Pettis County Regiment Home Guard Infantry. Organized June, 1861, by authority of Gen. Lyon. Duty in Pettis and adjacent counties. Mustered out August, 1861.

Pettis County Militia.

2nd Regiment Light Artillery, Company L, formed at Sedalia, Mo., January 20,1864 (formerly 1st Battery, Missouri State Militia).

Those Who Died

McFatrich, George G. C.; died June 19, 1861 in the 21st year of his life..."a patriot's grave"
Benton County Guard, Co B, killed at Battle of Cole Camp, Mo. [Abell Cem.]

Ringen, Cord; Sept 28, 1830 - June 19, 1861, at Battle of Cole Camp, Mo.; Pvt, Co F, Benton County Guard
Interred: Unknown. Either in a mass grave in Benton County or returned to Lake Creek Cemetery. Suspect latter.

Those Who Survived
Military and Civilian Markers

APPLEBY, Harmon, Co M, 2 Ohio Cav [Providence Church Cem.]

ASHBROOK, James B.; 52nd Regt, Ind Inf; 1844 - 1916 [Bethlehem Cem.]

ASHBROOK, Thomas Jeffery; 1846 - 1921; Corp'l, 38th Ind Inf, Co G [Crown Hill Cem.]

BANKS, Edw. B.; Co G, 50th U.S.C.T. [Rabourn Cem.]

BASS, Josephus; Aug 4, 1841 - Apr 1, 1920; Pvt, Co I, 35th Ky Inf [Flat Creek Cem.]

BEAMAN, D. W.; 7th Mo S M Cav [Olive Branch Cem.]

BERRY, William M.; Co G, 7th MO. S.M. CAV [Dresden Cem.]

BLAIR, James M.; Jan 22, 1834 - May 14, 1916; Co A & C, 6th Regt Mo Cav, US Army, yrs '61 to '65 [Flat Creek Cem.]

BREEDEN, Robert; Aug 28, 1843 or '48 - May 10 or 16, 1910; Pvt, __th Mo Cav. [New Hickory Pt. Cem.]
[civ marker dates unresolved with military marker dates]

CLAUSEN, John; 1836 - 1903; Pvt, Co B, Benton County Guards [Lamb Cem.]

COCHRAN, Joseph; May 12, 1844 - Nov 21, 1892; Pvt, Co K, 10th Ill Cav. [Crown Hill Cem.]

COE, Oliver H.; Sergt., Co K, 138 Ill Inf [Smithton Cem.]

COVER, Jeremiah J.; Co I, 6 Pa Hv Arty [Smithton Cem.]

CROUSE, G. H.; Co C, 14th N.J. Inf [Smithton Cem.]

DeWAN, Thomas; Co C, 8 Mich Cav [Smithton Cem.]

ELLIOTT, Samuel; Co A, 33rd Mo Inf [McGee Cem.]

HANDLEY, William; June 6, 1836 - Feb 2, 1902; [McKee Chapel Cem.]
Private, Co. B, 1st Reg., West Va. Vol. Inf, & Co. B, 99 Regt. Vol. Inf.

HAWK, James Calvin; Oct 18, 1842 - Apr 13, 1881; Capt., Co I, 5th PA Hv Arty [Dresden Cem.]

HAYMAN, General S. B.; June 5, 1820 - May 1, 1895; Reg. Army [Houstonia Cemetery]

HEFNER, Benjamin F.; d Jan 20, 1925; MO, Pvt, 29 US INF [Union Cem.]

HEFNER, James W.; Co D, 12th US INF [Union Cem.]

HEFNER, Jesse L.; 93 U.S.C.A. Corp [Union Cem.]

HOLCOMB, Daniel Irving: Crown Hill Cemetery, Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri, USA
Medal of Honor recipient. Citation: Capture of Confederate guidon. Rank and Organization: Private, Company A, 41st Ohio Infantry. Place and Date: At Brentwood Hills, Tenn., 16 December 16, 1864. Birth: Hartford, Ohio. Date of Issue: February 22, 1865.
[A large number (hundreds) of Medal of Honors awarded during the Civil War for capture of guide-on flags were later disallowed. Whether or not this was one is unknown.]

HOOK, James P.; Co D(?), 80(?) Mo Inf (sugaring) [Smithton Cem.]

HUNT, Louis; Co H, 57 U.S.C.T. (Civil War mil marker) [Smithton Cem.]

KASTENS, Dedrick; Co B, 71 En Mo. Mil [Smithton Cem.]

KELLNER, Diedrich; Apr 17, 1836 - June 30, 1914; Pvt, Co C, Benton Co. Guards [High Point Cem]

LEISCHEL, John William; 1826 - 1899; Pvt, Co D, Benton County Guards [Antioch Cem.]

LEMLER Carl (damaged, low concrete marker) [pensioned veteran - St. Paul's Cem.]

LOVELACE, James M., Co D, ___(unclear) [Providence Church Cem.]

MAUN, A. L., Co H, 9th Ind Inf [Salem Ch. Cem.]

MOORE, J. G.; Corp'l, Co G, 6th Ind Cav [Hopewell Cem.]

MUELLER, Peter; died 1914; Co K, 30th Mo Inf [Crown Hill Cem.]

NICKOX, F. W.; Colonel, 43 E. N. Mo Mil [La Monte Cem.]

PATTON, John; Oct 24, 1837 - Sept 8, 1920; Co D, 13 Reg Mo Vol [La Monte Cem.]

REEVES, Shelton D.; Co H, 1st US R G MO HQ [Allcorn Cem.]

SHEPHARD, Jas. S., Co F, 1 Cal Cav. [Pleasant Pt. Cem.]

SHIPPS, Robt.; Sept 1844 - Oct 1913; Co. C, 129 Ohio Inf [New Bethel Cem.]

SHULL, Wm H.; Co F, 8 Mo S. M. Cav [Flat Creek Cem.]

SILER, G. L., Co C, 15th Ky Inf [Providence Church Cem.]

SOMERVILLE, Robert S.; Q. M. Sgt, Co K, 12 Mo Cav [Smithton Cem.]

THOMAS, Zebedee; Co G, 6 Mo Cav; died Dec 16, 1876 [Providence Church Cem.]

TOTTEN, James; 1817 - 1871; Brig Gen, 2nd Mo Arty, & Asst Insp Gen [Crown Hill Cem.]

TUTTLE, Wilbur F.; Captain, Co K, 141 N.Y. INF [Dresden Cem.]

WELLER, Wm.; Corp'l, Co. K, 154th Ohio Inf [McKee Chapel Cem.]

YOST, Anton; Sgt, Co E., 13th Mo Cav. [Rabourn Cem.]

ZIMMERSCHIED, Louis; Co E, 13th Mo Cavalry [Rabourn Cem.]


Goetze, George -- Pvt -- 20 -- Single -- 6'2" -- Blacksmith -- Pettis County Company C, Fifth Cavalry Regiment, Missouri State Militia - Mustered in 21 March 1862 at Boonville for "Period of War"

Submitted by George C. Willick