GIBSON, Judge William Clay: Mr. Gibson was born in Farquier County, VA in 1833 and died at his home near Houstonia in 1880. He was the son of Joseph and Marah Jenkins Gibson, both of whom were born and raised in Virginia. He married Miss Mollie H. Gregg on February 29, 1864. William and Mollie were the parents of Eugene C. Gibson; William Hall Gibson; and Mrs. Grace Mary McConnell, wife of Dr. C. T. McConnell. Miss Mollie H. Gregg was the daughter of Joseph G. Gregg. Joseph was born in April, 1821 in Loudoun County, Virginia the son of John Gregg. Joseph married Miss. M. A. Shephard, daughter of Humphrey Shephard , a native of Virginia who immigrated to Missouri in 1855. The following children were born to Joseph and Mary A. Gregg: Mrs. Mollie H. Gibson; John H., George W., Katie, Joseph J., and Oscar.

Source: McGruder, Mark A. History of Pettis County, Missouri (Topeka: Historical Publishing Company, 1919)
Submitter: Robin Helman