Lillian Glenn, Aged 6 years, Accidently Shot by Half-Brother. Tragedy near Beaman Saturday. Little Girl's Head Almost Torn Off by Discharge of Shotgun. Coroner Dyer Made an Investigation.

Accidental discharge of a shotgun in the hands of her half-brother Roy Richard, aged 16 years, at 10 o'clock Saturday morning resulted in Lillian Glenn, aged 6 years, being instantly killed at the home of their father and mother, Mrs. & Mrs. H. L. Richard, four miles north of Beaman.

The child's head was almost torn off as a result of her being very near the muzzle of the gun. The youth and a younger brother were preparing to start on a squirrel hunt, when in loading the shotgun, a hammerless firearm, the weapon was discharged. The little girl, the youngest in the family, was seated on a trunk and gave no concern to the danger that would crush out her life with a suddeness that was appalling.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard were in Sedalia on a shopping trip when this tragedy occured, and were notified as quickly as possible of the unfortunate accident that brought sadness so quickly and unexpectedly into their home. Four children were at the home perfectly happy, when the shooting took place, and no sooner had the explosion of the shell resulted than all but little Lillian rushed screaming from the house.

Merle Elliott, a substitute rural mail carrier from Beaman, was placing mail in a box in front of the Richard home just as the distressing accident occurred and running to the house was startled in looking through a window to see the child's lifeless body lying prostate against a trunk. Blood, bits of flesh, and parts of the brain were spattered about the wall and ceiling, presenting a most gruesome sight.

Mr. Elliott hurriedly went to the home of George Glenn, a short distance away, and notified him of the shooting. Mr. Glenn, grandfather of the little girl, hurriedly went to the scene and soon a large number of other neighbors had assembled.

Coroner D. P. Dyer was informed of the tragedy and immediately afterwards made a trip there. He viewed the child's body, made inquiry of members of the family concerning the shooting, after which he decided an inquest unnecessary.

The funeral will be held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning at Olive Branch Church. The Rev. Mr. Price will officiate and interment will be in the cemetery there.

Source: Sedalia Democrat, 13 August 1916
Submitter: Betty Singer