taegtmeyer, Fred Little Rock Clay
Talbot, Jos. W. Little Rock Clay
Talbott, E. N. Fairville Miami
Tatum, Henry Laynesville Grand Pass
Taylor & Shannon Nelson Arrow Rock
Taylor, F. W. Napton Salt Fork
Taylor, Geo. T. Miami Miami
Taylor, H. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Taylor, H. C. Koping Blackwater
Taylor, J. W. Mt. Leonard Elmwood
Taylor, Noland Nelson Arrow Rock
Terrell, E. D. Marshall Marshall
Terrell, Henry C. Elmwood Elmwood
The J. F. Crawford Lumber Co. Marshall
The New York Store Marshall
Thomas, T. M. Salt Springs Elmwood
Thomas, W. G. Hardeman Arrow Rock
Thompson, C. J. Shackelford Marshall
Thompson, G. S. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Thompson, M. R. Shackelford Marshall
Thompson, S. B. Nelson Arrow Rock
Thornton, James Nelson Arrow Rock
Thorp, James T. Marshall Marshall
Tobin, Jas. A. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Trautmann, Fred W. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Treece, W. M. Cretcher Liberty
Tucker, L. G. Marshall Marshall
Umbarger, T. A. Marshall Marshall
Utz, E. G. Marshall
Utz, W. H. Miami Miami
Van Dyck, M. Koping Blackwater
Van Dyke & Co. Marshall
Van Stone, C. H. Marshall
Vanbuskirk, Ed Herndon Liberty
Vance, John R. Marshall
Vaneter, A. J. Miami Miami
Vaughn, John C. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Vawter, W. F. Marshall
Venable, J. K. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Vogelsmeyer, Ernest Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Vogelsmeyer, John Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Wade, T. O. Wanamaker Liberty
Wagner, J. P. Hardeman Arrow Rock
Walker, M. W. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Walker, W. M. Marshall
Wall, J. E. Norton Marshall
Wallace, W. J. Blackburn Grand Pass
Walton, J. F. Fairville Miami
Washburn, Geo. O. Marshall
Watts, O. J. Hardeman Clay
Watts, W. P. Nelson Arrow Rock
Webb, A. L. Grand Pass Grand Pass
Webb, F. V. Sweet Springs
Weber, John A. Sweet Springs Salt Pond
Weddle, B. F. Sweet Springs Liberty
Weinreich, W. V. Marshall Marshall
Weis, Jacob Marshall Marshall
Wellner, Henry Emma Salt Pond
Westbrook, F. Herndon Liberty
Wheeler, J. F. Herndon Liberty
Whirley, John H. Sweet Springs Liberty
White Bros. Grand Pass Grand Pass
White, N. R. Napton Salt Fork
Williams, A. Arrow Rock Arrow Rock
Williams, C. P. Koping Blackwater
Williams, G. B. Marshall Marshall
Williams, Leonard Sweet Springs Liberty
Williams, W. T. & Walter Herndon Liberty
Wilson, Jas. Napton Salt Fork
Wilson, S. T. and Son Malta Bend
Wingfield, U. B. Shackelford Marshall
Winning, John L. Sharon Miami
Witcher, D. B. Wanamaker Blackwater
Witcher, E. O. Wanamaker Blackwater
Withers, I. C. Fairville Miami
Wolfskill, J. D. Sharon Cambridge
Wolfskill, W. B. Slater
Wood & Huston Bank Marshall
Wood, Geo. E. Marshall Marshall
Wood, J. C. Sweet Springs Liberty
Wood, L. K. Ayres Cambridge
Wood, Robt. Elmwood Elmwood
Wood, W. D. Napton Salt Fork
Wright, F. J. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Wright, G. A. Marshall
Yancey, D. L. Malta Bend Grand Pass
Yantis, V. C. Marshall
Yeagle, John M. Marshall Clay
Yokley, J. W. Sweet Springs Liberty
York, F. W. Koping Blackwater
Young, H. C. Norton Marshall
Young, Squire Napton Salt Fork
Zimerman, M. Marshall Marshall
Zwilling, Fred Marshall Marshall