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Bingham Family Cemetery
(Township 50, Range 19, Section 35 on farm now owned by Mr. Bingham Turley, a direct decendant of John Bingham who is buried in this cemetery.)

Compiled by: Shirley Haynes, Rev. J. Wayne Merrill & Avlyn Conley (listed 18 November 1981) as part of, and trading as SALINE SENTIMENTS. Published by: Saline Sentiments. Contributed by Avlyn Dodd Conley. Transcribed for Saline County MOGenWeb by C.J. Ellis

The information in parenthesis was given to us by Bingham Turley. All stones are down, and few are left.

Bingham, Infant Dau of J. & P. Bingham b. 10 Apr 1889 d. 11 Apr 1889
Bingham, Infant Dau of J. & P. Bingham b. 21 Aug 1887 d. 4 Sept 1887
Bingham, John Son of G. & M. Bingham d. 3 Nov 1855 Age 7 mos 18 ds
Watts, George D. Son of D.L. & J. Watts d. 14 Oct 1855 Age 6 yrs 1 mo 2 ds
Bingham, John (came to Saline County in 1820 & purchased the farm where he is buried, his wife is also buried here but no stone was found for her) d. 5 Nov 1838 Age 44 yrs 5 os 29 ds
Jones, Barbara M. Wife of John A.S. Jones d. 22 Feb 1882 Age 63 yrs 9 mos 10 ds
Jones, John A.A. d. 21 Feb 1876 Age 68 yrs 5 mos 10 ds
Sawyer, Jacob (came from Pennsylvania to Missouri with George Caleb Bingham, the famous artist) b. Mar 1930 Age (about 80 yrs)