Submitted by: Craig Hubbard

Northwest Elementary 1934-1935 1st Grade Class
Submitted by: Brian Zahn

Miss Lena Moore is the teacher. Back row: Bobby Vermillion, Frankie Coffey, Parrish Pollard, Jack Gordon, Lester Noland, E. W. Banks, Robert Volrath, George H-mmer, Harold Collins, Miss Lena Moore Middle row: Leonard Ellis, Bob Zahn, Junior Clements, George Ilnand?, Clarence Whalen, James Hopkins, Bobbie Masters, Kenneth Cross, Bobbie Dunsay?, Tom Ballew Front row: Doris Johnson, Thelma Jean Chambers, Betty Jean Gibson, Mary Dugan, Dessie Noland, Mary Parsley, Katherine Wells, Irene Hicks, Wanda ???, Frances Bodenstal (The boys out numbered the girls two to one) (Notice the same hair-styles on most of the girls)