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BLACK, James; 1772 - 1872
Service : Lt., 2rd Reg. (Price's) Ohio Militia, [Hickory Point Cem.]

DICKERSON, James W. (Rebecca); Mar 25, 1791 - Jan 18, 1881 [Flat Creek Cem.]
Service: John West's Company, Virginia Militia. Pension: 22819.

GENTRY, Reuben Estes; 1735-1839 [Crown Hill Cemetery]
Service: Pvt., Capt. Marshall Cooper's Co., Mo. Militia

GOODNIGHT, Michael; d Dec 5, 1861 - aged 72y & 26d [Goodnight Cem.]
Service: Capt. John Hamilton's 5th Ky Militia. Pension SC 16072.

GRINSTEAD, Jesse C. (Elizabeth Clopton); 1792 - June 27, 1884 [Grinstead Cem.]
Service: Capt. John Armistead's Company, Va. Militia. Pension: SC 19234; widow's WC 34024.

HAMM, William; 1796 - unknown...1847+ [South Fork Cem.]
Service: Pvt., Capt. Samuel Doake's Co., McDowell's Virginia militia

HEUSTED, William; 1795 - Nov. 6, 1877 - aged about 88y [Hickory Point Cem.]
Service: Pvt., Capt. John Platt's N.Y. Militia

IGO, Daniel (Mary); died by 1879
Service; Pvt, Capt. A. Gibson's & Capt. McElwain's Cos, Ohio Militia. Pension SC 25286; widow's WC 24740.

O'BANNION, John; 1771 - 1838
Service: Pvt., Capt. John Cunningham's Co., 16th Va. Mil.

THOMSON, David; d Oct 26, 1861 - aged 86y [Thomson Cem.]
Service: Major, 12th Ky. Reg. (Colonel in the Mexican War)

CLARK, James (Selina Bavington)
KEATLEY, William (Sarah)
SLOAN, James (Nancy)

Submitted by George C. Willick