The death of Dr. L. H. Williams of Houstonia, is a loss to his friends and the community of no ordinary magnitude. He was an honored citizen, a kind husband, a good physician and an honest man. He was universally esteemed where known. The loss of such a man is a calamity to any people, and his immediate neighbors will long cherish his memory. His family and friends we tender our sympathy, as we know something of his worth, hence we conform some estimate of the loss they have attained.

The effects of this terrible cyclone will not be adequately comprehended for some time to come.

[A tornado hit Houstonia on the afternoon of February 23, 1875 killing Dr. Williams and severely injuring several others.]

Source: Sedalia Daily Democrat, 26 Feb 1875, p. 2
Submitter: Cathy Warbritton