The Democrat News published an article concerning a project of the Robert E. Lee Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The names on this list probably would have been verified as Confederate by the Chapter. Their project was to erect a monument within the center of second circle on the main drive through Ridge Park Cemetery. This was a request for readers to contact them with other names.

(Marshall, Missouri) Daily Democrat News, 28 October 28, 1952, p. 7.

Smith Adams ( 16 Oct 1851 Mo-18 Aug 1900
Missouri, son of John and Lucinda Adams, wife Annie Adams)
Dr. Lee Alexander (wife Sarah )

Samuel P. Allen

Abe Allenburg

A. J. Allison -- (08 Sep 1828 -17 Jun 1926 - son of Thos. and Lydia Allison)

Pryor Atchley --(Mar 1833 TN -13 Mar 1909
father,George Atchley )

Dr. D.F. Bell (30 Nov 1840 -01 Sep 1914
b. in Va., par. Vance and Barbara E. Bell, w. Emma Bell)

Phillip Bell ( 1832 - 30 Nov 1906 w. Elizabeth S. Bell)

Daniel Black
This was found on the net
about a "Lieutenant Daniel Black", 2nd Division, Missouri State Guard, severely wounded, Battle of Lexington, Missouri. A native of County Antrim, Ireland, Daniel Black came to the United States in the 1830's-40's with his parents, Randall and Ellen Black.  Daniel Black enlisted in the Missouri State Guard near Edina, Knox County, Missouri. During the Battle of Lexington, Missouri, Daniel Black was severely wounded and lost an arm. A monument in the Marshall, Missouri, cemetery erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, shows Daniel Black's name, among many others, as being in the Saline County Mounted Rifles.
Lieutenant Daniel Black died in the 1890's.  He is buried in the Catholic section of the Marshall Cemetery. Descendants include the Daniel B. Miles Family, which owns and operates The Clinton Daily Democrat, Clinton, Mo.  A descendant of Daniel Black has a photograph of him taken in Miami, Missouri in the 1880's.  The photograph, in remarkably good condition, was taken full length.  Daniel Black is missing an arm in the photograph. Daniel Black Miles

Thomas Boatright ( 1836 TN - 21 Apr 1916 son of Jacob and Judy Boatright, wife, Mary E.)

T. H. Booker (Thos. H. ) ( died 05 Apr 1891 Age: 60 yr. b. Ky. )

William Booker ( 25 Nov 1829 VA- 09 Dec 1911
Va., son of Pink D. and Martha Ann Booker, wife, Octavia M. )

T. H. Boulware ( Thos. Henley ) 24 Jul 1847 VA
Death Date: 21 Aug 1926 son of Andrew and Elizabeth Boulware wife, Lucy )

J. C. Bouser ( James C. tombstone transcription with 25 Jun 1856 ? -22 Mar 1903 ) too young to have been in CW with this date, probable transcription error

Dr. H. W. Brown

Dr. M. A. Brown ( Marshall A. 24 Jul 1833 VA - 30 Oct 1906 Va., son of Edmond and Theodosia Brown)

P. M. Brown

H. Burdell ( Henry Clay Burdell 05 Nov 1844-12 Mar 1899 )

W. O. Burgess

A. C. Burnham ( Albert C. Burnham 14 Feb 1830 VA-16 Jun 1894 wife, Mary Frances )

J. F. Burroughs ( his wife? Mary Burroughs- 12 Jan 1899 nee Gilliam, hus. John F. Burrough- his death date not found)

W. D. Bush ( Wm. Dennis Bush died 17 Dec 1910
wife. Ruth V. )

Fielding Calmes ( 22 Apr 1834- 06 Aug 1921
son of Fielding and Cassie Calmes, w. Margaret J. Calmes )
J. F. Carson
R. F. Carter
J. T. Cobb

V. S. Collier ( Valentine S. and wife Frances Collier)

John Conway ( John M. Conway 23 Jan 1825 KY., - 14 Sep 1902 son of Wm. and Elizabeth Conway, w. Mary J. Conway )

Clay Corder ( Henry Clay Corder- 23 Feb 1838 VA- 25 Apr 1930-son of Elizah and Sarah Corder, wife, Elvera Corder)

Polk Corder ( ?? Jeffries Polk Corder and wife Sarah H. Corder of Alma, MO.) ( Jeffries Corder 01 Apr 1843 VA - 15 Dec 1927 "Polk" father, Elias Corder )

J. M. Cott ( Joseph M. Cott- 03 Dec 1844 VA. 04 Jun 1933 son of Solomon and Sarah Cott, wife, Junetta N. Cott)

George M. Coyner ( 29 Jan 1843 VA - 13 Jul 1921, son of David D. and Margaret Coyner, w. Martha R. Coyner)

Henry Davis ( Henry C. Davis - 27 Jun 1843 KY., 06 Feb 1923 son of James M. and Mary Carlyle Davis )

J. V. L. Davis ( there may be 2 or more "J. V. L. Davis's " in Ridge park Cem., there are 3 wives of J. V. L. Davis listed : Maggie P. Davis, d. 17 Nov 1893, E. Gustavia Perkins d. 07 Apr 1889 and Georgia V. Davis d. 28 Oct 1925

W. C. Davis
C. W. Downs
John Dawes
John Dickenson
Tom Duggins

L. P. Douglass ( Lewis Porter Douglass died 15 Feb 1910 b. Va., wife, Anna B. Douglas)

John R. Durrett
W. S. Durrett

William Ellis
J. C. Erwin
R. F. Erwin

Hiram Ferrill

James A. Fisher ( James Alexander Fisher - 06 Oct 1829 VA- 17 Nov 1916 son of Thomas Fisher, wife, Helen Fisher)

J. Brack Fletcher ( John Braxton Fletcher- 04 Feb 1835- 29 Sep 1901 son of George C. and Mary A. Fletcher, wife Ella B)

W. H. Fletcher ( Wm. Henry Fletcher - 28 May 1841- 31 May 1920 son of George C. and Mary A. Fletcher, wife Joda Hitt Fletcher)

G. M. Francisco
P. H. Franklin

Dr. J. A. Gaines
James A. Gauldin
George W. Gilmore
N. C. Godman
J. L. Goggin
James A. Gordon
A. J. Graves
Thomas B. Gray

George Hahn
H. C. Hall
Dr. M. W. Hall
James W. Harrison
R. S. Henshaw
R. W. Hickman
William Holliday
Richard E. Holmes
T. J. Hope
Lee Hughes
R. S. Hunter

Robert Irvine
W. R. Irvine

W. B. Jones

Larkin Keyton
J. C. Kitchen

J. W. Lacy
John C. Lamkin
E. A. Langan
Garrett Lankford
George Lankford
James Lankford
A. R. Lantz
George W. Latimer
J. W. Liggett
A. C. Lewis

R. W. McMahan
Vincent Marmaduke
J. R. Marshall
J. B. Martin
Charles L. Miner
J. J. Mosier

R. W. Nicholds
J. R. Neville

A. J. Odell
J. M. Odell
B. J. Orear

"P" surnames

J. N. Peters
J. B. Peterson
J. N. Pettus
William Pifer
Tom Pryor
William Putsch

A. M. Rader
Robert Ransberger
P. H. Rea
John Robertson
R. G. Robertson
M. B. Robinson
J. T. Rollins
W. F. Rowland

M. C. Sandidge
Elias Shannon
F. Smith
R. Smith
Capt. Stevenson
Adam T. Swisher
Issac Sydenstricker

John Thomas
W. C. Todd

Elijah True b. Ky. enlisted 10 September 1862 in KY., ( in Jefferson Twnshp 1870 age 40 )

Dr. W. F. Vawter

William Walker
J. F. Webster
J. B. West
Dr. J. B. Wheeler
W. T. White
J. W. Winning
S. B. Winning
T. Winning
Dr. J. B. Wood

John Young