Mark Austin McGruder was born September 16, 1879, on a farm near Hughsville, Pettis county, Mo. He first attended the public school at Hughsville, then entered Westminister college, and completed his education at Missouri State University, where he was graduated in the law degree of LL.B. He was also graduated at the same time in military sciences and tactics.

Mr. McGruder came to Sedalia in 1901 and began the practice of law. His first work here, however, was the preparation and publication of a work entitled: "McGruder On the Laws of Commerce." The first edition of this work has been almost exhausted. Among a multitude of endorsements may be mentioned those given by ex-Governor Wm. J. Stone, Hon. C. W. Hamlin, Hon. E. D. Martin, Judge Jas. B. Gantt (Gandt?), and Judge John D. Lawson, the latter of the university.

Mr. McGruder has in manuscript form a large work entitled: "McGruder On Agency," and he is also at work on another volume to be entitled: "McGruder On Insurance." Prior to any of these productions he wrote and published a thesis, entitled "Spendthrift Trust."

These works are remarkable for a man so young as Mr. McGruder; but he has other claims to distinction. He is an orator of great force and ability, as was clearly demonstrated in a recent campaign in Northern Missouri, when he fought for his party ticket at the age of 22 years. With his political advancement and influence in Pettis county, all are familiar.

With the equipment of which he is possessed there cannot be other than a bright future in authorship, in the law and at the forum for this young man.

Source: Sedalia, Missouri: The Commercial, Industrial and Educational Metropolis of Central Missouri, Published by the Sedalia Evening Sentinel (1904)
Submitter: Millicent A. Hale