Post office, Houstonia, one of the prosperous farmers. Was born in Cooper County, Mo. on the 9th day of December, 1858. His father, J. D. Card, was one of the early settlers and a native of that county. His paternal grandfather, Josiah H. Card, was also a pioneer there, and was a native of Kentucky. Our subject, Mr. J. H. Card, came to this county, in March, 1880, and engaged in farming. He was married in August, 1881, to Miss Sally A. Howe of Cooper County, a lady of refinement. Mr. Card is now largely engaged in farming. He and his father and brother are conducting a farm of 400 acres and are doing a good business.

Source: Demuth, I. MacDonald, The History of Pettis County, Missouri (1882)
Submitter: Robin Helman