FARRIS, Richard T. Westbrook; 1833 - d pre-1890; Pvt, 9th Battalion MO Sharpshooters [Union Cem.]

[Born April or May 24, 1833 in Cooper (Cole) County, Mo. - buried Union Cemetery, Heath's Creek Twp, Pettis County, Mo. Married June 3 (or July 30) 1853 to Agnes Ann Elizabeth Walker in Moniteau County, Mo. Richard died before 1890 in Pettis County. He was a Confederate Soldier, serving in the Confederate Trans-Mississippi Army. He enlisted 29 Aug, 1862 at Gromasiville, Mo., as a Private in Co. "A" Pindall's Battalion Sharpshooters (also known as the 9th Battalion Missouri Sharpshooters). He was capture by the Union Army at Little Rock, Arkansas and became a prisoner of war September 10, 1863. Richard was a prisoner until his release on March 4, 1865 and served out the rest of the war, which didn't last much longer. He was a Private at his discharge. He was my gggrandfather. Paul Peoples.]

McELFRESH, Robert W.; Nov. 5, 1837 - Mar 19, 1906; Co M, 10th Ky Cav. [Dresden Cem.]

RANSOM, R. B.; July 18, 1843 - Aug 3, 1904; Reg. N. Carolina Infantry [Blackater Ch. Cem.]

WOOD, James C.; Feb. 9, 1838 - Jan. 15, 1884; Major, Co A, 1st Mo Cav, Shelby's Brig., CSA [Crown Hill Cem.]

Provost Marshall's list of 49 Pettis County men conscripted by
"Pap Price's" raid into Missouri on October & November 1864

Source: The Advertiser, 21 January 1865
Submitter: Millicent Hale

Robert O. Ash, Timothy Baily, James Bosly, Mathew Bridgwater, John Brown, Wm. Carter, Wm. Cheatham, Albert Clark, John Clark, George Clarkson, Reuben Creel, Charles Crigler, John Davis, James Dillard, Thomas Dillard, Bob Ellis, Harry Faulkner, Elisha Ford, Samuel Glass, Ambers Glasscock, Chas. Glasscock, Polk Glasscock, John Handly, Silas Hansbrough, John Hill, Jacob Horn, Harry How, Robert How, James Hudson, Henry Johnson, John Leftwich, Westley Leftwich, Richard Martin, Thomas McGill, W. P. Miller, Clay Quiseberry, Robert Rector, Chas. Rothwell, George Rothwell, Ezekiel Scott sr., Ezekiel Scott, jr., Geo. Shemwell, Charles E. Smith, Lesterly Smith, Thos. Suttle, John Williams, Harden Witcher, John Witcher, Warren Yager.

The Advertiser included some tongue-in-cheek commentary to attend this list as it had become fairly obvious that the Civil War was about to end with a defeat for the South: No doubt but a few Union men were taken, but they were like "angels visits, few and far between."

Submitted by George C. Willick