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MONROE, Frank: Born in Sedalia on September 22, 1873, the son of Col. Thomas and Adelia Stallard Monroe, the former a native of Tennessee, born in 1819 and died in January, 1881. Adelia was born in St. Charles County, Missouri in 1846. She was the daughter of Joseph Stallard. Joseph was the son of Lieutenant Randolph Stallard who served in the Revolutionary War. Frank Monroe married in 1898 to Miss Mollie Hansberger, daughter of W.F. Hansberger. W.F. was a confederate veteran of the Civil War, and served under Gen. Robert E. Lee in the army of Virginia. To Frank and Mollie has been born one son, Frank Monroe Jr.

Source: McGruder, Mark A. History of Pettis County, Missouri (Topeka: Historical Publishing Company, 1919)
Submitter: Robin Helman