PEHL, Peter: born in Bad Ems, Germany on July 22, 1855, the son of Michael and Elizabeth Wagner Pehl, both natives of Germany. Michael died in 1887 aged fifty-seven. Elizabeth died in 1905 aged sixty-four. They were the parents of five children: Peter; Karl; Mrs. Anna Recken; Wilhelm; and Mrs. Clara Bohn. Peter came to America at the age of eighteen, settling in Sedalia in 1874. On September 20, 1886 he married Augusta Bartel, daughter of Henry and Henrietta Bartal of Florence, Missouri. They were the parents of: Karl Peter Pehl and Otto B Pehl.

Source: McGruder, Mark A. History of Pettis County, Missouri (Topeka: Historical Publishing Company, 1919)
Submitter: Robin Helman