Those Who Served and Died

SHINN, John R.; Apr 30, 1876 - July 1, 1898; Pvt, Co I, 2nd Mo Inf
Interred: National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Plot 8, gr 3152 - cenotaph at Old Bethel Cemetery.

Those Who Served and Returned

BERRY, Virgil Andrew; Mar 7, 1881 - May 25, 1952; Trumpeter, 5th Cav [Dresden Cem.]

CARSON, Frank H.; Co I, 2 Mo Inf [Smithton Cem.]

CHEATHAM, Richard; July 26, 1875 - Sept 25, 1945; Co I, 2 Mo Inf [Crown Hill Cem.]

CUE, William Andrew; Sept 7, 1872 - Sept 23, 1928; Sgt, 2nd MO Inf. [Crown Hill Cem.]

DORN, Emil; Feb 22, 1867 - Nov 28, 1927; Chief Musician, 2nd MO Inf. Band [buried KC, MO]

FALL, George S.; Jan 15, 1875 - Nov 19, 1938; Co D, 2nd MO Inf. [buried Sedalia]

GLOVER, George H.; 26th Field Artillery [McKee Chapel Cem.]

HARTENBACH, Charles F.; Oct 20, 1859 - Apr 5, 1945; Band, 2nd Missouri Inf. [Crown Hill Cem.]

HIGHLEYMAN, Richard R.; died Sept 1, 1948; Sgt., Co D, 2nd MO Inf. [Crown Hill Cem.]

HOLST, Otto A.; died Sept 28, 1957; Corp'l, Co D, 2nd MO Inf. [Crown Hill Cem.]

JAMES, Samuel W.; Feb 7, 1871 - June 27, 1936; Lt., Co D, 2nd MO Inf. [Crown Hill Cem.]

OTTEN, Otto H.; Aug 4, 1848 - Aug 6, 1937; Band, 2nd Missouri Inf. [Crown Hill Cem.]

PAYNE, Leslie F.; May 7, 1883 - Mar 23, 1963; Mo, Pvt, 8 Co Coast Artillery [Hopewell Cem.]

SELVEY, William Edward; May 27, 1873 - Oct 2, 1935; Co D, 2nd MO Inf. [Crown Hill Cem.]

WEARE, Anderson; Nov 26, 1876 - Mar 2, 1964; Mo, Pvt, 116 Co Coast Arty [Dresden Cem.]

Pettis County Company Rosters

The following rosters appeared in The Sedalia Daily Capital on May 5, 1898, the date of both Companies departure and were collected for us by Millicent Hale, with our sincere thanks.

2nd Missouri Infantry --- Company D

Captain George S. Edmonson
First Lt. S. P. Johns Jr.
Second Lt. Samuel W. James
First Sgt. H. O. Moss

Sgts.; W. A. Cue; J. N. Evans; Richard R. Highleyman; E. B. Lyons

Corporals: George B. Campbell; Edward Hardin; J. R. Hedrick; Otto A. Holst; J. M. Love; Henry Ripkin

Musicians: Oran T. Jenkins; William Jenkins

Ashbrook, J. F.; Baldwin, M. E.; Blake, Ross; Bradley, F. L.; Brenner, D.; Bryan, C. H.; Byard, George; Challacombe, J. N.; Clark, E.; Collis, C. W.; Conard, C. K.; Corbett, Dennis; Curran, J. F. [John? If so...likely "John Curran; May 19, 1873 - Feb 25, 1911: St. Patrick Cem."]; Davenport, C. W.; DeVaul, A. T.; DeVaul, D. E.; Embree, C. H.; Ernst, C. H.; Evans, G. H.; Evans, S. P.; Fall, George S.; Fast, C. F.; Floyd, S. L.; Glover, J. A. B.; Goetz, J. W.; Goodfellow, T. W.; Grimm, W. E.; Hancock, F. E.; Hays, C. H.; Henley, M. E.; Howerton, J. M.; Hyatt, W. E.; Jackson, B. S.; Jackson, J. W.; Johnson, Elzie; Johnson, Jacob; Kaiser, John jr.; Kelly, F. E.; Kirkman, W. H.; Lafferty, W. J.; Leach, C. B.; Leaming, F. A.; Martin, H. H.; McNece, A. L.; Murray, J. R.; Mussman, Henry; Myers, T. F; Niles, T. H. ; Orton, P. L.; Owens, J. A.; Owens, W. D.; Quintin, C. T.; Rogers, H. L.; Schaer, Fred; Scholl, F. S.; Selvey, W. E.; Short, A. L.; Stotts, Wm. W.; Sweet, F. R.; Swisher, J. P.; Tapp, J. N.; Thornton, C. H.; Wheeler, E. L.; White, J. A.; Wilburn, Arthur; Wood, W. A.; Young, W. C.

2nd Missouri Infantry --- Company I

Captain Lewis T. Beck
First Lt. J. F. Tomlin

Anderson, Elmer; Bailey, Burt; Baker, G. W.; Baker, J. P.; Beam, N. L.; Beam, W. T.; Bergfelder, Theo; Bledsoe, E. A.; Bledsoe, E. C.; Bradfield, M.; Brown, Ora; Bruce, Rufus; Campbell, S. J.; Canton, C.; Carson, Frank H.; Cheatham, Richard; Cocking, C. C.; Coiner, Oscar; Coslett, William; Culp, A. A.; Culp, H. C.; Darr, James L.; DeHaven, O. L.; Doyle, Lawrence; Durrill, John K.; Elliott, Gerald; Ellis, John; English, R. T.; Fall, John; Franse, L. R.; Glasburn, W. H.; Haines, William; Harbit, Sam; Hughes, A. T.; Hughes, W. G.; Hunt, George; Ingram, S. R.; Jackson, Ed; Kaugh, A. M.; Kerstetter, V. C.; Lawver, J. S.; Littlefield, L.; Logan, W. F.; Long, Guy; Lovelace, J. W.; McCall, N. J.; McCandless, W. R.; McMahon, U.A.; McVey, H. R.; Meyers, H. A.; Mitchell, K. B.; Mitchell, R.S.; Modie, F. E.; Moore, J. R.; Moore, James E.; Neill, George; Norton, Thos. P.; Phelps, Oden; Phillips, J. B.; Polstore, C. J.; Proctor, Robert; Roach, James E.; Roberts, O. A.; Shepard, James; Shinn, John R. [see DIED above]; Slack, H. S.; Smith, Harry; Sweet, George F.; Thornton, H. U.; Turner, W. J.; Waldin, Homer; Watson, W. M.; Ward, J. M.; Weedin, A. S.; Wells, Jas. B.; Wells, L. W.; Wells, W.; Welsh, J. T.; Whipple, B. M.


Chief Musician: Emil Dorn
Principle Musican of the Band: Charles F. Hartenbach
Principle Musician of Trumpet Corps: D. M. Dodge

J. D. Blocher; G. F. Bryan; Herman Busch; J. W. Callies; M. L. Campbell; L. R. Cook; E. A. Strong; H. Hartenbach; Charles E. Hill; R. Hyatt; Charles Ogle; Otto H. Otten; _ _ Richter; John Routon; Walter G. Slagel; W. L. Smythe; F. A. Starr; C. M. Thurman; Guerney Wallace; Kippur Wallace; J. L. Williams; Ralph Wood.

Submitted by George C. Willick